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   Chapter 6 Unexpected Visit

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In the old house of Gu family, Jonas looked at the two agreements on the table with a long face, and the words "leave with nothing" was especially eye-catching.

He closed his eyes tiredly. It was clear that that woman married into the Gu family for money. Why did she divorce now and leave so decisively.

Did he misunderstand her all the time?

No… It was impossible. Jonas suddenly remembered the defiance in the eyes of the young master of the Jiang family yesterday and the shyness of Melinda. His eyes suddenly turned dark. She left so quickly because she had found her next home.

He sneered and thought, 'this kind of vain woman is really difficult to change her true nature.'

Thinking of this, Jonas grabbed a pen at hand and signed on the two agreements without hesitation.

Just then, the butler came in a hurry.

"You come at the right time. Send these two documents to Melinda." Jonas ordered with a cold face.

The butler glanced at the document and didn't want to take it. It seemed that Jonas had something to say but stopped on a second thought.

"What's wrong? If you have anything, just tell me," Jonas frowned unhappily.

The old butler, with grey hair, hesitated for a long time and finally opened his mouth.

"We found a pajamas in her bedroom, which… There are bloodstains all over it,"

Jonas's eyes darkened.

"What do you mean?"

"It seems that the blood has been collected by her. I have sent people to check the surveillance video of that day. It shows that she had left early that morning… To the hospital." The butler said with a worried look on his face. Melinda was so thin. How could she bear bleeding so much blood?

The atmosphere around Jonas suddenly became depressed, and he narrowed his eyes, looking dangerously.

"Go to the hospital!"

Melinda had been waiting for a few days, but she still didn't receive any news from Jonas. She felt a little helpless, but she didn't have so much free time to think about it all the time.

She had stayed in the Gu family for five years. Although she was not brought off from the society, she had no experience. So it was difficult for her to find a suitable job. Fortunately, she had the skill of writing. It was easy to feed herself with her manuscript money.

Melinda deliberately distanced herself from Kent, fearing that her actions would give him hope. On the other hand, she was afraid that she would spoil his good reputation, so she shut out his help and care. Obviously, she underestimated his determination. He had frequently come to see her, but she couldn't really ignore him.

Melinda typed the last draft of the magazine with crackling taps, and sent it to them before the deadline.

She rubbed her tired eyes. Before she could have a rest, the doorbell rang.

Therefore, Melinda couldn't afford a house in good location. It was located in a remote location, and only Kent knew that she lived there after she left the Gu family.

She shook her heavy head, stood up and opened the door.

"Kent, are you trying to have meals with me at this time?" Melinda joked with a smile.

But when Melinda opened the door, the familiar face froze her smile. Seeing that Jonas came alone, she raised her eyebrows slightly and controlled the urge to slap the door with her hand in his face.

"What? You want me to stand here?" Looking at the soft appearance of Melinda who was wearing pajamas, his eyes rolled, but when he heard the word "Kent", his face immediately darkened.

After glancing at him indifferently, Melinda turned sideways so as not to attract his attention. This time, Jonas just came here to send the divorce agreement, so she didn't turn him down after all.

Jonas walked into the small house and looked around. Although it was tidy, it looked a little dark and the light was not very good. In his opinion, it was impossible for him to imagine how he could ever live in such a place.

Melinda stood against the wall, with her arms folded across her chest, and looked coldly at Jonas. Seeing that he didn't want to talk about business, she couldn't help but feel impatient. She felt that he came he

re specially to laugh at her.

"What brings you here today?" Melinda couldn't help but ask.

Jonas curled the corners of his mouth coldly.

"What's wrong? We haven't divorced yet. Can't I come here as your husband? Kent can come here freely."

Without saying a word, Melinda looked directly into Jonas's eyes and then lowered her head, leaving him unable to see the emotions in her eyes.

"Mr. Gu, you haven't signed your name yet, have you? I don't know what makes you still miss me."

The two words "Mr. Jack" that came from the corner of her mouth sounded extremely harsh to Jonas's ears. Since that day, it seemed that Melinda was not even willing to speak out his name.

Jonas walked to Melinda and lifted her chin up. He was obviously gnashing his teeth in anger.

"Yes, I haven't signed it yet. Since you get this marriage started, you should end this marriage yourself."

Looking at the tall figure of Jonas, Melinda felt a little stressful and her eyes were sore. It seemed that Jonas didn't want to let her go. She forced a smile and ridiculed.

"Aren't you afraid of hurting Emily?"

Jonas touched her face tenderly. He couldn't help but miss the exquisite skin in his hand.

"Why didn't I find that you are such a smart girl before? You fooled me when you pretend to be bullied in Gu family. Tell me, how much money did grandpa give you to marry into Gu family? How much did Kent pay you now? Why are you so eager to leave?"

Since Jonas' hands were quite strong, Melinda slapped his hands away coldly. But she was disappointed to see that he couldn't hide his tiredness. She could not escape from the strong arms of Jonas, but could only raise her chin to look back obstinately.

"Kent didn't give me any money and I don't need it. I'm more than happy to stay with him."

The air pressure around Jonas suddenly dropped, and he put more and more strength on his hands, which made Melinda almost cry out in pain.

He pinched her slender neck with one hand, took out a check from his pocket with the other and threw it on Melinda's face.

"Are you really that cheap? I bet those money can buy a hundred of you!"

Melinda face flushed with anger, but she showed no sign of weakness.

"What? Emily didn't serve you well? Wasn't she the love of your life? Ah!"

A heavy slap hit her face, and her cheeks immediately became red and swollen. Sitting on the ground, Melinda looked numbly at the ground with her hands covered. The atmosphere suddenly became quiet and terrible.

Jonas was out of breath. He looked at his hand in a trance, then clenched his fist and moved his sight unnaturally.

"You don't deserve to say her name." In fact, he didn't know where his anger came from. But when he saw the disgusting, creepy look in Melinda's eyes, he panicked and couldn't hold back his anger. Wasn't she supposed to always have love for him in her eyes?

It was hard to see the expression on Melinda's face. Jonas picked up the check on the ground, took out his pen, added one more zero after the number and placed it at the foot of Melinda.

"If I see you have contacts with Kent, his life won't be so easy ever after," He threatened.

When Jonas arrived at the door, Melinda still didn't respond. Her slim body almost fell down as soon as he touched her. His eyes rotating slightly, his voice softened.

"It's grandfather's birthday in two days. I will pick you up to the old house. What happened in these days… I can just pretend that nothing happened,"

With a relaxed expression on his face, Jonas thought that since he had made such a big concession, and even gave her a way out, Melinda would not make a fuss this time.

If Melinda had known that all her behaviors these days had been attributed to Jonas as "drama", she would have laughed out loud without mercy. Yes, in the eyes of Jonas, all this was just because he had come back from Emily, and because she was jealous. She had tried her best to attract his attention. Even though she had proposed a divorce in a fit of anger, she was too embarrassed to take it back. As long as he could make up an excuse, she would go back obediently.

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