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   Chapter 486 I Don't Feel Pain At All With Dad's Company

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Moore kept persuading Euralia to cut off all contact with Bill, but Euralia didn't answer because of the two children.

She was indeed disappointed in Bill, but now the children all knew that he was their biological father. She began to worry if they separated, the children would choose to be with him.

Without Bill, her life would be meaningless if she lost her children. Therefore, Euralia was a little scared. Today, Tyron's attitude towards her was obviously much colder.

So even if she was very disappointed now, she would not break up with Bill for the sake of the children. The kids had a complete family from a single parent family to now.

Euralia still remembered how happy they were when she reunited with Bill. How disappointed they would be if she broke up with Bill again this time.

She didn't know what decision she would make tomorrow. Her mind was in a mess now. She just wanted to spend the night quietly.

After returning to her room, Euralia shut Moore out the door of the room and entered her small world to recall the good time she had spent with the children.

In the dead of night, Bill was still holding Belle's hand by the bedside. Looking at Belle's little face, he couldn't help but think of Euralia when she was a child.

"Belle, you must recover as soon as possible. I won't let you get hurt again. " Bill felt guilty for Belle's accident.

He hadn't fulfilled father's obligation since they were born, so he felt that he owed them a lot. Therefore, Bill would try every means to keep them by his side and take good care of them.

"Daddy, please don't quarrel with Mommy, okay?" Belle suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Bill pitifully.

She felt that it was the happiest time in the past few years. There was a father who loved her and a mother who loved her. She didn't want her happiness to disappear so soon.

"Belle, how are you feeling now? Does your leg still hurt? It's all my fault. I didn't take good care of you. " Bill didn't want to talk about Euralia.

He didn't want the child to know about the affair between Euralia and Cale, so he deliberately changed the topic.

"No, it doesn't hurt at all with Dad's company. But Mommy must feel sorry for me. Daddy, don't be angry with Mommy, okay? I don't want you to be apart. I hope our family can be together forever. "

Belle held Bill's hand tightly, which made him feel sorry for her.

"Don't interfere in adults' affairs. You believe there is a reason for Dad to do so." Bill had a hard time. No matter how angry he was, he would never say anything wrong about their mother in front of his children.

"But you are my parents. You will be separated again if I don't interfere. Belle used to live a life without father. Now I really don't want to lose my father anymore. "

Belle was so excited that she cried again.

"I don't want to, but there are some things that I can't stand." Bill couldn't stand the affair between Euralia and Cale.

"Did you misunderstand her again? I believe that Mommy loves Daddy very much." Belle totally ignored the pain in her legs and kept thinking about the relationship between Bill and Eura

ia shouldn't have reconciled with you."

Moore's fist was stopped by a palm less than one centimeter away from Bill's face. Bill was holding Moore's fist tightly and spinning.

Bill's strength was not something ordinary people could bear. He had practiced Taekwondo since Euralia left him.

A sharp pain came from Moore's fist, and his face turned red. Moore felt a sharp pain because Bill used too much strength.

"Let go of my brother." Noticing that there was something wrong with Moore's face, Euralia walked up to him and pushed Bill away.

Bill loosened his grip.

"Bill, I must take the children away today, even if you stop me." Euralia said coldly.

"I can also tell you that you are absolutely not allowed to take them away from me." Bill replied coldly.

"Then I'd like to see how you can stop me." Euralia snorted and immediately walked towards the backyard.

Bill held her hand.

"No way!"

Seeing Bill grabbing Euralia's hand, Moore raised his fist and hit him again. At this time, Bill's other bodyguards had arrived.

There were only three bodyguards waiting at the gate, and the other bodyguards were only patrolling in the Ou Mansion. As soon as they knew what was going on here, they rushed over and caught the six bodyguards brought by Moore.

"If you dare to mess around again, I won't be polite to you!" Bill warned.

But Moore didn't care about it at all. He even tried his best to hit Bill. But his fist was blocked in midair again.

Two bodyguards pressed him firmly with one fist.

"If you dare to move, I will let you know what pain is!" Bill showed no mercy.

"Why did you do this to my family?" Seeing that Moore was beaten, Euralia hated Bill even more.

"Why? Then tell me why you betrayed me? Let me tell you, it's you who have crossed my bottom line. Anyone who crossed it will have a bad end. "

Bill hated Euralia because of love. If Euralia didn't explain, he would never know it was just a misunderstanding.

After all, many people only believed what they saw was true, but they didn't know what they saw might be not the truth.

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