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Jonas could not help thinking of the blood stained pajama. Though he had asked people to go to the hospital, there was no result so far. And now…

In an instant, it seemed as if countless facts were pouring into his mind, but Jonas had to deny it. Melinda was a vain woman who loved money. If she was pregnant, she would definitely not keep her mouth shut.

Melinda was still crying, her eyes devoid of any emotion. She just hoped that she would leave today. But when she saw the angry Nelson and thought of that innocent child, she couldn't help but feel sad.

She could not tell how she got through it all these years. She survived in the world just like a walking corpse.

"You unfilially grandson! Are you trying to piss me off more? Melinda is your wife. How could you not care about her?" Nelson was furious, but he comforted Melinda at the same time, "Good girl, don't worry, I will help you. Now I am still the boss in this family!"

Nelson knocked on his crutch meaningfully and took a cold glance at Emily. He was not confused yet. Emily had always been weak, but in that circle, if she was really weak, she would be eaten to the bone, and could make waves here?

"Grandpa, I don't want anything. Let me divorce him. I can't stand it even for one day." The people around her couldn't help sympathizing with Melinda when they saw her crying face.

With his brows knitted, Jonas looked at Melinda as if he had known her for the first time. There were thousands of doubts in his heart, but he could not sort them out at the moment. What made him more impatient was that he had a sense of guilt in his heart.

"Look what you have done! You even don't know that your wife has an abortion, my great-grandson!"

Nelson said painfully. He didn't know at all that Melinda was pregnant, but he knew it was a fact that she had lost the baby. Thinking of this, he hit Jonas on the back with his crutch mercilessly.

The strength made everyone feel the furious anger of Nelson. Yulia, who was gloating aside, also felt scared.

Among all the people in the family, the one she was most afraid of was Jonas and then Nelson.

With the support of Nelson, Melinda was really touched, but this time she could not retreat. She only had an apology to Nelson.

"Jonas, I didn't push her. You must trust me!" Tears fell from the corner of Emily's eyes, which made her look more pitiful. Melinda's eyes darkened.

"Emily, it's none of your business here. You can go back first," Jonas didn't want Emily to be involved in this matter because he didn't even know why.

It was too messy now. It was not a big deal for him, but he could not let the Gu family and Nelson be discussed by other people because of this.

"Jonas, you don't believe me!"

Emily's eyes were full of tears, looking at Jonas pitifully. But Jonas looked away and sadness was written all over Emily's face.

"Butler, send Emily back quickly. I'm upset." Hearing no response from Jonas, Nelson snorted and scolded. With a pale face, Emily was asked to leave Gu's mansion in an embarrassing way.

The banquet was ruined in disagreement.

She was a little disappointed since Melinda didn't get what she wanted. The pain on her body and the pain in her heart made her feel she could lose her mind.

At the thought of this, she lost her strength and fell to the ground.

"Look at what you have done!"

Nelson got furious when he saw that Jonas was still as cold as before even though Melinda was hurt so much.

What a good child! He felt guilty that she was tortured by his grandson.

"I'll take care of this,"

Jonas didn't care whether his grandpa would hit him with the crutch or not at all. Looking at her furious grandpa, Yulia thought it was necessary to stop him.

"You can handle it. What will you do? Divorce her and marry that woman? Let me tell you. It's impossible. As long as I am alive, you can't even think about it!"

Nelson was so angry that his eyes turned black after yelling at Jonas. Nelson stood still and sighed in his heart, 'It seems that I'm really getting old.'

With a glint of slyness in Jonas's eyes, he pursed his lips more tightly. He didn't want to irritate his father. Thinking that it was all because of Melinda that the fight between him and Nelson got worse, he became more and more impatient to her.

"Grandpa, don't be angry. Take care of yourself. He didn't mean to do that. I will help you take care of her these days."

"He didn't do it on purpose. I will be pissed off by him one day. He has a handsome face, but why is he so blind and ignorant?"

Nelson said indignantly. Hearing his childish words, Jonas breathed a sigh of relief.

"Don't be sad, Melinda. My brother was just being silly for the moment. You should take good care of yourself and you will recover soon."

Yulia walked to Melinda's bed and looked at her affectionately. However, Melinda didn't even look at Yulia.

