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   Chapter 412 Use Her

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Terrel went back to the house with Violet and her daughter. Bill and Kelly hadn't come back yet.

Bill sent Kelly to the nearest hospital for treatment.

After the doctor applied medicine for her and bandaged the wound, Kelly immediately asked to go home. But Bill wanted her to have a general check-up before they went back.

Kelly once said that she suffered from incurable disease, which might directly affect her life. But Bill didn't take her to the hospital for a physical examination in person earlier, which made him feel uneasy.

"Euralia, listen to me and have a physical examination first." It was rare for Bill to come to the hospital with her, so he must let her have a check-up before leaving.

"No, thanks. The examination is just in vain. My disease has been checked in many hospitals and can't be cured. I just want to go back and have a good rest."

Kelly was worried that Bill would force her to have a physical examination, because she had always been in good health. She was just making up a story.

"Maybe the examination result abroad is different from that at home? You have to believe that the domestic medical skills are also very good." This time, Bill didn't listen to her and directly took her to the examination room.

When he registered for her just now, he had also brought the physical examination items with him.

Kelly panicked. If she really went to the hospital for physical examination, her lie would be exposed.

"Bill, how about we come back another day? Look at my injured hand. Even if I have a physical examination, the result may not be accurate." Kelly was reluctant to go in.

"Since you are here, you must have an examination today." After saying that, Bill pushed her in and personally accompanied her to have a check-up.

After the examination, Kelly's heart sank, because she was worried that Bill would question her when the result came out.

In the following days, she was destined to have difficulty in sleeping and eating. The hospital asked them to get the test results three days later.

In this way, Bill went back to the Ou Mansion with Kelly.

Back home, Kelly went back to her room to find a way to switch the results of the physical examination with the excuse that she was going to have a rest.

Bill was chatting with Terrel in the living room. Violet and Stephanie had gone back to their rooms.

"Terrel, can you tell me what you have learned before?" Bill also looked at him with new eyes today.

This reminded him of Tyron, the son of Euralia. Tyron used to be as smart as him.

"I've learned some computer knowledge by myself. Uncle Bill, why did you suddenly ask about this?" Terrel was also worried that Bill would know his identity.

He didn't want to expose his identity before he investigated the fact that James hurt his mother. He had lived through a fire and his only purpose was to take revenge.

"It seems that you are good at it." Bill continued to ask.

"Just so so. Uncle Bill, I want to tell you something. When I came back with them today, Aunt Violet took us to someone's house."

Terrel hoped that it could attract Bill's attention. He didn't think it was a coincidence that Violet knew James's father.

Violet didn't know Terrel 's re

oked very excited.

She had taken a long vacation this time, so she had plenty of time to have fun. Unfortunately, Violet forbade her to go out and play with her friends. So she had nothing to do at home all day long.

"Of course." Terrel replied with a stiff smile.

Sometimes he really didn't know if this woman was really so simple-minded. What if Violet asked her to approach him on purpose?

So he was very careful before he knew her thoroughly.

"Here you are." Stephanie put a bag of snacks into his arms.

"I can't eat these things casually since I'm sick. You can keep them for yourself."

"Well, it's late now. Go to bed early. I'll play games with you tomorrow." Stephanie went out excitedly.

After she left, Terrel looked down.

"I don't know when I can avenge Mommy. It's not convenient for me to go anywhere now." He murmured to himself.

After a moment of silence, a light suddenly flashed through his helpless eyes. It was inconvenient for him to take a walk because of his legs, but he could use someone else to help him.

For example, he could ask Stephanie for help, who suddenly paid attention to him. Just now, he also took this opportunity to see if Stephanie was not on the same side with Violet.

Terrel's eyes were full of hope again. Now he didn't have to wait for his legs to recover before investigating. He could ask Stephanie to take him out alone.

As for the psychiatric hospital of James, he had long wanted to find an excuse to go there. He just couldn't find a suitable excuse.

However, on the other side, Kelly was worried in her room. She had contacted all the people who could help her, hoping that they could help her in the hospital to make the results of the physical examination consistent with the results of her lie.

But because of Bill's special order, it was impossible to do anything here.

Kelly had a rough idea what was waiting for her.

If the result showed that she was in good health, Bill would definitely suspect that she was lying. And he would investigate her identity.

She knew his ability. As long as he seriously investigated, he would definitely find out her true identity.

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