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   Chapter 484 They Belong To Me

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"You are spying on me!" Euralia's first reaction was not that she felt guilty when Bill saw it, because her relationship with Cale was innocent.

But Bill's surveillance made her more disgusted.

"If you didn't do anything wrong, how could you worry about being monitored! Why don't you tell me the identity of the children? Are you going to break up with me one day? "

Bill asked angrily.

"Yes, I just guessed that there would be such a day, that's why I didn't tell you. Bill, are you satisfied with this answer? How could you trust me when you monitored me like this? "

Euralia threw the photos in her hands into the air. She didn't intend to explain any more. Cale had decided to let go of this relationship and start a new life.

She had refused Cale countless times, but this time, a hug for him was seen by Bill. Bill concluded that there was an unusual relationship between them.

Euralia was very sad about his denial of her character, so she wrote herself off as hopeless and act recklessly. Since he thought so, she would follow his will.

"Euralia, you forced me to do that. You can't see the children from now on." Bill was originally in a state of mind to listen to her explanation. He didn't expect that Euralia would be more stubborn than him.

"Why? I am their guardian! " Euralia became more and more furious. She felt that Bill was unreasonable.

"If you flirt with other men behind my back, I will let you know that no one who betrays me will have a good end." After saying that, Bill turned around and left.

Looking at his figure, Euralia couldn't help but shed tears. At the same time, Euralia also drove after Bill's car. She must go in and pick up the children.

Bill had always been a man of his word, so Euralia was worried that she would never see her children again.

She followed Bill's car back to the Ou Mansion. As soon as she got off the car, she was invited to leave by the bodyguards at the door. She knew that Bill asked bodyguards to do this.

"Bill, give my children back." Euralia shouted, heartbroken.

Terri, who was cleaning the living room, heard the scream. When she put down the chicken blanket and was about to walk out, she saw Bill come in.

"What time do the children finish school?" Bill asked coldly.

"It's five o'clock. Mr. Bill, I heard Miss Euralia's voice." Terri looked out and said.

"From now on, don't let her step into the Ou Mansion. And don't let her have contact with the children." Bill decided to cut off her connection with the children.

He wanted Euralia to know the cost of betraying him.

"But Mr. Bill, the children miss Mommy too." Terri was confused. She had no idea what had happened.

"Do you want me to repeat it?" Bill winked at her.

"Okay, I see." Terri had to continue cleaning with the chicken blanket.

However, Euralia's shouts came from outside. Terri couldn't help but go out to have a look.

Euralia had been driven out of the Ou Mansion by the bodyguards, but she was still waiting outside. Terri wanted to persuade her, but she knew that Bill was in a fit of anger. He could be cruel to Miss Euralia, which meant that this matter must be not simple.

Bill returned to the study, his mind in a mess. Euralia was still shouting his name outside the Ou Mansion. He simply closed the door and windows and

him in some way!

"You don't have to judge whether I am right or wrong. Anyway, remember that you can't meet her without my permission." Bill reminded Tyron again.

He was not kidding this time. Thinking of the scene that Cale hugged Euralia, his heart became more cruel.

"Okay, I'll go upstairs and play the game. You keep fighting. Take your time. " Tyron walked up slowly with his IPAD.

In Tyron's eyes, the conflict between Euralia and Bill would never last more than three days, so he didn't take it seriously.

His mood would get better in a few days, so he acted as if nothing had happened.

After Tyron left, Bill walked to the French window and looked at Euralia, who was blocked outside by the bodyguards. She kept struggling, looking very painful.

A trace of worry appeared on Bill's face, but when he thought of the matter between her and Cale, his eyes immediately became cold and ruthless.

"You deserve it. I will let you know the price of betraying me."

Bill said through gritted teeth.

As soon as Belle returned to her room, she went to the balcony outside and waved at Euralia. But Belle didn't say it out because she was afraid that Bill wouldn't even let her out of the balcony after hearing it.

Soon, Euralia saw Belle on the balcony. Seeing that she couldn't hold her baby, Euralia was overwhelmed with pain.

"Belle, wait for Mommy. I will find a way to save you." Euralia shouted at Belle in the distance.

Hearing the hoarse voice of Euralia, Belle was also very excited. Belle didn't know why Bill didn't allow them to meet, but she really missed Euralia.

Hearing Euralia's shout, Belle immediately found a chair and climbed up to the balcony.

Her room was on the two floor. She wanted to climb down the pipe beside the balcony.

Seeing this, Euralia's face turned pale. She cried out desperately.

"Belle, don't come down. Don't!"

The bodyguards who were intercepting Euralia also noticed this scene, and they were all shocked. Belle had successfully climbed to the balcony. She looked uneasy as she was walking back and forth on the balcony.

"It's dangerous. Don't come down, Belle! Go and save her! " Euralia's heart almost jumped out of her chest.

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