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   Chapter 9 Indulgence

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"You don't need to arrange someone to take care of you. Should I not look after you?"

Yulia's face darkened. Damn it! Melinda used her as a servant, and now she was helping a servant against her.

"First of all, you put on a fake face to let grandfather have a good impression of you. Second, you said that yourself. I didn't mention that. In the end, I'm still young and cherish my own life. I may even end up dead and don't know why if you take care of me." Melinda was so sarcastic that Yulia face was distorted in anger.

"Shame on you! Melinda!"

Yulia shouted at her, and then shut up. If she had a quarrel with Melinda, the good impression with her grandpa that she had built with great efforts would be ruined by it. Melinda must have done it on purpose.

Melinda looked at Yulia, whose eyes full of hatred. If eyes could kill people, she would have been cut into pieces.

"Shame or not, it varies from person to person. Don't yell at me and do whatever you want to do. I'm not a cripple, and I can take care of myself."

Melinda said. Yulia was eager to leave. She didn't argue with her but turned around and walked away, as if a plague would happen in seconds.

Without Yulia to bother her, she was quiet and calm. After resting for a few days, she did not see Jonas. Although disappointed, she could not help being more heartbroken and more determined to divorce.

It was dinner time. Melinda, who had been staying in her room all the time, went downstairs. Nelson went to see her, and it was a rare opportunity for him to express his care and praised Yulia.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry to let you worry about me." In the Gu family, only in front of Nelson could Melinda show a sincere smile.

"Silly girl, we are a family." Nelson said, as if he was deliberately emphasizing something. Hearing that, Melinda was smart enough to hear meaning behind everything, so she just smiled without saying anything.

Being a playboy, and if Jonas really wanted to, no matter how much Nelson tried to stop him, it was useless.

With Nelson around, nothing happened at the table. However, Jonas didn't go back for dinner. Nelson talked about it for a long time and only sighed.

"You know what? I really admire you that you have the nerve to stay here. You made my brother not to go home. But I just saw him go shopping with Emily this afternoon."

After Nelson went out for a walk, Yulia began to provoke Melinda again. Hearing this, Melinda did not raise her eyes, and then she said casually, "Are you reminding me of your brother cheating on you and letting me catch adultery?"

"My brother and Emily are meant to be together. You are the shameless bitch!"

"You and my brother have been married for five years. Have you ever gone shopping together? Even the wedding ring was customized by my grandfather. Melinda, how pathetic you are!"

Every word Yulia said was full of provocation. If it was in the past, Melinda might feel heartbroken. But since she had decided to divorce, it seemed that all this had nothing to do with her.

"Whatever I do, I am your sister-in-law in public. And you are also publicly recognized as an illegitimate daughter. Yulia, I told you not to take a toll on me. It seems that you are very forgetful."

Despite Melinda's calm tone, Yulia was somewhat scared. She was not in the mood to entangle with Yulia. Turning around, she went upstairs to her room.

Somehow, she was a little depressed, and at last she sneered.

However, Melinda underestimated Yulia, as if Yulia would die without anything to do about it.

Not long after she went upstairs, she heard the abusive voice coming from the living room downstairs. Melinda frowned. Finally she put on her coat and went downstairs.

Many people gathered in the hall. Almost all the servants were in the hall. Yulia stood there and stared at a servant with a fiery look in their eyes.

"Tell me, where did you hide my bracelet? Do you know how much it is?" Yulia said and Melinda frowned. The nanny stood there alone. She kept saying she wasn't her.

"What happened?"

Melinda had no authority in this family. As a result, her appearance didn't make any difference. The butler walked up to her.

"Miss Gu's bracelet was lost. She feared that the nanny had taken it."

"No evidence?" Melinda asked again. The butler nodded. They had no evidence to prove that. Even though Yulia was the illegitimate daughter, the servants wouldn't dare to accuse her of anything. What's worse, Mr. Gu wasn't at home either.

"Grandpa has gone to bed. I'll report it to the butler." Melinda couldn't help saying that Nelson would be disturbed by the noisy quarrel.

"You are pretending to be the good guy now. If my memory serves me right, this nanny works for you. If I don't handle her properly now, she might be sent away by you tomorrow morning. By then, where should I find her?"

Said Yulia in a low voice. Yulia and Melinda hadn't got along well, and the servants in the mansion were already used to this scene.

