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   Chapter 10 Concussion

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With a touch of inquiry in his eyes, Jonas watched Melinda leaving. He had a feeling that something had changed, but it seemed everything was the same, like the old, the weak back.

However, this woman was more and more cunning. Jonas sneered in his heart, glanced at Yulia with warning, turned around and left the hall. He had promised to accompany Emily to try on different gowns.

Melinda had a good rest these two days. She went back to her room and put on a coat. Then she went to the garden in the yard and saw the nanny was packing up to leave. She was surprised.

"Are you really going to leave?"

Melinda had thought that the nanny just said something in the heat of the moment, but she didn't expect it to be true. After all, the salary at Gu's mansion was much higher than that in the industry.

"Well, if I don't leave, I will continue to stay here to be slandered? Besides, what I have done to her won't bring me any good days."

The nanny said with self-mockery. She seemed quite self-righteous. Melinda thought that it was also reasonable. After figuring out Yulia, you knew that she would be the one who triumphed over others, and would only be more harsh on her in the future.


"Not all people are unreasonable. I can asked the butler to arrange a position for you. From now on, you just need to keep a distance from each other." Melinda continued to persuade her, but the nanny was determined to leave.

"Forget it. She is just a maniac. As long as I'm here, she will find a way to get me into trouble. My lady, you're a good person. I've been tolerating her for these years. I used to think the same way before. I was also afraid at the beginning of this matter, but later I felt relieved and was very comfortable. In fact, we should be good to ourselves. "

The nanny said earnestly. She hadn't been cold to Melinda for the past few years. When she said that, she felt mixed feelings.

What a simple truth it was! However, she gradually realized it after her love was dissipated.

"In the final analysis, I am the one who should be blamed for this matter. If it weren't for me, she wouldn't treat you like this. Wait for a moment." After saying that, Melinda turned around and went upstairs. She opened a small cabinet with some cash in it.

When the nanny saw Melinda again, she handed the money to her, and said gratefully, "You know my situation. Take the money as your salary to take care of me. Don't refuse it. I am not hungry at Gu family. You are different."

Seeing the nanny's hesitation, Melinda smiled and said. The nanny was also a straightforward person. She took the money and said thank you. Then she turned around and left.

What Melinda said was right. She was not sure whether Yulia would still make trouble for her even if she left. It was better to take the money with her.

"It's true that the master and the servant love each other so much. This scene is so touching!"

Looking at the nanny's leaving figure, Melinda thought of what she had said before, and was quiet absent-minded. Then, a cold and sarcastic voice of Yulia came from behind.

Yulia glared at Melinda, full of anger in her eyes. What Melinda did was just to provoke her, which made her very unhappy. She also wanted to find out the disadvantages of her actions.

"Yulia, I really don't understand your behavior of bullying the weak and being afraid of the strong. Why are you so arrogant in front of me?"

Melinda felt that her lesson to Yulia was not enough. Otherwise, she would never be so forgetful to provoke her again.

"I bully the weak and fear the strong? Don't be ridiculous Melinda. Your position is menial. Don't blame anyone else." Yulia spoke without any misgivings since there is nobody around.

"Menial? I'm your sister-in-law now."

Raising her eyebrows, Melinda looked at Yulia. The sarcasm in her eyes made Yulia angry, and then she said unwillingly, as if she was declaring something.

"My brother will divorce you soon. Don't be too arrogant. A bitch like you doesn't deserve my brother at all."

Melinda's face did not change. Divorce?

"That's exactly what I want."

Yulia stared at Melinda with pride. She had thought that she would see her frustrated face. She had been like this every time in the past five years. But to her surprise, she suddenly asked something like this. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

She looked at Melinda without blinking, as if to confirm if she was the real person.

Is this really Melinda? How could Melinda say something like that?

"Do you know what you are talking about?" Yulia couldn't help but ask in disbelief.

"Yulia, if you really have the ability, you'd better advise your brother to divorce me as soon as possible. Oh, then I don't deserve your brother, who also married me. Compared with your mother, I'm lucky."

Melinda wore a light, provocative smile on her face. Obviously, she said those words

on purpose to provoke Yulia. And on hearing her words, Yulia's face immediately changed.

