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   Chapter 2 Humiliation

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All Melinda wanted was some quiet time to herself, but unfortunately, she was deprived of that luxury by Holley. Having run out of patience, she stood up and walked over to a stout, middle-aged man not too far away. Melinda smiled at the man, nudging him with her elbow as she whispered something into his ears and cast a short and meaningful glance at Holley.

Not knowing what agreement they had reached, Holley noticed the man flashing a devious smirk on his face before he started to approach Holley.

Holley's eyes shot up in bewilderment as she didn't know what to do. This man had been her sugar daddy and she couldn't afford to get on his bad side at any cost. When he came over and grabbed her by the waist, Melinda sneered at her and shook her head.

Melinda did not have time breathe even after she got rid of Holley as someone grabbed her wrist from behind and pulled her into an embrace. As she looked up and locked eyes with Jonas, she could see the resentment he carried for her in his deep eyes.

Any other person would think that they were very close, judging by how they were holding each other, but the truth was far from it.

"You are such a conniving person. I have no doubt that you must have tricked my grandfather in the past."

Melinda bit her lip and her face turned pale. She seemed exhausted and clearly uninterested to get into an argument with Jonas. Besides, it wouldn't lead to anything good anyway. In Jonas' eyes, she would always be the woman who tricked her way into marrying him. If it weren't for her, he would have been married to someone he actually loved.

"Are we going to do this again? What's the point? It's not like you're ever going to change your mind about me!"

"Why don't you give it another shot? Go on!" Jonas' voice was faint, low and magnetic. Although, she had lowered her eyes to the floor, she couldn't avoid feeling captivated by him.

Why did she still feel like that? Had she not suffered enough humiliation at the hands of the Gu family? Why did she have feelings for a husband who never treated her with love?

Had it been in the past, Melinda would have openly declared, "Because, I love you from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much that I could give my life for even just a hint of your love."

However, after five years of nothing but coldness, she didn't know if she still had enough love inside her heart to give to him.

Looking coldly at her silence and hesitation, Jonas' face darkened in anger. He grabbed Melinda by the wrist and dragged her towards Holley, disregarding her soft painful whimpers.

He pulled Holley away from the stout, middle-aged man and pushed Melinda into his arms without hesitation. The look of disdain in his eyes broke Melinda's heart to pieces.

"Mr. Wang, Holley is one of my distinguished guests. I hope that you can leave her to me. It would be my good wife's pleasure to entertain you in her place."

Holley was in daze, wondering whether she was dreaming. Everything happened so quickly that she hardly had the chance to figure out what was going on. As she stared at Jonas with clear eyes, she couldn't help feeling elated.

Meanwhile, Melinda didn't even look up at Jonas, her face partially concealed by her long hair.

Deep down in her heart, Melinda was more distraught than she looked on the surface. She wanted to cry out loud and ask Jonas what she had done to deserve this. By tomorrow morning, the whole world would be laughing at her misfortune on every newspaper and entertainment magazine. Even her dearest parents, who had done nothing but devote their lives to honest work would be dragged through the mud because of her.

Melinda's face was stuck in an incredulous expression as she helplessly watched Jonas leave the party with Holley. It took Melinda some time to shake herself out of her numbness. In fact, she wasn't worried about Mr. Wang as seemed like a sensible enough man to not make a pass at the lady of the Gu family.

When Melinda came to that sudden realization, tears burst forth from her eyes and drenched her cheeks. She looked up and smiled at Mr. Wang, eyes failing to conceal her indignation.

"I'm sorry, but I don't feel too good, Mr. Wang. Tell me, what can I do for you?" Melinda wiped the tears on her face and smiled decently, not coquettishly.

As soon as the words left her lips, the atmosphere in the banquet hall froze.

Melinda tried to keep a fake smile, knowing well that Jonas wasn't really forcing her to entertain Mr. Wang. After all, that would only disgrace the Gu family name. He was just trying to humiliate her. Although he had succeeded in doing so many times over the past, this time she wasn't going to let him win.

The smile on Mr. Wang's face froze at the thought of having to ask indecent favors from the lady of the Gu family.

"Melinda, what the hell are you doing?" Yulia couldn't help stepping forward. She glared at Melinda and thought, 'How dare she say that in public?'

Melinda deliberately ignored Yulia.

"Where are your manners? Don't forget that I'm your sister-in-law!" Then she walked out with Mr. Wang's arm around her, looking happy and satisfied. "Mr. Wang, can we talk more on the way?"

"Melinda, you shameless woman! Aren't you afraid that my brother is going to find out about this?" What a shame it would be for the entire Gu family!

Melinda turned around in surprise and glanced at the Yulia, who was angry from embarrassment.

"What? Didn't you hear him earlier? Your brother is the one who asked me to entertain Mr. Wang!"

The only thing Yulia could do now was to watch the man leave with Melinda. Ashamed, she wanted to bury her head in the ground. She cursed at the woman, who had turned the Gu family into a laughingstock, and informed her men of the news.

As for Melinda, she didn't come back home that night.

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