"My child, have a good rest. Don't worry. No one dares to bully you as long as grandpa is


Said Nelson with a sense of guilt. He also agreed that Yulia should take care of her. After all, it was the Gu family who owed a lot to Melinda.

"Grandpa, don't get angry because of me. I'm fine. Grandpa, you won't change my mind and make decisins for me, will you?"

Melinda said with a smile on her face. But her face was pale, making her look even more weak than before. Nelson wanted to stop her, but he couldn't bear to force her at the moment. He could only sigh heavily.

"My child, you have been together for so many years. Why are you..." Nelson was confused. He did not know what was going on between Melinda and Jonas.

Instead of replying Nelson, Melinda closed her eyes. He was right, after so many years, she still could never warm up Jonas's heart.

Although Nelson was still in a good condition, he could not bear to stay for a long time. Under the care of the butler, he went back to rest.

"Melinda, I must say I was wrong about you," said Jonas. Jonas felt that Melinda had changed a lot. Though she was weak, she was aggressive, which was quite different from herself in the past.

"Really? It seems that grandpa is right. You really have a bad eyesight." Melinda laughed. Though quite weak, Melinda looked a bit stubborn and ruthless. Such a tough woman was a stranger to Yulia.

Jonas didn't want to admit that he didn't know what to say due to Melinda's word. When he was about to leave with a sullen face, he heard a voice from behind, "Jonas, I have nothing now, so this is the first time, but not the last time. Divorce is the best choice for both of us."

Melinda sounded indifferent, but actually she was unwilling. She had devoted herself for so many years. How could she be resigned? But she had nowhere else to go now. She really didn't know what to do. All she wanted was to escape. And everything would be different if she left.

"You know you are not the organizer of this game, Melinda."

Jonas said coldly and left without hesitation. Melinda seemed to watch him walk away or staring at someone else, Yulia couldn't tell.

"Don't think that you're fooling my brother by playing a trick. You should have a clear estimation of yourself. I've never seen you this shameless. You actually threatened my brother with my grandpa." Said Yulia jealously. Nelson paid more attention to Melinda than to her. How could he not be jealous.

"Yulia, I remember that you promised grandpa to take care of me. Now I am thirsty and want to drink water. By the way, remember to find a straw or a spoon. I am lying in bed right now."

Melinda didn't take Yulia's words seriously. She replied provocatively. She was so tired that she just wanted to have a good rest. Her words were too noisy.

"You..." Yulia pointed at Melinda and was about to say something, but Melinda suddenly opened her eyes. The cold look in her eyes was similar to what she had seen in the past. She had seen how ruthless she was.

Daring not say anything, Yulia went to pour water in anger. In the next few days, she also took good care of Melinda in public. She wanted to get some rest, but Melinda deliberately commanded her to do stuff.

"Miss, this is the lunch for Mrs. Gu." The nanny put Melinda's lunch on the table and told Yulia that Melinda needed to be taken good care of. The broken glass cut really deep. The doctor also prescribed a special recipe for Melinda.

Of course, the Gu family would not allow Melinda to be taken care of by Yulia alone. This nanny was specially hired to take care of Melinda.

"Bitch, how dare you order me?" Yulia was distracted these days, her words was extremely ironic to her. She slapped the nanny on her face without any explanation, and threw the plate hard to the ground.

"Miss, i..." Before the nanny had finished her words, she was interrupted by Yulia again. "You'd better not mean this. You should know the reality. I am the lady in the Gu family, and she can't be Mrs. Gu forever, do you understand?"

"Well, clean up this place. Remember, you made the mistake by throwing her lunch." Yulia patted the nanny on the shoulder and left. Looking at the mess in front of her, the nanny could not help but shed tears.

The lunch was sent to her room a long time later than usual. Melinda heard the quarrel downstairs, but when she saw the servant's swollen face, her eyes darkened.

"Did she hit you?" Despite the question, Melinda was quite sure that the maid dared not cheat people. She dared not to offend these people.

"Well, you don't have to take care of me because of her. You can leave tonight. I'll talk to her about it." Melinda said. The nanny looked up inconceivably, and then expressed her gratitude desperately with red eyes.

The nanny's leaving made the work of taking care of Melinda all on Yulia.

"I've almost recovered. There's no need to arrange someone to take care of me." The indifferent tone and the faint smile on Melinda's face seem to agree with what she said. If you think that's not right, you are insane.

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