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   Chapter 483 Add Insult To Injury (Part Two)

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When two familiar figures in the photos came into his view, he was shocked.

Cale and Euralia were hugging each other.

Bill and Euralia had a conflict yesterday because of the children. He didn't expect that she would have the mood to go out with Cale for relaxation. Because the date of these photos was shown clearly.

In a fit of anger, Bill put away the photos and went straight to the house of Moore.

Today was the time when Cale went abroad. Euralia had said yesterday that she wouldn't see him off today. So he had to come to say goodbye to her.

Because of the business in the company, Moore was so busy that he couldn't show up. Today, only Cale and Euralia were there.

The two sat down in the backyard and chatted.

"I may not be able to come back for a long time after I go abroad this time. If you have time, you can go abroad to have a get-together with me. By the way, your new agent must be someone who can protect you well. I've already told Bill about it."

Cale was most worried about the safety of Euralia when she attended various activities.

She was a big star now. There were many people who liked her, but there were also some who hated her. After all, every star had his or her own loyal fans and haters.

What he worried most was that those people who would do harm to her. In the future, he would not be able to protect her all the time.

"Don't worry. I will take good care of myself." Said Euralia, checking the time.

The time for boarding was over eleven o'clock in the morning. Now it was almost the time.

"Let me drive you to the airport." Said Eura

long face as soon as they met.

"I can call the police at any time if you break into my house like this. Bill, I don't want to see you now. Please leave right away."

At the sight of him, she got angry, especially when he looked like this. Obviously, he didn't come to apologize.

"Euralia, what's your relationship with Cale?" Bill angrily took out the photos from the file bag and threw them to her.

Inexplicably, Euralia picked up the photos on the ground and looked at them carefully. When she saw the photos that she hugged Cale at school, she immediately thought of Mandy.

That day, she should have thought that the appearance of Mandy was not a coincidence.

"We're just friends. Haven't you known it for so many years?" Retorted Euralia.

"Friends! Euralia, you hugged him again just now. Are you going to tell me that you are just friends? And it was you who took the initiative to hug him!"

Bill was so angry that his face turned red. He didn't allow her to have any contact with other men, let alone to see her throwing herself at other men.

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