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   Chapter 479 The Children's Father

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Bill had never thought that these two children were his own flesh and blood. Thinking of what Tyron had experienced, Bill felt more distressed.

Fortunately, Tyron had recovered. If he had known the identity of the two children earlier, he would have been better to them.

Tyron and Belle were so absorbed in watching cartoon that they didn't notice Bill at all. Bill didn't want to disturb the children and came in quietly.

Bill walked behind them and held Tyron and Belle.

"Honey, dad is back."

Tyron and Belle looked at each other in surprise, and then looked at Bill in confusion.

Usually, Bill wouldn't behave like this even when he saw them after work. He was a little abnormal today.

"Dad, what's wrong with you?" Tyron asked, rolling his bright eyes.

"I miss you so much all of a sudden." Bill had always hoped to have a child of his own with Euralia. He had never expected that the boy and girl twins in front of him would be his flesh and blood.

"We miss you too." Belle hugged Bill happily.

"We will never be apart again, okay?" Bill revealed his true feelings. He had never thought that he would become a real father.

He knew that the two children didn't know their relationship yet, so he decided to announce it after Euralia came back tomorrow.

Euralia lied to him. Bill still had a chance to ask her to admit it. He would interrogate her again when she came back tomorrow.

As for today, he just wanted to spend more time with these two children. They had been brought up by Euralia alone for so many years, and lost their father's love since childhood, which made Bill feel very guilty when facing these two children.

"Okay! But why did you say that all of a sudden, dad? We feel uneasy. What happened? "

Tyron was very sensitive. He could tell from Bill's eyes that Bill must have something on his mind.

"It's okay. I just feel that I haven't fulfilled my obligation as a father. From now on, I will stay at home with you and come back to have dinner with you on time. "

For the busy Bill, it was already difficult for him to do this.

"Dad, if you are busy, you don't have to come back to have dinner with us every day." Tyron was still so considerate. He knew that Bill was very busy with his work.

In addition to work, Bill was also busy with social activities outside. If he went home for dinner every day, it might directly affect his social activities with the outside world.

After all, it was not easy for Bill to manage such a big company alone.

"I owe you." Bill walked to the sofa and held the two kids tightly in his arms.

Tyron and Belle were surprised and happy at the same time. They really enjoyed the days with their father's love.

"Dad, you don't owe us. In fact, it's not boring for me to have my brother accompany me. " Belle comforted him and didn't want him to feel guilty.

In Belle's heart, Bill had always been her best father, and her current life was her best.

"Anyway, I will spare more time to accompany you in the future." Bill decided to give his best love to these two children to make up for them.

Bill even planned to leave the company to him when Tyron grew up. In the future, he could even take Tyron to the company to learn more about the co

oon as she came back.

"This is the last time I ask you who is the father of the children?" Bill got angry.

"I won't tell you. If you think you can't accept these two children, I can take them away immediately." Euralia was also stubborn. She refused to admit it when Bill asked her.

This sentence directly ignited Bill's anger. He grabbed the thing on his bedside and fell to the ground.

"Euralia, how long do you want to hide it from me?" After saying that, Bill got out of bed, opened the drawer and threw the paternity test to her.

"Check what it is by yourself." Bill said angrily.

Euralia squatted down and picked up the document. When she opened it and read it, she didn't know what to say.

She didn't expect Bill to know about it.

"Why did you lie to me? Are you worried that I will take the children away from you? " Bill asked, gritting his teeth.

"No, I just..." Euralia felt guilty. She knew that the relationship between Bill and Moore was not good. At this time, she couldn't tell Bill that it was Moore who forced her to hide the truth.

"But what? Don't you trust me at all, Euralia? " Bill was still waiting for her explanation.

"No, Bill, I trust you." Euralia didn't know how to explain it.

"Then why? Why? " Bill roared.

He felt heartbroken that Euralia's trust in him was far less than before.

"Trust me, okay? It's not that I don't trust you that I hide the identity of the children. " Euralia knew that she might have hurt Bill this time.

Euralia had planned to tell him the truth in the future, but she didn't expect that Bill would find it out first. The most important thing was that she was still lying to him just now.

Bill hated being cheated the most!

"How can I trust you again? You don't need my help to hide it from me when you are in trouble. I don't even know my own children until now. What else do you want to lie to me, Euralia? "

Bill was too angry to listen to her explanation.

"I really love you. Don't do this, okay?" Euralia walked over and hugged him.

"I don't know if your words are true or not. Euralia, you let me down too much." Bill shook off her hand and walked out.

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