"Miss Gu, I didn't take it." The nanny said, shaking her head. She was very grateful to Melinda, but seein

g that Melinda was involved and sneered at because of her, she felt very sad.

"You didn't take it. Did my bracelet fly away? Only you can enter my room during this period of time."

Though Yulia said this, it was also a fact. During this period, both of them took care of Melinda. She had a lot of things to order the nanny to do.

"Butler, what happened?" Jonas asked when he got home and heard the voice. Melinda frowned when she heard his voice and went back to her home.

Since Jonas was back, these people certainly didn't dare to get together to watch the drama again and quickly dispersed. When Yulia saw Jonas, she even exaggerated the whole thing again.

"Butler, go and investigate this matter."

Said Jonas. Yulia didn't dare to make any noise. It was just like a farce, but left a heavy mark on the nanny's heart.

The humiliation these days had made her hate Yulia a lot.

Jonas rubbed his eyebrows. These days, he went out early and came back late. In addition to his work, there was Emily. Although she said nothing, she was always testing him.

He liked Emily, and hated Melinda who married into a rich family for money. He should divorce Melinda according to the routine, and give Emily a guarantee.

But for some reason, he felt irritated when he saw the expectant look on Melinda's face. He didn't want to get divorced with her.

The hall, which had just been bustling, fell into silence in an instant. The crystal chandelier shone on his face, which was mysterious, but seemed to have fallen into a shadow.

Jonas lay on the sofa, but felt as if he was sitting on something. He frowned and moved his position unconsciously, only to find that the original position was a little reflected light.

A bracelet.

Thinking of what the butler said, Jonas picked up the bracelet and then walked to the place where Yulia lived. Since Yulia had gone out for fun at this time since she was depressed.

Jonas put the stuff on Yulia's dressing table, and then came without disturbing anyone, and the butler began to do the search the next day.

However, they had no choice but to end this inspection in a hurry. The butler wanted a picture of a bracelet from Yulia when he found it on the dresser.

Yulia's face turned dark at that time.

"You son of a bitch! You lied to us! You must have secretly put it back!"

Yulia pointed her finger at the nanny again. The nanny was glad that she escaped the blame, but she didn't expect that another crime was banished.

"Miss Gu, I didn't take your bracelet, nor did I return them secretly!" The nanny tried to defend herself. She was on the verge of collapse.

Melinda had thought that this matter would be over after finding the bracelet. She did not expect that Yulia would make a fuss about it. Even though she had a good temper, she could not help but taunt in her heart. Being the lady of Gu family, Yulia was afraid of being looked down upon, but what she had done was not presentable.

"Bitch, how dare you defend yourself? Or is there someone behind you?" Yulia said deliberately.

Yulia's words were so obvious that everyone could not help but look at Melinda. She stood calmly there, and looked at her unreasonable behavior with obvious sarcasm in her light eyes.

However, Melinda's attitude enraged Yulia further. She even made things difficult for the nanny. Recently, the nanny had been treated badly by her, so she had to put up with it for the sake of the Gu family. However, she couldn't help pushing Yulia away at this time.

The sudden resistance of the nanny made everyone stunned on the spot. The nanny took the opportunity to hit left and right to release her long suppressed anger.

Looking at this, Melinda unexpectedly felt very happy, and she did not stop her. She found that there seemed to be something interesting about all this.

"What rubbish? Do you really think you are a rich lady? You are just a bastard. I don't want to serve you anymore."

The nanny finally gave a vent to her anger. She returned to her apartment and left without hesitation. She was so decisive that even Melinda could not help but to give her thumbs up.

Humiliated by a servant like this, Yulia totally went crazy. Yulia pointed at Melinda and yelled, "It's all your fault! You are the one who instigated her to steal things and beat the master. Bitch!"

What Yulia hated most was that others called her a child of a mistress or an illegitimate child. She was like a time bomb. As long as someone mentioned it, she would be pissed off immediately.

Yulia's words toward Melinda were so filthy and malicious that it was hard for anyone to hear them. She was like a maniac.

"That's enough. She didn't steal the bracelet. You just fell on the sofa yourself. I picked it up last night and put it back." Today was weekend, and Jonas finally had a good rest. He was in a bad mood because of being awakened. He didn't like his unruly sister.

"Brother..." Jonas's voice was so cold that Yulia calmed down in an instant. She stared at him blankly.

"Ugh, stupid!"

Melinda signed to herself and went back to her work.

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