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   Chapter 480 Choose Father Or Mother

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Euralia was so aggrieved that she wanted to cry, but she held back her tears.

In fact, since she reconciled with him, she had been trying to tell the truth to Bill. However, Moore had been putting obstacles in the way, making her in a dilemma between them.

But now Bill took the children to have a paternity test and knew the children's identity.

In the past, Euralia had imagined countless times the happy scene when Bill knew that Tyron and Belle were his own children, but she didn't expect that things would become so bad because of her concealment.

She couldn't tell Bill all this because Moore doesn't allow her to tell him. So she could only swallow the grievance in her heart.

Euralia also walked out of Bill's room and went back to her room. She didn't know what to do next? Bill was really angry this time.

Just as Euralia was worrying about this matter, Moore called.

Moore knew very well that Euralia would go back to the Ou Mansion today. He knew that Bill must have taken the children to have a paternity test. If he was right, Euralia had already had a conflict with Bill.

"Brother!" Euralia answered the phone and cried out in grievance.

"Euralia, have you come back home? I'll see you when you get home. " The gentle voice of Moore came from the other end of the line.

"Yes, I am home. But Bill has known the identity of the children. He is very angry with me! " Said Euralia.

"It's okay. I'll come to see you later. If he is still angry, you can take the children with me home. " Moore comforted her.

The tears that Euralia tried hard to hold back were finally defeated by the comfort of Moore. Tears hovered in her eyes like a flood without a dike.

Hearing her sobbing, Moore continued.

"Don't be sad. If he can't understand you, it means that he is really not suitable for you. Euralia, I've told you earlier... "

"Brother, come here first. I'll go downstairs to see the kids. " Euralia knew that Moore was persuading her to cut off the relationship with Bill again, so she interrupted him.

After hanging up the phone, Euralia walked out of the room. She hadn't seen the kids for several days and missed them very much. It was more important to see them than to quarrel with Bill.

Euralia went downstairs and saw Bill sitting on the sofa with two children. She was not sure if he had told them the news.

"Mommy, you're back." Belle was the first one to see Euralia and screamed.

Tyron also raised his head and smiled when he saw Euralia.

"Mommy, you are finally back. We miss you so much."

Only Bill sat there quietly and continued to read the newspaper in his hand. Tyron and Belle looked at Bill at the same time because of his unusual reaction.

"Daddy, Mommy is back." Belle pulled Bill's sleeve and said.

Bill still didn't respond. The two kids sensed that there was something wrong between them.

"What's wrong? Did Daddy and Mommy quarrel again? " Tyron asked directly.

"Tyron, Belle, have you had breakfast? Let's go home together after breakfast. " Euralia was not used to Bill's indifference.

She didn't want to stay here for a moment because of his attitude, so she wan

or you to fight for the custody of the children."

Moore warned Euralia.

"Uncle Moore, why are you still biased against my father? Dad treats mom and us very well. Don't you want us to be happy? "

Tyron was disgusted with what Moore said. He could feel that Moore was deliberately provoking them.

For those who hurt the four of them, even Moore, Tyron would be frank.

"Tyron, how can you talk to Uncle Moore like that?" Euralia scolded him at once.

"I know Uncle Moore has always been dissatisfied with Dad, but he has never asked whether mommy loves Daddy or not. Uncle Moore always think that you will be apart! I think that Uncle Moore has gone too far this time. "

Tyron was a smart boy. He had his own opinions. Even if he was scolded by Euralia, he still expressed his thoughts. This was him!

"Tyron, Don't judge a person by his appearance. Do you know how your father treated Euralia before you were born? You are young, so I doesn't want to argue with you, children should listen to adults' words more, so that they won't take the wrong path when they grow up. "

Moore taught Tyron in an adult's tone.

"I'm not a child anymore. I know what's good and what's bad. Uncle Moore, you shouldn't interfere in the relationship between Mommy and daddy. Love is not something that an outsider can control. "

Tyron continued to argue.

"Well, stop! Stop talking back. I'm really angry with you, Tyron. " Euralia stood up for Moore.

"Mommy, why are you influenced by others? You don't look like you anymore. " Tyron was worried about her.

"Shut up! You can't be rude to Uncle Moore anymore. " Euralia shouted at Tyron angrily. She was in a bad mood today, and Tyron still acted against her will, which happened to hit the bull's eye.

"I am not wrong. It's Uncle Moore's fault. I just think that daddy loves mommy so much that he doesn't want to leave her at all. There is no way that he will fight for the custody. "

Tyron said stubbornly.

"One more word, Mommy is really angry." Euralia had never lost her temper on these two children, especially the sensible Tyron.

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