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   Chapter 471 Gossip (Part One)

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From the bottom of her heart, Euralia felt that it was not appropriate to hide the truth from Bill, and she felt more guilty when she saw the sincere look in his eyes.

"I thought you were short of money. If you are short of money or need help, remember that the first person you think of must be me. Because I'm your husband, you know? "

Bill was capable enough to help Euralia solve any problems. For Moore, it was just a small matter.

Bill hoped that he would be the first one to think of when Euralia was in trouble. After all, they were a couple now.

"Okay, I know." Euralia replied in a low voice, lowering her long eyelashes.

She felt a little uncomfortable. The better Bill treated her, the more heartfelt she felt sorry for deceiving him.

At this time, Moore received the remittance from Euralia and made a phone call to Cale. Seeing the money, Moore was more sure that Euralia would not use her shares to achieve his career.

Moore had to find another way.

Everyone knew that Euralia was the most famous star in the entertainment circle and everyone wanted to sign her. Because Euralia was an artist of the Ou Group two years ago.

This time, after she came back, she was still in the Ou Group. Since Moore couldn't make Euralia use her shares for his company, he could ask her to terminate the contract with the Ou Group, so that he could make her sign the contract with his company.

At that time, the company could grow stronger depending on the popularity of Euralia! Besides, Moore thought it was reasonable for Euralia to go back to his company.

He was her brother, the one who loved her the most!

But according to Moore's understanding of Euralia, it was impossible for her to directly terminate the contract with Bil

n't know how to be satisfied even if she marries a rich man. Have you heard any gossip about her and the leading actor recently? I heard that they kissed. "

Hearing this, Bill deliberately walked past the two actresses. They shut up as soon as they saw Bill!

Bill would never allow anyone to speak ill of Euralia behind his back, so he glanced coldly at the two actresses.

Everyone knew that Bill was powerful and he was the sponsor of the play. His warning eyes made the two actresses tremble with fear and immediately walked to the other side.

Bill didn't hear these gossips, because he believed that Euralia would never be such a person.

In this way, Bill took the children back home.

In the following days, Bill and Euralia kept in touch with each other as before.

They didn't start to talk to each other from time to time until Euralia changed the shooting location and lost contact with her.

For them, losing contact with each other every day was a torture, but because of the work, the two of them had to continue to suffer.

Bill has received new projects recently. He is also very busy and often works overtime until eleven or two o'clock.

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