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   Chapter 504 A Knot In His Heart

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 11180

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When Euralia heard from the cleaner that someone was killed because of Bill, she was even more sure of what Moore had told her before.

Bill was the culprit who killed her parents! So when she looked at him, her eyes began to change. She even didn't accept Bill's kindness in front of so many people behind her.

"I'm not cold. Put it on yourself." Euralia took off his suit and broke free from his grip on her waist.

Bill felt that she was a little strange. When he left this morning, she was not so indifferent to him. Besides, there were so many people behind her. How could she embarrass him like this.

Bill took over the suit. As his subordinates were present, he didn't force Euralia too much. The two of them kept a certain distance and walked towards the workshop in front of them.

Euralia looked around because she wanted to find the cleaner. She must find her and ask her clear about it.

Surrounded by a group of people, Bill and Euralia went to the workshop.

The reason why Bill came to this workshop was that someone had just said during the meeting that only the workshop had a quality problem in the whole factory.

The factory run by Bill mainly engaged in the production of electrical appliances. The workshop was mainly used to produce the shell of electrical appliances, the workshop was called injection molding workshop.

Because the shell of the electric appliance produced recently had been seriously scratched, and it had been complained many times by customers. If this problem couldn't be solved, it would directly affect the order.

Therefore, when Bill arrived, the head of the injection molding workshop was very nervous. Of course, there was also the director in charge of the mold of these products.

"Take me to see how the model is going. I have to solve this problem anyway." Bill cast a sharp glance at the two directors and they immediately lowered their heads.

For the production of products, there were many ways to deal with the scratching of the mold. But they didn't reflect on themselves until they had been complained for many times.

This was the most intolerable thing for Bill, so he was in a bad mood when he personally came to the workshop to check.

"Yes, Mr. Bill." The director of the injection molding workshop and the head of mold workshop answered in a hurry.

A group of people came to the side of a machine, and the mold master was trying on the model. The trial model was to send the revised model to the injection department for testing to see if there was any problem of scratching.

Everyone became nervous as soon as Bill arrived! Including the master who was trying on the model.

"Mr. Bill, this machine is testing the model which is the highest order products of the current factory. If nothing goes wrong, there may won't be any scratches from today on. "

The director of the mold workshop reported the work to Bill.

"Maybe?" Bill cast a cold glance at the director of the mold workshop.

"Because we have tested many times and there is a little scratch. This is the last time, but you also know that the modification of the model needs to be tested to be consistent with the effect we need, so..."

When the director of the mold workshop was explaining, Bill had already walked to the side of the master.

There was also a reason why Bil

nt him to continue to live a carefree life like this? Euralia, our dead parents will die with regret, so we must take revenge. "

Moore knew that as long as Euralia promised him, it would be a piece of cake to deal with Bill. Because he knew that Euralia was Bill's soft spot.

"Revenge? "Although Euralia thought that Bill killed her parents, it was impossible for her to take revenge on him. Because the love in her heart was still hidden.

"Let's talk about the revenge after we go back." Said Moore.

Euralia breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't want to face the situation of becoming an enemy of Bill so soon. Although she had deliberately distanced herself from him.

"I'm going upstairs to have a rest." Euralia was even afraid of discussing this topic, so she found an excuse to leave.

Moore nodded. When Euralia returned to her room, the cleaner's words kept resounding in her mind.

However, Bill had arrived at another village not far from the YS Village.

He hadn't been here for more than ten years. There was a tall building in the village. It was built by Bill.

As soon as he reached the door, he met a peasant woman.

"Is that Mr. Bill?" The peasant woman asked after being stunned for a while when she saw Bill.

"It's me. How have you been these years, Aunt?" Bill walked in and asked.

"Well, we're fine. We're fine." The woman's eyes turned red as she spoke.

Looking into her eyes, Bill immediately recalled the previous scene. At that time, when he had an accident, it was this peasant woman and a child who had cried sadly for a long time.

He was very clear about the pain of losing family, so he could feel the pain of losing her husband.

"Mom, why did you ask him to come to our house?" A man in his early twenty years old walked out.

This child was the son of the peasant woman! He hated Bill all the time, because he thought that all the pain in the past was caused by Bill.

"Clark, you can't be unreasonable. Don't you remember that he gave us all the living expenses of this family and your tuition fee? "

The woman scolded.

"So what? Can he bring my father back to life? " Clark roared.

Bill had expected such an embarrassing scene before he came here.

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