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   Chapter 406 Nervous Moment

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Euralia and Bill went back to the house. As soon as they entered the living room, they saw Terrel and Terri.

However, Terrel was sitting in a wheelchair with his back to the living room.

Euralia stared at him nervously and expectantly. How she wished he was her child!

"Terrel." Euralia called him.

When Terrel heard the voice, he turned his face slightly. The moment she saw his face, she never even blinked.

The appearance of the boy in front of her was indeed similar to that of her son before, but there was still a difference.

However, when Euralia thought that he had been disfigured, it was impossible for him to be completely the same as his previous appearance.

Compared with himself before, he looked more like Bill when he was a child.

"Do you think he looks familiar?" Bill asked Euralia with a smile.

"Isn't this you when you were a child?" Euralia blurted out.

Besides, Terrel dressed exactly like Bill when he was a child.

"That's right. The doctor didn't know what to do with it at that time. Later, I gave him the photo of my childhood." Bill explained.

Bill's explanation made Euralia even more depressed. In this way, she could not tell the identity of the child at all.

"Uncle Bill, you are back." Terrel was particularly enthusiastic when he saw Bill, but when he saw Euralia, he immediately became indifferent.

"Terrel, why don't you take a nap today?" Bill knew him very well now.

"I'm going to take a nap now." Terrel replied.

"I'll take him to take a nap first. Mr. Bill, Miss Kelly, please enjoy yourselves." Terri immediately took him out.

It was time for a lunch break! Euralia suddenly looked at the wall. It was estimated that Kelly would come back at this time. She must find a way to leave as soon as possible.

"I'm sleepy too. I'll go upstairs and have a rest." She yawned deliberately.

"Let me go upstairs with you." Said Bill.

"Bill, I want to sleep alone for a while." She became anxious.

But he didn't listen to her at all and sent her to her room. He didn't take a nap with her. Instead, he sat on the bedside and watched her fall asleep.

In order to make him leave as soon as possible, she had to pretend and closed her eyes.

"I like to see you sleeping, not pretending to be asleep." Bill felt that she was pretending to be asleep.

Hearing this, Euralia didn't open her eyes. If she did, her identity would be exposed.

"Did I guess wrong?" Bill smiled.

After making sure that she was asleep, he stood up and left.

Hearing the door closed, Euralia stood up immediately and walked out of the balcony to have a look.

She happened to see that Kelly's car had come back.

Damn it! If she went downstairs at this time, she would definitely meet Kelly. This was Kelly's room and she had to leave as soon as possible.

Euralia left the room in a hurry and ran upstairs to hide.

When Kelly went back to her room, she didn't notice that. What surprised her was the one who she sent the message today.

She suspected that the person was not a client, and it was just a prank, so she dialed the number.

Euralia had already expected that, so when Kelly called, the phone was already turned off.

"Turned off!" Kelly decided to find out the truth.

fact, Euralia didn't seem to be as bad as she thought.

"Thank you." Finally, Stephanie couldn't help saying that.

"You're welcome." Euralia felt awkward.

"I thought you were the same as Euralia, but I didn't expect you to be really different from her." Stephanie said frankly.

Hearing this, Euralia was a little embarrassed and asked in reply.

"Why don't you like Euralia?" She wanted to know why Stephanie was always against her in the past.

"I don't know why, but I just hate her." Stephanie didn't dare to admit that she was jealous of her.

"There must be a reason for hating someone. Was it because she was not good to others? Or did she do something to hurt you?"

Euralia continued to ask.

"In fact, it's because of my personal reason. She is so perfect that I am jealous of her." Stephanie didn't know why she said these words to her.

Maybe it was because she moved her tonight.

Euralia knew that in fact Stephanie was just too jealous. At least she cared about her brother.

"It turns out that being too good may not make others happy. This is the most different reason I have heard. Could someone be easily forgotten just because she is too good?"

Euralia's eyes were full of sadness. Thinking of that Bill had never mentioned her name when she was with him these days, she felt very disappointed.

"What's wrong with you?" Stephanie asked, noticing her change.

"Nothing. We'll arrive at the Ou Mansion soon." Euralia knew that it was time for her to leave.

But how could she get rid of Stephanie?

"We're finally home. My foot." Stephanie looked at her injured foot and felt depressed.

She couldn't leave her alone here, could she? Euralia came to the gate of the house and stopped for a moment.

"Why don't you go in?" Asked Stephanie, lowering her head.

When Euralia was thinking about how to answer, the security guard at the door immediately came out to help when he saw them.

Euralia put down Stephanie and asked the security guard to help her in, because she wanted to take this opportunity to leave.

Stephanie was walking in the front with the help of the security guard. Euralia was finally relieved.

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