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   Chapter 469 For His Own Interests (Part One)

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"Brother, what happened to the company recently? Why did it suddenly fall into the financial crisis? Is there someone deliberately targeting us? Or what's going on? " Euralia was very concerned about Moore's company.

The company was the fruit of Moore's painstaking efforts. She could understand his concern that the company was in trouble.

"It's a long story. I wouldn't have told you if I had other choice." Moore held the edge of the sofa and sat down.

His face was pale, his chin was covered with stubble, and his eyes were dark. He didn't look as energetic as before.

After reuniting with Greer, Moore thought they could go on like this. At the beginning, he didn't expect that the gap between them was so far, as if there were two unreachable worlds.

Now, he could only reach a higher level in his career and be with her, protecting her and taking care of her.

"Tell me, how much money do you need? Or I can ask Bill for help with relevant resources and connections. " It was with the help of Bill that Euralia became a star again.

It was Bill who negotiated with her in terms of social network and resources, so the first thought came to her mind was that Bill would help her brother.

"Euralia, do you know why I asked you to come home today? In order not to let Bill know about it. " Moore always had a prejudice against Bill. No matter how good he was to Euralia, he still couldn't get rid of his prejudice against Bill.

"But only Bill can help. I can't do it alone." Euralia was famous, but she was far less connected than Bill.

Moreover, if Bill hadn't taken care of her, her character and ideas might not have been able to make a splash in this circle.

"As long

planning how to earn more money to help him.

She knew what kind of person Moore was. He said he didn't need Bill's help, and he really didn't need it. So Euralia didn't tell this to Bill.

In the evening, when Euralia and Bill were about to fall asleep. She probed Bill about the shares.

Moore was her brother. She couldn't just stand by and watch him die.

As usual, Bill held her in his arms and was about to fall asleep.

"Bill, do you remember that I still hold twenty percent of the company's shares?" Asked Euralia.

"Of course I remember. That's the bride price for me to marry you." Bill replied with a warm smile.

"Then can I use these shares at will?"

"Of course, these are for you. From now on, it will be your personal assets. I won't blame you no matter how you want to use it. " Bill replied.

"Thank you." Hugging Bill, Euralia was touched. No one could be better than Bill in her life, even her brother, Moore.

"Why do you suddenly ask this? Are you running out of money recently? " Bill looked at her affectionately.

"No, I don't lack money." Euralia shook her head with all her strength.

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