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   Chapter 476 A Cold War

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"Rose, I want you to focus on the shooting. Look, it has already been repeated for more than ten times. If you go on like this, all of us will stay up late with you."

The director criticized her in front of everyone.

"I know. I'm sorry, everyone." Lowering her head, Euralia felt apologetic. They could have finished their work at nine o'clock, but now it was eleven o'clock because of her. If it went on like this, no one would have a good sleep tonight.

"Since you want to go on a holiday, I immediately give you two days off. I thought you could have a good time shooting after you came back. I didn't expect you to be in such a bad condition." The director continued to blame her.

The other actors on the side also began to discuss. Everyone knew that she had the support of Bill, so she didn't have to worry about being scolded by the director.

"She is the hostess of the Ou Group. How dare the director say that! Maybe she would go back to complain after he finished his criticism. I think the director will have a hard time."

Euralia heard the discussions around her. She knew that some people in the crew didn't like her. But she didn't care about it. People would get into trouble when they were too famous, and she had been mentally prepared when she chose to be a public figure.

"Director, I will adjust my state of mind as soon as possible." Replied Euralia, lowering her head.

"Then hurry up. There are only a few scenes left for us to shoot here." After saying that, the director went back to the camera.

Euralia's mind was in a mess and she couldn't calm down at all. But she didn't want to delay everyone's schedule and shooting progress because of her private affairs.

So she braced herself to continue filming. It was already one o'clock in the morning. It was more difficult for her to shoot.

In the end, the director chose to go back to rest and shoot tomorrow. Euralia returned with guilt.

Cale knew that she felt sad and he kept persuading her on the way back.

"Euralia, maybe you should explain it to Bill again. It's not good for both of you to keep misunderstanding each other like this."

Now he knew that it was impossible for her to fall in love with him. The only thing he could do was to fulfill her wishes when he fell in love with someone he shouldn't fall in love with.

He stayed with her only because he wanted to spend some time with her. He decided to accompany her to finish the filming and leave her forever after that to find his own life.

"I'm fine. I'll be fine tomorrow after a good rest tonight." Euralia forced a smile.

"Then you must have a good rest tonight. As for other things, let's put them aside first. I hope I can see a new you tomorrow."

That was all Cale could say. After all, love is not something that can be solved by a few words of others. He had experienced a lot. During these days with her, he gradually realized that he didn't have to possess someone he loved.

As long as he saw her happy, he would also be happy for her. In fact, the real love was to fulfill her wishes.

That night, Bill was restless. At midnight, he was still in the study with his mobile phone and deleted the message he had just edited again and agai

person, but we need to cooperate with Cale." There was a sinister smile in her smart eyes.

She happened to want to see Cale, but she didn't expect that she could find an excuse to meet him so soon.

"Do you have any idea?" Tyron asked.

"Of course." Stephanie whispered in his ear.

Tyron nodded happily. He believed that this method would work.

Today, Euralia was in a worse condition than yesterday. Because she didn't sleep well last night, she was completely out of her mind. What was worse, she couldn't even remember the lines.

The whole crew couldn't fall asleep until early in the morning yesterday because of her. And today, such an accident happened to her again, which made many people feel dissatisfied with her.

Cale kept finding excuses for her, but the director had already lost his patience.

"Rose, we can have another actress if you don't want to shoot." The director couldn't bear it and said.

The more nervous Euralia was, the less focused she could be.

"Sorry, I'm still not in good condition today." Euralia was very sorry, even if she knew that it was not enough to make up for it with just an apology.

The shooting time of this movie had been planned, and because of her, it was very likely to delay the progress. She couldn't forgive herself if things went on like this.

"Director, let me discuss with you. How about this? You give her another day off..."

Euralia only saw that Cale had said something to the director, and then he came over to her and said that she could have a rest today, and then he take her out.

"Cale? What did you just say to the director? And where are you taking me to?" Euralia was pulled into the car by him. She was totally confused and didn't know how he persuaded the director.

"I'll take you to the hospital. You can't go on like this." Cale said in a meaningful tone.

"Hospital? I'm not sick. Well, you can stop the car first. Let's go back to the film crew. I don't want to waste their time."

Euralia was also worried since she didn't finish her work well.

"You're being too anxious, and you need to find the reason to deal with that." Cale replied.

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