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   Chapter 475 Resolve

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"You just stand behind me. Don't go forward." Bill was worried that the man would hurt Euralia two times. He didn't allow Euralia to get close to the man.

"Trust me. I will be fine." Ignoring Bill's persuasion, Euralia walked up to the man.

"I know you like me. You are my fan. It was also an accident about what happened two years ago. I didn't know I could live till now. "

Euralia hoped to impress the man in front of her with her true feelings. She knew that he must be her loyal fan. It was just that his thoughts were too extreme that he came here to kidnap her.

If she didn't persuade the man now, maybe next time. Because when she was in the crew, she had long found that this man often appeared in her ground.

"You lied to me. I like you, because I like you, I exhausted all my savings to come here to see you. But what about you? You cancelled the last meeting. I've been waiting for you for more than ten hours, but you didn't show up. "

The man continued to complain.

It was not until then that Euralia remembered the last activity she participated in. Because there were so many people at the scene that day, the partner unilaterally declared to cancel the meeting for safety.

There were a lot of fans waiting at the scene at that time, and she also felt sorry for that day. But as a public figure, for the safety of her fans, she had no choice but to accept the arrangement of the partner.

"That day was all for your safety. I know you have been waiting for me for a long time. I'm really sorry for what happened that day. "

What Euralia did took her fans' feelings into account. That was why she was still so popular today.

But the man in front of her had a mental defect, so he wanted to kidnap her.

"Rose said sorry to me actually! You say sorry to me actually!" The man became excited and laughed happily.

Bill immediately stepped forward to protect Euralia, but his bodyguards had arrived at the scene and caught the man with mental problems on the spot.

After the man was caught, he still laughed wildly. Euralia looked at him and shook her head helplessly.

"Bill, I hope to settle him down. Send him to a good psychiatric hospital for treatment. " Euralia had always been so kind.

She would do her best to help everyone she could. Every year, she would donate some money to charity, which had never been made public by Euralia.

Because she didn't want others to think that she did it for hype.

"Okay, take him away. I'll arrange the following things. " Bill put his arms around her waist. He felt very sorry for making Euralia frightened just now.

After the bodyguards took the man away, Bill and Euralia continued to enjoy the scenery on the yacht.

"Sorry to scare you." The two walked to the deck together and looked at the beautiful scenery in the distance.Bill hugged her from behind and said guiltily.

"An accident is something we can't predict or guard against. You were also unprepared for it." Euralia knew that Bill must feel guilty.

"But it's my fault that I didn't protect you well. Euralia, I'm really afraid of hurting you again. "

"I'm fine. Let it go. We should ch

t Bill hung up her phone. Cale happened to see this. He realized that he had made a slip of the tongue when he called Bill just now, so he was about to apologize to Euralia.

"Euralia, is it from Bill?" Seeing that Euralia was looking at her phone sadly for a long time, Cale came over to comfort her.

"Yes, how did you know?" Putting away her phone, Euralia turned around and wiped her tears secretly. She knew that Bill must be very angry this time.

"I'm sorry. I just told him that you transferred the money to your brother by accident. I thought you had already told him, so... "

Cale didn't want to see Euralia sad, even for a moment.

"I see. It's not your fault. Even if you don't tell him, he will know sooner or later. " Euralia's heart sank.

She felt that Bill didn't know her well enough. He knew that Moore had a problem with him, so she would do it, but he still hung up her phone angrily.

"But if you tell him yourself, you will avoid a conflict between you two." Cale felt a little guilty.

"If we know each other well enough, how can we have conflict?" Euralia was in a dilemma now, so she didn't want to explain anything about Bill's confusion.

"In fact, he cares about you very much. Euralia, don't think too much." Seeing that she was sad for Bill, Cale felt sorry for her.

"I'm fine. I'm going to shoot later. Let's talk about the lines together. " Euralia picked up the script and continued to read it.

She tried her best not to think about the unhappiness just now, but the more she restrained herself, the more serious her woolgathering was.

Cale accompanied her in the dialogue, she couldn't remember the lines. She looked listless.

"How about you have a rest tonight? I'll tell the director." Cale was worried that she might be in a bad mood, so he tried to persuade her.

"No, thanks. I can do it." Euralia refused without hesitation.

But what Cale was worried about still happened. Euralia was in a bad mood and kept shooting NG, which made him anxious.

However, the director had already lost his patience and began to criticize Euralia.

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