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   Chapter 432 Fake Identity (Part Two)

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 5497

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Euralia walked in at once. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kelly.

"If she shows up again, Bill will doubt it. I have to find a way to get them out of here." Kelly still felt uneasy.

At the thought of this, she knew what she should do next. But she didn't want to have a direct contact with Euralia. So she decided to leave tonight and discuss with the peasant woman when the she was at home alone.

She could tell that it was a poor family, so she thought of asking them to move out by giving them some money.

After Kelly turned around and left, Euralia walked out of the courtyard. She saw that Cale nodded in the car not far away.

The next morning, Euralia came to the monitoring car early.

"Euralia, do you really think she will let you leave?" Asked Cale.

"Everyone has his own selfish motive. I'm sure that she doesn't want me to appear in front of Bill. If I'm not mistaken, she wants us to leave."

Euralia said firmly. The reason why she could guess all this was that she was also a woman.

"Then let's wait." Cale continued to watch the video.

Soon after, Kelly came to the door of the house with a small suitcase. The peasant woman opened the door when she knocked on it.

About half an hour later, Kelly left quietly.

When Euralia went back to the house, she was told that Kelly had just taken a sum of money and asked the peasant woman to move out of this place immediately. But the reason given by Kelly was that this place was chosen by her boss, and the money was the removal expense.

As the peasant woman was alone and had no children, Euralia asked her to leave with the money. Euralia would

uld leave here fair and square in two days.

Thinking of the reunion with his family, he couldn't help feeling happy. As soon as he returned to his room, he began to pack up.

After knowing that he was going to leave, Stephanie came to his door.

"Terrel, are you really leaving?" She looked at him with reluctance.

During this period of time, she had treated him as her own brother. She was very reluctant to let him go back to the countryside. No one would play games with her in the future.

"Aunt Stephanie, why are you here?" Tyron turned around with a smile on his face.

"You didn't tell me before you left. If I hadn't known it from Terri, would you have left secretly without telling me?"

"No. We have each other's contact information. If you miss me, I can play games with you online at any time. Besides, the Internet doesn't care about the distance."

"That's not the same. We have lived together for so long, and we will miss each other when we are apart. Otherwise, don't leave. It's not better to go back to the countryside." Stephanie wanted to ask him to stay.

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