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   Chapter 408 The Affection Between Brother and Sister (Part Two)

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Lying on the bed, Euralia felt a little guilty because she was not sick. In order not to go abroad today, she pretended to be sick and lied to him. Seeing her brother worry about her, she felt sorry.

In the past two years, she had been suffering from illness. It was quite difficult for him to take care of her and Belle.

Now that she had recovered, she was still lying to him. In fact, she had no choice but to do so.

"Here's the medicine. Are you still feeling uncomfortable? Let's go to the hospital first." With a glass of warm water and medicine in his hand, Moore walked in breathlessly.

"Moore, are we going abroad today?" Asked Euralia.

"You are sick. We're not going abroad today. I'll refund the tickets right away." Moore always put those people he loved most at the first place.

"It's all my fault. I got sick at this time." Looking at the anxious look on his face, Euralia said guiltily.

"It's not your own choice to be sick. Don't blame yourself. Take the medicine first." Moore handed the medicine to her.

Looking at her brother's worried face, Euralia felt guiltier.

"Moore, I feel much better. You can go out first." Euralia didn't want to see the worried look on his face.

If she watched it for a long time, she would only feel that she was so sorry.

"Don't worry. I have a thermometer. Take your temperature first. If you still have a fever, I'll take you to the hospital. You are too weak and we can't take it lightly."

As he spoke, he handed the thermometer to her.

'Take her temperature! It can't be true!'

Looking at the thermometer, Euralia was at a loss. If she didn't have a fever, her brother must know that she was lying just now.

have I persuaded you over the years, Euralia? Every time you don't listen to me and get entangled with that man, what happened in the end? You have lost Tyron and almost lost your own life. Why don't you wake up?"

Speaking of the past, Moore was furious. He had endured Bill's bullying for so long. But Euralia couldn't let it go!

He really hated that! He hated that his sister was so stupid. She had sacrificed so much for that man and ended up like this, but she didn't regret it.

"I know you are doing this for my own good." Euralia looked down sadly.

Her brother had never blamed her like this. This was the first time. She knew he was really angry.

"Since you know it's for your own good. Then come with me. Besides, Bill has been accompanied by Kelly. He has completely forgotten you in the past two years. Is this love? Why are you so silly, Euralia? Why do you still think of someone who doesn't love you at all?"

Every word that Moore said this time pierced through Euralia's heart.

Because he knew that only when she felt painful enough would she be willing to let go of the past. He had to do so.

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