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   Chapter 474 A Sudden Attack

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When a figure was reflected at the door, Euralia immediately raised the glass in her hand.

"Euralia, what's wrong with you?" Bill stood at the door with a bag in his hand. Seeing that Euralia was in a panic, Bill felt sorry for her.

"Bill, where have you been?" As soon as Euralia saw it was Bill, she put down the cup in her hand and pounced on him.

Bill held her in his arms to comfort her and asked worriedly.

"What's wrong? What happened? "

"Where have you been? I thought you left and ignored me. " Said Euralia sadly.

When she was looking for Bill, she was really worried that he might have an accident or leave her all of a sudden.

"I just bought breakfast for you. I heard that there are famous breakfast nearby, so I bought it for you. You were still sleeping when I got there, so I didn't wake you up. "

Bill explained.

"Take me with you wherever you go. Don't leave me alone." Thinking of what had happened just now, Euralia was still very sad.

"Okay, I promise you. In fact, before I left, I had asked the bodyguards to protect you. I can't leave without ensuring your safety. "

Bill had arranged everything well before they came here, but he didn't want anyone to disturb the world of them, so he asked the bodyguards to guard the two kilometers around.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I've been worried for so long. " Euralia said in a coquettish tone. At the same time, she pulled herself out of Bill's arms and stared at the breakfast in Bill's hand.

"Anyway, I won't let your personal safety be threatened. Are you hungry? " Bill read her mind and asked.

"I'm very hungry. Let's see what delicious food you bring me." Euralia took the breakfast from his hand and opened it.

A sweet smell came to her face and she swallowed.

"It looks delicious."

"Hurry up, or it will be cold." Bill answered with a smile.

Sitting aside and looking at Euralia who was enjoying the food, Bill felt relieved.

After Euralia was full, Bill took her outside. Next, he wanted to give her another surprise, which was the luxury yacht he had just bought.

"Do you like it?" Bill took Euralia to the yacht and asked.

"You just bought it? Is it too expensive just for this trip? " Said Euralia.

"As long as you are happy. Money is just an external thing." Staring at the bright smile on Euralia's face, Bill felt very happy.

They got on the yacht and were ready to go to sea to enjoy the sea view in the distance. The two of them took many group photos on the sea, and each photo recorded their happiness.

In the evening, the yacht drove back to the coast. They were going to spend the second night on it.

Bill had already prepared a candlelight dinner. The two of them were enjoying the sea breeze and drinking wine on the yacht, having a happy two person world.

"Bill, I'm going to the bathroom." After drinking a glass of wine, Euralia went to the bathroom.

"I'll go with you." Bill didn't want to leave her for even a second.

"No, thanks. I'll be back soon." Replied Euralia.

Yesterday, Bill went to buy breakfast. She felt uneasy because she couldn't f

s mind after being kicked by Bill.

He stabbed at Bill with a knife, and Bill dodged in a hurry. Bill didn't aim at this man now. The most important thing was to save Euralia.

Bill immediately stepped back to the bed. When he touched the bed, he immediately lifted up the quilt.

Euralia had been tied up with a rope and her mouth was covered with tape.

"Euralia, I'm here. Don't be afraid." Bill felt more guilty when he saw the embarrassed Euralia.

Just as he was distracted, the man walked towards him with a knife in his hand.

Seeing the man coming over, Euralia winked at Bill. Bill ripped off the tape on her mouth.

"Bill, watch out!"

Euralia shouted nervously.

Bill held her and rolled to the other side of the bed, avoiding the man's stab.

But the man didn't stop. He continued to stab them.

Bill had no time to untie the rope for Euralia. He could only pick up Euralia and run to the other side.

The man chased after them and threw the things in the room to Bill. Bill stepped back to the corner with Euralia in his arms.

"Let me see where you can go." The man approached them with a sinister smile.

Taking this opportunity, Bill put down Euralia and untied the rope for her.

"Euralia, you stand behind me. I won't let you get hurt again." Bill stood in front of Euralia and said.

"Bill, be careful." Euralia looked at the man in horror.

"My goddess, don't hide from me. Do you know how much I love you? I fell in love with you since you started your career. Do you know how painful I was when I heard the news of your death two years ago? Why do you cheat me when you're still alive? "

The man's consciousness began to become somewhat blurred and he began to talk nonsense. The man knew everything about Euralia's past, which surprised both Euralia and Bill.

If something could be solved without a knife, they would try their best to dissolve it with their mouths. Euralia knew his identity from his story.

"Bill, let me do it. I know how to make him put down the knife in his hand. " Euralia whispered in Bill's ear.

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