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   Chapter 411 A Secret Meeting

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Violet noticed that Tyron was staring at her. In order not to arouse other people's suspicion, she came up to them and put forward her opinion.

"If it was man-made, then what was the motive? Who is his target among us? " Violet dropped this question in order to distract everyone's attention.

Among them, Bill was most likely to be one of them. After all, he worked in many rival companies in the shopping mall.

"We'd better leave this matter to the police. Terrel, I'll take up the video and submit it to police. You go back with them first. I'll take Kelly to the hospital by the way to check on her foot injury. "

"Okay, I'll take care of Terrel. Brother, don't worry. Go to the hospital with her." Stephanie was very enthusiastic about Tyron.

Because she admired Tyron's wisdom!

"It's late. Such a thing happened again today. I think we'd better not spend the day on the mountain. Let's go home now. "

Said Violet.

Bill nodded and helped Kelly get into the car. Then Tyron got on the car with Violet and others and left.

On the way, Stephanie was curious about Tyron, so she kept asking him why he was so smart.

"Terrel, have you ever gone to school?" Stephanie knew that Terrel was the son of a relative of Terri. She heard that he came from a poor family.

Besides, Terrel's face was disfigured and his legs were disabled, so he might not have gone to school. If that was the case, the child who had never been to school was so smart, he must be born with high IQ.

"No." Tyron replied coldly.

From the moment he got in the car to now, he had been bothered by the fact that Stephanie had been trying to find a topic to talk to him.

Sitting aside, Violet didn't say anything. She just looked out of the window, lost in thought.

"Wow, did you learn it by yourself? I've never seen the video you took out just now. " Stephanie asked in surprise.

"I learned myself on the Internet, but I'm not as smart as you think." Tyron felt tired of Stephanie's entanglement.

He didn't have a day off today, and he was in the treatment period, so he needed to rest.

So even if he didn't intend to sleep, Tyron, who needed to close his eyes for rest, pretended to yawn.

"I'm sleepy. I'm taking a nap." After saying that, Tyron closed his eyes and fell asleep leaning against his seat.

Stephanie was so excited that she could only turn her attention to Violet when she saw him sleeping.

"Mom, what are you thinking about? You haven't spoken since you got in the car. "

"Stephanie, be quiet for a while." Violet ignored her.

Feeling bored, Stephanie took out her phone and played with it.

This car was Violet's private car, and the driver was also hers. On the way home, Stephanie and Tyron both fell asleep, so Violet asked the driver to stop by a high-end villa in the downtown.

She didn't wake up the two sleeping people and got off the car.

The car suddenly stopped and Tyron immediately opened his eyes.

In fact, he didn't have a rest, because he didn't know what kind of person Stephanie and Violet were. There was an accident on the glass bridge today, so he had to be cautious.

Before his mother's matter was investigated, Tyron knew that he had to protect himself.

Where was here now? Tyron looked around but didn't find the driver.

Tyron opened the door and found that it

ween Eric and Violet. Judging from the way they saw them coming in just now.

Violet seemed to be discussing something important with Eric. Otherwise, Violet, who had climbed the mountain for a whole day, wouldn't have come here at this time.

"It's about time. We should leave now." Violet didn't want Tyron to stay here for a long time. She was worried that he might find something fishy.

"Mom, Terrel and I just sat down and you asked us to leave." Stephanie said unhappily.

"Stephanie, your brother might have come back home. Let's go back early to see what was going on him." After saying that, Violet walked towards the door of the living room.

Although Eric didn't know why Violet left so soon, he still stood up and sent them to the door.

"Stephanie, come to Uncle Eric's house more often if you have time." Eric watched her leave reluctantly.

Violet went back to the outside of the car. When she saw the window of the car was smashed, she immediately questioned Stephanie.

If she was right, this must have something to do with her.

Recently, Stephanie was getting more and more disobedient and always did things against her will. Just now, she had never dreamed that the usually delicate Stephanie would carry Tyron on her back to take the initiative to go to the house of Eric.

"What's going on?"

"Mom, why did you lock me and Terrel in the car when you went to Uncle Eric's house? I don't have the key. That's all I can do. " Said Stephanie, lowering her head.

Before Violet lost her temper, she had already taken Tyron into the car.

"Let's go back and get to know what's going on with my brother." Stephanie was afraid to be punished, so she changed the topic on purpose.

Violet didn't scold her for the sake of Tyron.

On the way, Stephanie finally calmed down. Tyron took out his phone and played with it.

People who didn't know him might think he was playing a game, but in fact, he was searching some personal information about Eric.

To Tyron's surprise, the man Violet met was the father of James. Today, he had gained a lot from his trip.

In this way, the following investigation may begin to have some clues about the acquitted release of James for mental disease.

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