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   Chapter 481 Revisit The Old Place

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"I'm right. Uncle Moore is biased against my father." Instead of restraining himself, Tyron shouted out loud.

"Since you are on his side, you can go back and live with him." Euralia said angrily.

"Stop the car! I have to go back to find my father. " Tyron was completely out of control today and shouted to get off the car.

"Brother, stop the car and let him get off." In a fit of anger, Euralia simply followed Tyron's words.

Moore was still calm. He didn't stop the car as they said.

Euralia had been very sad that Belle hadn't come out with her. She had worked hard to bring them up alone. Now that they knew their biological father, they all supported Bill.

In fact, she was a little jealous. Mothers from single parent families were more possessive of children.

"It's almost home. Don't play tricks, Tyron. Euralia need you the most now. " Said Moore calmly.

Tyron pouted and covered his ears with his hands in anger.

Euralia was on the verge of exploding with anger. One or two of them stood up for Bill and went against her.

"I'll ask someone to send you back later. You can all go back to accompany your father." Euralia turned to the other side.

The car soon arrived at the Ji Mansion. As soon as it stopped, Tyron opened the door and got off the car. After getting off the car, Tyron immediately walked towards the door.

"Tyron, your mommy was just saying something angry, you come back quickly." Moore shouted.

"Let him go. He will go back by himself. We don't need to care about him." Without taking a look at Tyron, Euralia walked into the house.

Tyron took a taxi to the Ou Mansion alone.

Moore shook his head helplessly. He hoped that Euralia would leave Bill, but he didn't hope that the kids would leave Euralia.

As soon as Bill's identity as the father of the children was exposed, she was obviously in a weak position. Judging from what happened today, both Tyron and Belle preferred Bill.

Euralia returned to the living room and sat down with an impatient look.

"Now you can understand why I didn't let you announce that Bill was the father of the children. You see, Belle just ignored you. Tyron doesn't allow us to say anything bad about Bill. "

Instead of comforting her, Moore poured cold water on Euralia.

"It's useless to say that now. They all know. After knowing this, Bill blamed me for not telling him immediately and said I didn't trust him. "

Thinking of this, Euralia felt wronged. She didn't think so at all.

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault." In front of Euralia, Moore had always been showing his best, a qualified elder.

"No, it's not your fault. It can only be said that we don't trust each other enough. " Euralia sighed deeply and looked depressed.

"Don't think too much. You just came back from the shooting. Have a good rest at home these days. I'll ask Cale to accompany you. His love for you is the most sincere. "

Moore said and he was about to call Cale, but was refused by Euralia. She wanted to be alone for a few days!

Moore didn't call Cale in front of Euralia, but after he turned around and left, he sent a message to Cale. Moore wouldn't let go of any chance that Cale would take advantage of it

dy very slow." Cale replied.

After leaving the schoolmate pavilion with Euralia, they continued to take a walk on the road of the school. Euralia was lost in her own thoughts. But Cale's attention was always on her.

Even though Euralia was wearing a mask, she was recognized soon. A tall figure walked behind them.

"Euralia, I haven't seen you for a long time. I didn't expect you to wear a mask when you go out now. A big star is just different."

Hearing the familiar voice, Euralia suddenly turned her head.

The person who greeted her was no other than Mandy, who used to treat Mandy as her best friend.

"Hello, long time no see, Mandy." Euralia took off her mask politely and greeted her.

"Yes, I haven't seen you for a long time. I didn't expect you to remember me. In a twinkling of an eye, you have married your brother and had two children. It's really surprising. "

Mandy still remembered that they had a fight because of Bill.

Euralia was embarrassed. Everyone knew that she was adopted by Bill. There was no blood relationship between them Didn't Mandy embarrass her obviously?

Cale, who was standing aside, immediately stood up for her.

"Euralia is living a happy life now. It's inevitable that some people will be jealous of her." Cale said mercilessly.

"Who is he? He was hugging you in the schoolmate pavilion just now. Is he your new brother again? " Mandy had been following them since just now.

There were pictures of them hugging each other on her phone!

"He is my agent. If you continue to talk in this way, I don't have time to talk nonsense with you, Mandy."

Euralia was just in a better mood, and Mandy's words irritated her again.

"It's different for you to be a star. Your temper is much bigger than before. An ordinary person like me doesn't even have the right to talk to you. Come and have a look. Rose is back to school. "

Before leaving, Mandy deliberately shouted loudly to expose the identity of Euralia.

Soon, the students found out that Euralia was surrounded by them for autographs. Mandy, who was standing outside and watching, looked at her with jealousy.

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