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   Chapter 431 Fake Identity (Part One)

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Bill couldn't refuse Kelly because of her pitiful look. He thought she wanted to spend more time with him.

"Okay, I promise you. But if you still feel uncomfortable, you have to be sent to the hospital for treatment." In fact, he also learned about her condition from the doctor.

Even if she was undergoing the surgery, the chance of survival was very small.

"Okay, I promise you." She was still thinking about Euralia. She hadn't investigated this woman in person. If she was treated, Bill would accompany her all the time.

At that time, it would be more difficult for her to investigate it.

Bill promised not to send her to the hospital for treatment for the time being, and she finally felt relieved.

After returning to Moore's house with Belle, Euralia received a call from Tyron. He told her about the situation of Kelly.

Everything was just as she had expected, but she guessed wrong in terms of the reason why Kelly didn't tell Bill.

Cale, who hadn't seen them all night, asked them about what had happened yesterday. Euralia told him the whole story.

When he knew that she went to play the role of Bill's bride, he felt very uncomfortable.

"Since you have decided to leave him, why do you still contact him?"

"Uncle Cale, it's all my fault. Mommy didn't want to be the bride either. But it seems that she had a good time last night."

Belle said with a snicker. She had seen that her mother and Bill spend the night on the ship last night.

"What do you mean, Belle?" Just now, Euralia had omitted the thing that she and Bill spent the time on the ship, so Cale didn't know the meaning of Belle's words.

"You could ask her yourself." Belle looked at her mother.

would leave immediately.

Everything was ready. It was the third day that she stayed in the peasant woman's house. Cale, who had been watching the surveillance video all the time, saw the figure of Kelly on the path near the house.

As soon as he knew that Kelly was here, he called Euralia to prepare for the show.

The reason why Kelly came here by herself was that only when she saw it with her own eyes could she believe that there was another person in the world who looked so similar to Euralia.

Kelly even suspected that this woman had cosmetic surgery before, but according to the investigation, she had been adopted by this peasant woman more than twenty years ago. And she could see her living here tonight when she came here.

It meant that what happened on the wedding day was probably an accident.

Crossing the fence of the courtyard, Kelly stared at that woman's face. In a trance, she had an illusion that it was Euralia.

"Is it really just like this? She murmured to herself.

"Sophia, come on in. What are you doing there? Come in and help me thread a needle." The peasant woman in the room shouted.

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