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   Chapter 7 Birthday Party

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Sitting in the car, Melinda looked out of the window numbly. The street was full of noise and traffic and people.

"Mr. Gu asked me to take you to the mansion. He's busy with something." The driver said respectfully. He looked curiously at the Melinda who was not favored by the Gu family through the rear-view mirror.

Her skin was pale, without any color, and her figure was thin, except for her temperament and gentleness, nothing outstanding.

Melinda did not speak. She looked cold and hard to get along with, and the driver was not in the mood to talk to her.

Luxury cars drove in front of the Gu's mansion one after another. The villa of the Gu's mansion was brightly lit. Although Nelson did not want to be extravagant and waste in the Gu family, the Gu's mansion was also well decorated.

It had been well known in A City that the Gu family had a spoiled young lady. When Melinda came alone to attend the anniversary ceremony, she looked thin and pale. The rumors were confirmed and surrounded her with inquiring eyes.

However, Melinda walked to Nelson indifferently and spoke auspicious words cutely.

"Good girl! Where is Jonas? Why didn't you two come together?" Nelson liked his daughter-in-law very much. He showed a kind smile at this moment, and even his grandchildren had to stand aside.

Nelson's legs and feet were not very convenient to walk, so Melinda held his arms considerately and carefully.

"Jonas will arrive soon. Grandpa, please wait for a moment."

"Grandpa, how could she know where my brother is? He won't tell her." Yulia said maliciously, daring not to make any noise to draw the attention of Nelson because of Melinda.

"What are you talking about? Melinda is the wife of Jonas. Maybe no one knows about it if she doesn't know." Nelson complained.

Before Yulia could finish her words, Melinda was cast a scornful glance. Thinking of how ruthless the other day, she swallowed back the words she was going to say.

Jonas was late in the afternoon. Wearing a well cut grey suit, he looked handsome and elegant, which immediately attracted everyone's attention, but at the same time, they also noticed the woman beside him, who was the most popular movie queen in the entertainment circle named Emily.

Emily was also in a long silver gray dress, showing her perfect figure. Her skin was white and delicate, with a perfect smile on the face. They were like a golden couple.

With a gloating look, Yulia looked to the direction of Melinda, but to her disappointment, she saw her indifferent face, as if she was looking at two strangers.

Jonas and Emily walked slowly to Nelson. Nelson had a sullen face and gave Emily a cold look, completely ignoring her.

With a pale face, Emily bowed her head and hid behind Jonas.


"You shouldn't call me that!" Nelson patted Melinda on the shoulder to comfort her and said, "Good girl. Go with me to see a guest."

Knowing that Nelson wanted to stick up for her, Melinda bowed her head slightly and nodded obediently. She didn't even have a look at Jonas before walking past him, holding Nelson's arm.

Looking at her back, Jonas's eyes sank. This woman didn't have any reaction at all. As long as he thought of this woman, who was his wife, was thinking about Kent, he was pissed off. He had intended to let her realize her identity by playing tricks on her today in the banquet, but Melinda's response was unusual.

Melinda accompanied Nelson for several circles. She knew that he tried very hard to help her, but she still could not ignore the mockery and compassion of those people on the surface. Except Nelson, everyone knew that Jonas asked her to serve the ridicule of other men at the banquet.

She made an excuse to go to the bathroom to avoid those embarrassed eyes. She wanted to stay alone, but someone wouldn't let her go.

After washing her hands on the towel, Melinda walked out of the washing room. As soon as she saw the person coming, she stopped. Coldness appeared in her heart. Sure enough, the person came.

"Emily, you are quite familiar with Gu's mansion. How can you find here even if you are alone?"

The guest hall and the bathroom was not far from each other, so it was not easy to find the place. Melinda looked in the direction of the guest hall, but if there was any noise here, the people in the guest hall could also see it.

Emily leaned against the wall and looked at her slender fingers and delicate nails with a smile on her lips.

"Actually, I come to the Gu's mansion earlier than you back then, Jonas liked to chat with me in the study room secretly. His voice was pleasant to hear, so I persuaded him to read books for me."


elinda glanced at the study not far away and smiled faintly. Since Jonas didn't want to live with her, he had moved to the study for a long time.

