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   Chapter 11 Like An Actor

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"Mr. Gu, it's late now. You'd better go back to have a rest. Don't worry. Miss Mo is taken care of by others now," said the butler immediately. He knew that Nelson was not only sympathizing with Miss Mo, but also a little angry with Yulia.

"Let's go,"

Nelson said coldly, without looking at Yulia again. Obviously, he was disappointed, and Yulia bit her lips, unwilling.

Why did her grandfather treat Melinda better than he did to his granddaughter? Was it because she was the daughter of a mistress?

Yulia hated her identity.

Hearing that Yulia would stay in hospital for some time, Melinda felt much quieter than before. If it weren't for her recovery, she would have moved out a long time ago.

Nelson was really kind to her. He apologized to her after he knew what happened between her and Yulia just now. He even scolded Jonas badly, but Jonas wasn't there.

As for Jonas, he hadn't been home for three days in a row. Nelson's face darkened day by day, but Melinda was rather relaxed.

"Mr. Gu, you're back."

The old butler bent over with a smile and said gently, "Your grandfather has been thinking about you these days. He must be very happy to see you back. Mrs. Gu is also looking forward to your coming back."

Melinda expected him to come back?

Jonas snorted in his mind, and he didn't say anything.

Melinda's hand paused, and then continued to eat calmly. If it was before, she would have greeted him enthusiastically.

But now it was different.

Jonas took off his suit jacket as usual, but nobody held it. Seeing that Melinda sat in her place like a mountain, he threw the jacket on the sofa irritably.

"You finally remember to come back!"

Nelson snorted. Obviously, he was dissatisfied with what Jonas did. He looked at Melinda apologetically, only to find that she didn't even glance at his grandson.


Since Jonas was filial to his grandpa, he greeted him even Nelson was in a bad tone. The servant quickly added a pair of chopsticks and bowls, while Melinda put down the chopsticks and wiped her mouth gracefully.

"I'm full, Grandpa. Enjoy yourself."

Smiling, she stood up and left, completely ignoring Jonas. Since he was in a bad mood, his cold voice seemed to be able to freeze people.


Melinda stopped, but did not turn around, nor did she answer.

"Don't you have anything to say?" Melinda was confused by his strange question. "I don't think we have anything to talk about apart from our divorce," she said with a smile.

There was a weird atmosphere in the air. Nelson didn't know how to break it, but Melinda kept calm.

This scene cheered up Nelson inexplicably, especially when he saw the shocked expression on the face of Jonas.

"I have something to deal with in the company. I'll go back to the company first."

Then Jonas picked up his coat from the sofa and directly walked out of the house. He seemed to be running away. Nelson couldn't help laughing and said to the butler, "Why am I so comfortable?"

In fact, Jonas wasn't finding an excuse to ask for a leave. The company really had an emergency. Reporters were gathered at the entrance of the company and every one of them was waiting for the news.

Getting rid of these reporters, Jonas certainly had his own way. When he returned to his office, the PR manager was waiting for him with a bitter face.

"Mr. Gu, this is too much for us. We have tried our best to retrieve the situation," the PR manager said in a trembling voice. What they feared most now was gossip about the CEO, especially when it came to this issue.

"If everything goes well, then why will the stock price keep plummeting?"

There was no feeling in Jonas's voice, which made people can't help but feel cold. His majesty made the PR manager swallow back the answer he had just thought about.

It was simply a perfect death method for him to make up an excuse in front of this devil.

"Mr. Gu, Holley wants to see you."

The secretary looked at him perplexedly. She was annoyed by Holley, who was like a fly that was difficult to get rid of.

"Tell her I don't want to see her."

Jonas directly refused her. Rumors were everywhere in the company because of that shameless reporter who witnessed that day when he was dragged to the hotel by Holley. Holley's studio was hyping this issue.

Jonas was a married man. The company's image was affected badly by this incident. The public relations crisis and stock prices fell, which annoyed Jonas.

"She said there was something important." The secretary summoned up the courage to continue saying that and suddenly received a cold glance from Jonas. She shrank her neck and turned around silently.

"Take care of this. I don't want to see some paparazzi crouching in front of the company tomorrow morning." Obviously, this was for the PR manager. It was a difficult task for him, but he could only take the order to leave.

