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   Chapter 409 Family Trip

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"I didn't stay for him this time. Will you believe me? Brother. " Euralia finally explained.

She didn't want her brother to worry too much about her love.

"If not for him, then for whom?" Taking a deep breath, Moore couldn't help but feel sorry for Euralia when he saw how sad she was.

"I can't tell you now. I don't have any hope for Bill anymore." Euralia's eyes were red. Thinking of the interaction between Bill and Kelly, she felt heartbroken.

Looking at her former lover being with another woman all day long, she also wanted to bless them and leave this place forever.

But she knew it was not the right time.

"Can't you tell me what happened?" All of a sudden, Moore felt that Euralia treated him as an outsider, and a flame of anger rose in his heart.

"No, of course I will." Euralia didn't want Moore to know the thing, he would be more disappoint if he knew the child was not Tyron in future.

She could bear the feeling of losing the last hope alone.

"Well, you still don't want to go abroad with me, do you?" Moore looked at his watch and didn't want to continue.

Euralia said for a long time and the final meaning was that she wouldn't go abroad with him.

"Well, I'll come to you after I finish my work." Euralia added.

"This is the last time I persuade you. You can do whatever you want in the future." Moore said coldly and left.

Looking at his back, Euralia knew that she had made her brother sad this time.

Moore came to the living room and asked Belle to go abroad with him. Belle didn't see Euralia come down and expressed her thoughts.

"I'll go with mommy. I'll go wherever Mommy is. Uncle Moore, why don't you go abroad first?" Belle answered, her mouth full of snacks.

Belle didn't want to go abroad with him, which made Moore more furious. He dragged his luggage and left the Ji Mansion.

After Moore left, Euralia came down and was a little surprised to see Belle still there.

"Belle, why don't you go abroad with Uncle Moore?"

"Belle's real home is where Mommy is. Besides, I know mommy can't let Uncle Bill go, so you won't go out, right? "

Both Belle and Moore thought she was because of Bill.

In fact, sometimes she couldn't tell whether she stayed because of Tyron or not. Maybe there was really one reason. It was because of Bill.

"No, we pissed Uncle Moore off. We have to apologize to him when we go abroad. " Euralia felt sorry for her brother.

He was so good and always thought for her. But today, she made him angry and leave.

"Uncle Moore loves mommy and Belle so much. He won't be angry with us." Belle replied firmly.

"I hope so. I hope my brother will be safe all the way." Looking out of the French window at Moore's car leaving, Euralia prayed in her heart.

In the Ou Mansion, since Tyron recovered his appearance, he liked to contact the outside more.

Terri brought him with her every day when she went shopping.

Terri was happy to see Tyron recover day by day.

But Tyron still needed a wheelchair to go out, so only when she went out with him could he go out for relaxation. But because Terri was usually very busy, she didn't have any time to accompany Tyron except for buying vegetables.

Sometimes she felt sorry for leav

u? He ignored us all the time. " Stephanie had a problem with Tyron.

After all, she was the daughter of the Ou family. He ate the food of the Ou family, but when he saw her, he was expressionless. Besides, she was a popular star. Many people would take a look at her when they saw her.

But this child was so calm, deep as he shouldn't be at his age.

"He has experienced an accident that ordinary people can't bear. I hope you can be careful in front of him in the future." Bill sympathized with Tyron.

He didn't want anyone to hurt him verbally during the treatment.

"I... it was him who was impolite first." With her eyes wide open, Stephanie didn't expect her brother to reprimand her.

"From now on, don't talk about other people's right and wrong." With these words, Bill strode forward to accompany Tyron.

Tyron's wheelchair was automatically moved, but Bill still took the initiative to push him.

"There is a glass bridge ahead. Do you have the courage to go with Uncle Bill?" Bill asked.

"Of course, Tyron is not afraid." Tyron was a little excited. He had experienced life and death. The glass bridge in front of him was nothing at all.

"Then we are going to cross the glass bridge." Bill turned to look at Kelly behind him.

Noticing that he was looking at her, Kelly waved at Bill to let him go first.

On the way, Violet kept asking her about her family background and her past.

Kelly knew that she was also suspicious of her identity, because the same face as Euralia might make them feel uneasy.

Bill and Tyron were on the bridge, and Stephanie walked up excitedly.

Violet stopped at the end of the bridge.

"I'm old. I'll wait for you at the bridge. Stephanie, come back and accompany me for a while. " Panting, Violet called out to Stephanie.

Violet called her back when Stephanie was about to experience the excitement. She was very unhappy.

But she had to go back to accompany Violet. After all, she was her mother.

"Then I'll go first." Kelly finally got rid of this big trouble and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay, Miss. Kelly go first." Violet stood at the bridge, squinting at the front.

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