"Then why did you come to me?"

Emily cast a contemptuous glance at Melinda and walked up to her slowly. She whispered to Melinda with disdain.

"I heard that you wanted a divorce."

Melinda sneered.

"You are really well-informed, but I'm sure that you also knows that it did not work out."

"I can help you..." Emily said in a very low and long voice, which was like a snake that made people's hair stand on end.

Melinda turned to her, with curiosity in her eyes and a strange smile at the corners of her mouth.

"Really? How?"

Emily kept a distance from her and smiled at her with an innocent face.

"If that's the case..."

Before she finished speaking, she pushed the vase aside. Everyone in the hall was attracted by the sound and Emily took the opportunity to fell to the broken porcelain on the ground.

Emily was thrilled that she had succeeded. But before she was thrilled, her wrist was grasped by great strength. Melinda whispered in her ear.

"In that case, thank you very much."

She wobbled her body and found herself standing beside the broken vase in intact condition, while Melinda was lying on the ground, with a painful and pale face.

Emily only felt a thunderbolt from a clear sky. She stood there stiff and did not know how to react. Looking at the people around her and pointing at her with a little confusion, suddenly, she saw the savior that came through the crowd.

"Jonas, Jonas, it scared the heck out of me..."

With a cold face, Jonas pushed her away. The floor was full of debris, and the bloodstain on it was eye-catching. The porcelain fragments stabbed in the bare limbs of Melinda were more shocking.

"My child... My child..." Heartbroken, Nelson didn't know what to do. He summoned the butler to call a doctor.

Jonas was about to touch Melinda, but he was afraid to cause more pain for Melinda. He feared that pieces might prick more deeply due to that. Melinda avoided his help and was willing to endure more pain.

The banquet was not over but ended in discord.

The family doctor used the forceps to remove the cuts from Melinda. The cuts were so deep and scattered that the doctor couldn't use anesthetic. Her face was in extremely pale.

"Jonas, it wasn't me. She fell down herself." Emily asked anxiously, tugging at the edge of Jack's clothes. She was flustered, as she had never seen Jack with such a cold expression, and no matter how she begged him, it was useless.

"Humph! I'm not blind! We are not blind! I saw you push the vase to the ground with my own eyes! " Nelson was so angry that he almost wanted to throw his crutch to her.

"Grandpa, don't be angry." Melinda comforted Nelson, sounding weak.

"Poor girl, you have suffered a lot. I hope you can marry into the Gu family to have a happy life, but I didn't expect..." His face was full of guilt. It seemed that Nelson really treated Melinda as his own granddaughter.

Nelson's over protective behavior towards Melinda also made Jonas curious, but at this time he did not have time think about it.

Melinda smiled helplessly, but her eyes fell on Jonas who was standing not far away.

"Grandpa, this is none of your business, but..." Melinda voice was choked with sobs. "I really can't stand it, Grandpa. It's too much!"

The sudden breakdown of her emotion surprised everyone in the room.

"Grandpa, please let me go. Let me divorce him. I'm really scared. This time it's just a fall. Next time maybe it's a knife. Grandpa, let me divorce him."

Everyone was too shocked to say a word, and what followed was more astonishing. Melinda endured the pain and moved to the front of Jonas and Emily, trying to kneel in front of them, but was lifted up by someone beside her.

Melinda was so sad that she cried her heart out.

"Please, please let me go. It's my fault. I shouldn't have married into Gu family. Please let me go. Are you still want me to die? Don't you feel satisfied after killing my baby?"

Her words astonished everyone in the hall. It was quiet as never before. But Jonas's body was shaking uncontrollably. He stared at Melinda who nearly passed out crying, and his eyes were unfathomable.

"The baby?" Nelson looked at Jonas in disbelief. "Jonas, explain yourself. What's wrong with the baby? Is Melinda telling the truth?"

Jonas clenched his teeth, his face was as cold as ice. Nelson was so angry that he couldn't help but let out a muffled groan when he was hit by the crutch.

"Tell me! Did you know that?"

Jonas pursed his lips and agreed reluctantly.

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