The only thing he could do now was to contact the staff of Holley's studio. It was ridiculous that an un

known model followed the leading star to manage a studio.

This matter has clearly explained that as long as one found the right supporter, there is nothing to worry about.

Holley found Jonas's phone number out of nowhere. She kept calling him and wanted to meet him. It would be best if she could take more photos.

"Holley, how dare you to gossip about me?"

Jonas said sarcastically, with a cold smile on his face.

"Jonas, you were not like this on that day."

Holley looked like an innocent child, but anyone who had known her would know that she was a hot beauty, or jazzy.

"You are recording, right?" Smart as he was, he knew well about these tricks. A cold smile hung on his lips. A look of regret appeared on Holley's delicate face. She actually had recorded it.

After Jonas hung up the phone, the PR manager came to his office again and was holding an iPad with an article.

The article, coupled with the recent gossip, Jonas was regarded as the scum.

"Mr. Gu, it's a piece of cake. According to this article, as long as you and Mrs. Gu show that you love each other, you can slap them across the face, and then our crisis is over,"

said the manager with a smile. That was the best way he could think of for the time being. It was said that Mr. Gu hadn't returned home for three days since the day his wife was injured. Any man who had done this would have been astounded.

"You want us to show love?"

The slight ending of the word showed his dissatisfaction. That was out of the blue if he would be deeply in love with Melinda.

The PR manager was aware of such a situation. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "These are just acting. As long as you seem to love each other in public, nothing matters."

The PR manager thought in his mind, 'Mr. Gu, we all know you and Mrs. Gu don't love each other. But you don't have to be like this. I feel sorry for Mrs. Gu.'

"Do I look like an actor?" Jonas said with a sneer.

The PR manager shook his head with a panic. But he couldn't help thinking in his mind that he might not have the acting skill, but he did look like an actor as he was handsome.

"So, forget your stupid idea."

Jonas returned the iPad to the manager.

He knew that many of his employees felt pity for Melinda, but this was what she deserved.

Jonas was in a bad mood, which was directly reflected in the work efficiency of the whole afternoon. Looking at the documents that had almost been not handled, he pressed the center of his eyebrows irritably.

At this moment, the phone rang. Seeing the caller ID, Jonas's stiff face softened a lot.


"Jonas, are you free tonight? Let's have dinner together. I saw a famous French restaurant on the Internet. You'll love it," Emily said in a gentle and soft voice, as if she was acting coquettishly.

"Emily, I'm afraid I can't make it tonight. Can I go with you next time?"

Jonas wanted to say yes, but considering his own situation, he'd better not involve Emily in.

Emily could not hide her disappointment, but she still said in a playful manner, "Okay, but you have to compensate me with two meals."

"No problem." There was a rare touch of doting in Jonas's tone, and a confident smile appeared on the corner of Emily's mouth. She knew that he loved her very much.

Not in the mood to work, Jonas didn't make things difficult for himself. He took the special passage to the underground parking lot. As soon as he drove out of the garage, a minibus carefully followed him.

In the rearview mirror, Jack saw the minibus tailing after them, and tried several times to shake them off, but failed. So he decided to turn the car around and drive to the Gu's mansion.

It was difficult for journalists to get into the block where the mansion was located. But they couldn't guarantee that some of them were almost omnipotent.

"Mr. Gu, your grandfather has already known it." The old butler reminded him in a low voice. It was also because he wanted to warn Jonas to make some preparation for it. When Nelson knew about the matter this afternoon, he lost his temper at once. He calmed down at last, and it was all due to Melinda's persuasion.

"Got it."

Jonas knew it well that the butler did not only warn him, but also indicated that his grandfather was waiting for him in the study. He was quite familiar with the way. He walked to the door of the study, knocked three times and then pushed the door open.

"Grandpa," Jonas called him in a low voice, neither humble nor pushy. His calm manner infuriated Nelson.

"Look at what kind of person you have found. You wife is still at home, but you hook up with another woman. You are really a jerk!" Nelson held his walking stick in an attempt to hit Jonas, but he managed to hold back his anger.

"Tomorrow, Melinda is going to the hospital for a surgery. Go and accompany her. Don't refuse me. She is your wife. Besides, it's good to maintain your good image."

Nelson knocked on the ground with his walking stick and said slowly.

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