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   Chapter 509 Follow Up A Clue

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10359

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Bill sent people to investigate the case that Euralia and others were caught after they escaped. The phone call was about the result of the investigation.

After Tyron went out alone, Bill sent someone to follow him, but they encountered an accident on the way.

Just now, the person he sent called to report work to him.

Tyron was followed by a black car on the way, and the scene was seen by Bill's people. Now, they were following where the black car was going.

Bill concluded that the person who followed Tyron must have something to do with the kidnapper who kidnapped them after Euralia and others escaped last time. Therefore, as long as he investigated the person who followed Tyron, he could find out the person who wanted to frame Euralia and others.

After answering the phone, he rushed to the hotel where Euralia was locked up, because he knew that Tyron must go there to save Euralia.

At this time, Tyron didn't know that Bill sent someone to follow him, nor did he know that he was almost framed on the way to save Euralia.

He came to the hotel and looked up at the one hundred floor building. It was not easy to find the specific location of Euralia.

However, when the smart Tyron was taken away by Bill, he also made a mark at the door of Euralia's room. And when Bill got into the elevator, he let them go.

Tyron remembered that when he opened his eyes, he saw thirty floors. According to the speed of going upstairs and elevator, Tyron guessed that the floor where Euralia was locked was between fifty and fifty-five floors.

Tyron knew that this hotel belonged to Bill. Bill must have been well prepared to lock Euralia here. Therefore, when Tyron entered the hotel, he perfectly avoided the security guard's sight.

He followed the checked in guests into the elevator and came to the fifty floor. Then he began to look for the mark he left at the door that day.

However, what he didn't know was that his every move was within the sight of Bill. At this moment, Bill was standing in front of the hotel's surveillance video, watching Tyron looking for.

"Mr. Bill, what should we do next?" The person in charge of the hotel stood in front of Bill and asked.

Bill's eyes darkened. He already knew what to do.

Just now, he received another call, which was about the new progress of the person who followed Tyron. If he wanted to know who was behind this, he had to use Euralia and Tyron as bait.

The only way to ensure the safety of Euralia and others was to find out the person behind it. Therefore, Bill had a plan in his mind.

Instead of stopping Tyron from looking for Euralia, he deliberately asked him to find her as soon as possible. Because he knew that the people who followed Euralia and others had arrived at the door of the hotel.

There were hundreds of guest rooms on each floor of the hotel. Tyron was exhausted just by looking for one floor.

When he reached the fifty-one floor of the elevator, an aunt delivering food and a waiter followed him to the elevator.

"Auntie, this food is sent to room 5010. Remember it." The w

ded with satisfaction.

Tyron asked, observing the expression on Moore's face.

"Uncle Moore, why are you so happy when Mommy and Daddy are apart?"

Tyron spoke out what was in Moore's mind.

"Of course, Euralia finally figured out and left the wrong person. How can I not be happy for her? " Moore answered frankly.

Euralia didn't answer. She knew that Moore had been dissatisfied with Bill, and now they knew that the death of their parents was caused by Bill.

She couldn't be with Bill, or she would be an unfilial daughter!

It only took a second to fall in love with someone, but it might take a lifetime to forget someone.

It was not easy for Euralia to forget the feelings for Bill. When she thought of the time when she was about to let him go, she still felt a sense of loss.

It seemed that her whole heart was empty. It was fake to say that she was not sad.

"I'm going upstairs to have a rest." Said Euralia.

The pain in her heart had far exceeded the pain in her body. The moment she stood up, the severe pain in her ankle made her lose her balance.

Fortunately, Tyron and Moore came to her in time to support her.

"I didn't expect that Bill could be so heartless to lock you up even if you have a foot injury. You've done so much for him. He has gone too far! "

Moore stabbed a knife into Euralia's heart again.

"Mommy, I'm going to find a medicine box to bind up your wound." Tyron said.

Looking at the sad look on Euralia's face, Moore felt relieved. He knew that this time, Euralia didn't have reason to stay with Bill.

After bandaging Euralia's wound, Tyron sent her to her room and chatted with her.

"Mommy, have you really decided to leave Daddy? Is this the end of your relationship? " Tyron thought that Bill had gone too far this time, but Euralia didn't have to leave him.

Because he still remembered what he had done for them in the past.

"Yes, I can't be with him anymore, because we have no reason to continue." Euralia said in a very weak tone.

Her heart ached at the mention of Bill.

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