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   Chapter 470 For His Own Interests (Part Two)

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Bill smiled and took out a gold card from his wallet on the bedside table.

"Here is my gold card for you to use in the future. It can be overdraft infinitely. It should be enough for you."

"No, I don't lack money. Bill, you have given me enough. " Euralia didn't intend to take the gold card from him.

Bill raised her up. He had been worrying about her all these years. It was not easy for them to be together now. Euralia wanted to be an independent woman.

"You are my woman now. It's my duty to give you money. You have to take it, it can be used when you are in urgent need. " Bill gave her the gold card.

In the end, Euralia took it. Not only that, but she wanted to make movies or TV series.

Two years ago, she was an actress. Her TV series and movies had set a lot of audience records. After returning, Bill refused to let her shoot.

Because if Euralia went to shoot, it meant that she would live in the crew, and by that time, the time they would meet would also be reduced.

"Bill, don't you have good filming Resources recently? How about I start shooting some TV series or movies? "

Thinking of that Moore's company was in financial trouble, Euralia wanted to support him for a period of time with the good reward she had paid before shooting.

"No, I won't let you work too hard. Let you take on some advertising endorsements is my maximum limit. " Bill refused without hesitation.

Euralia had already guessed that he would refuse, so she put her hands on the bed and leaned on him.

This way of coquetry, Bill could do nothing about it every time.

"Bill, you know I like acting very much. Why don't you let me perform another one?"

for all the things that Cale knew about Euralia.

Because Euralia gave Cale to deal with the transfer and remittance!

After transferring the money, Cale sent a message to Euralia. At this moment, She's kissing Bill, and there's a text message coming from her cell phone.

Bill stopped his intimacy and reminded Euralia.

"There is a message on your phone."

Euralia didn't want to take out her phone to check it in front of Bill, but he reminded her in this way, so she had to take out her phone as he said.

Bill sat behind her, holding her in his arms. He had read the message.

"The money has been transferred? Euralia, do you let Cale handle your money now? " Bill asked.

"No, I happen to have a sum of money to transfer to another bank card. Cale happened to be free today, so I asked him to transfer the money for me."

Euralia answered guiltily. She was not sure what would happen if Bill knew that she had lied to him.

On one side was her brother, and on the other side was her lover. She didn't want to hurt either of them. At present, Euralia could only hide these things from Bill.

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