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   Chapter 482 Add Insult To Injury (Part One)

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"Don't be so smug, Euralia. Not every actress can be popular all the time." Mandy snorted and left.

Euralia was trapped in the crowd. It took a long time for Cale to evacuate the students. Then he sent Euralia to the car, and she had to face the possibility of being watched at any time when she appeared in public.

It took her more than an hour to walk out of the campus successfully. Recalling the scene that she was surrounded by students just now, she felt almost suffocated.

"You'd better take bodyguards with you when you go out. Fortunately, I'm with you today." Cale had booked an air ticket and would leave the city tomorrow morning if everything went well.

"By the way, when will you go abroad? I'll drive you to the airport." It occurred to Euralia that Cale had resigned just now. She was not surprised or reluctant to see him leave.

Because she thought this was the best choice for him.

"You'd better not see me off tomorrow morning. It's not good to cause a sensation at the airport." Cale said firmly.

"Okay, I don't think I should go out recently." Euralia nodded.

In her opinion, it didn't matter whether she could see him off or not since he would come back in the future.

A stiff smile appeared on Cale's face. In fact, he still hoped that she could give him a ride, but he said that for the sake of her safety.

After sending Euralia back, Cale left. Euralia wandered around alone in the house.

The company gave her a few days off after her filming were finished. She had planned to have a good holiday with Bill and her children, but she didn't expect that the secret she had been trying to hide would suddenly be exposed.

She felt lonely without her children by her side. She fell asleep on the bed alone.

When she woke up, it was already late at night. She got up to take a shower and went back to sleep.

Bill and Euralia had a cold war. Neither of them contacted each other first. At this moment, Bill was busy in the study alone. He didn't go to bed tiredly until it was almost dawn.

The second morning, Tyron and Belle were sent to school by Terri. After sending them back to school, Terri received a package for Bill.

She put the package on the tea table in the living room and went to work.

It was already ten o'clock when Bill woke up. He was going to the company as soon as he went downstairs.

"Mr. Bill, there is a package for you this morning." Terri reminded him as soon as she saw him.

Bill picked up the package casually and tear it open as he went out. It was a common thing for him to receive packages. He thought it was a contract from a company.

When he walked out of the living room, several photos fell from the open file bag. The photos were reversed. He squatted down and picked them up.

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