She looked like the darkness that she tried to hide was exposed in the sun and she couldn't hide anywhere.

"Melinda, you deserve to die." Yulia raised her hand and was ready to slap Melinda. But Melinda dodged, and then Yulia fell down to the ground. Her head hit a parterre aside. As she managed to get up, she was slipped on a little stone again.

Looking at the dramatic scene in front of her, Melinda was stunned. What a magical move.

"Miss Gu, are you all right? What's wrong with you?"

Feeling ashamed, Yulia didn't know what to do. Suddenly, she heard a servant's scream, so she closed her eyes and passed out. The servant's voice drew the butler back, and the butler hurriedly sent her to the hospital.

Yulia was just pretending to pass out. She was afraid of being found out by so many people and she fell asleep soon.

Yulia wasn't the apple of the eye in Gu family, but she was also the granddaughter of Nelson. When he heard that she fell down, he immediately arranged a car to the hospital.

The wound was not that serious. It could be sterilized and applied some medicine. But when Yulia heard Nelson was here, she started to think about something.

"Doctor, I still feel dizzy and nauseated." Yulia said and pressed her chest.

The doctor looked at Yulia and checked again. The result showed that she was all right. But the truth was that she was actually in a lot of pain.

"Maybe she has a slight concussion and the injury on her foot is more serious. You should stay in hospital for a period of time." The doctor said lightly, then recording the patient's name on the case file, and asked the nurse to arrange a person to take her to the ward.

When Yulia was in the ward, she saw that Nelson, the butler and a servant were taking care of her. "Have a good rest. You'll recover soon," said Nelson with great concern.


Yulia seldom received such care, so she cherished it very much. And now she was very sentimental. Nelson patted her on the shoulder. Anyway, she was his granddaughter.

"Good girl."

"Grandpa, I'm so scared."

It wasn't a lie. Yulia had planned to beat Melinda. But she went for wool and came home shorn. She got injured, and even bumped her head. Now the cut still hurt.

Melinda must be very proud right now.

"She's all right now. The doctor also said that she just needs a good rest. But from now on you can't be so careless."

Nelson said. Although what he said was caring for Yulia, she had misunderstood Nelson. She felt uncomfortable and bowed her head, her eyes turning with a scheme in her mind.

"Grandpa, it's not true."

Yulia raised her head and her eyes were moist and her shoulders trembled slightly.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Nelson asked with a frown. He was a soldier, and the last thing he would like to do was to cry. Yulia heard his tone changed, thinking that it was his grandpa who had guessed something and got angry.

"Grandpa, there is some misunderstanding between me and the nanny who takes care of my sister-in-law. That nanny actually slapped me in public."

Yulia cried even louder. She felt ashamed when she thought of that scene. She wanted to fight back at that time, but she was not a match at all and no one helped her. She deliberately took out Melinda, in a deep way, she meant that Melinda did not know how to see people.

Hearing this, Nelson frowned deeper. Such a behavior of a nanny was undoubtedly provoking the master, but the people around Melinda were not ignorant. Thinking of this, Nelson looked at the butler in confusion and asked him about the whole thing.

"Grandpa, I know I was wrong, but… But she can't do this to me."

Yulia had kept winking at the butler, but he wasn't going to help anyone. Instead, he had told the whole story, so she had to play along and drag Melinda down.

"I know Melinda very well. It's all your fault."

Said Nelson. He trusted Melinda's moral quality absolutely, but he did not know that his trust deepened Yulia's hatred for Melinda.

"Grandpa, I'm injured! It's all her fault! I am your granddaughter. How can you speak for Melinda, an outsider?"

Tears welled up in Yulia's eyes. The old butler looked at her, and all he could do was sigh. He felt sorry for her. Everyone was able to figure out what's Nelson's attitude towards Melinda. Yulia just couldn't find the right place for herself.

"I know exactly what kind of person Melinda is and you know clearly who is the one to blame for what happened today. I will check the surveillance video later. Don't talk nonsense here." Nelson felt guilty to Melinda before, and now he saw her being slandered like this, he was very angry.

She was such a good girl. How could she be bullied when she came to their home? Her husband didn't care about her and her sister-in-law smeared her.

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