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   Chapter 404 Three Women Make A Scene

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Facing Stephanie's observation, Kelly remained calm.

She knew a little about [若凌]. She was jealous of [若凌] and wanted to drive him away from [欧梓熙].

Especially when Euralia was a star, Stephanie was jealous that Euralia always stole her resources.

"I'm totally different from Euralia except for my appearance. Bill knows it best."

Kelly looked at Bill and said.

"How long have you known my brother? Is my brother so clear about everything about you? In my opinion, your nose is not as straight as Euralia's, and your skin is not as white as her. As for your figure, you are a little shorter than her!"

Stephanie just didn't like Kelly. If Kelly was compared with Euralia, Stephanie would definitely choose Euralia.

At least what Euralia and Bill had experienced proved that they loved each other.

However, Stephanie was jealous that Kelly, who was in front of her, could fly up to the tree overnight as a Phoenix with just one face.

"Although I haven't known Bill for a long time, we know each other very well. Stephanie, I believe that we will get along well with each other in the future."

Kelly kept smiling while speaking. She didn't take Stephanie's jealousy seriously at all.

Stephanie was not a scheming woman, but it's Violet, who was standing next to Stephanie, who seemed to be a good wife and mother. Kelly was on her guard.

"Nice to meet you, Aunt Violet." Kelly greeted Violet.

After all, Violet had been working for Scott for many years and had developed a good outer cultivation. Others couldn't see her true face from her appearance at least.

"Hello, welcome to Ou family." Violet smiled. People who didn't know her would think she was a kind person.

"Mom, you!" Stephanie was dissatisfied with Violet's words. Euralia just left, and now there was a substitute for Euralia. Stephanie hated it very much.

"Stephanie, maybe we will be family in the future. Look at your future sister-in-law. You are still so unreasonable." Violet scolded Stephanie.

Even though Violet always behaved like a kind mother in front of Bill, Bill still didn't like her.

"Who told you we are family?" Bill was still hostile to Violet.

"Brother, how can you talk to mom like that. Although my mother is not your biological mother, she has served dad for decades."

In Stephanie's heart, Violet was a good mother and a good wife.

"You also know she is not my biological mother!" Bill emphasized deliberately.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. Kelly knew that Bill and Violet had always been at odds, so she took the initiative to persuade Bill.

"Bill, Stephanie is right. Even if Aunt Violet is not your biological mother, she has served your father for so many years. We are family. Why do you hate her so much?"

Kelly said earnestly.

"You don't have to pretend to be kind to speak for my mother." Stephanie rolled her eyes at Kelly.

"Stephanie, this is for the sake of family harmony in the future. I just don't know why you are so hostile to me." Kelly pretended not to know.

"I just don't like you. There is no reason." Stephanie answered proudly.

"Stephanie, that's enough! If you don't like her, you can leave Ou Mansion

u shouting so loudly in the early morning? You have been in Ou family for so long. Don't you know the etiquette?" Stephanie, who was in a bad mood, seized the opportunity to scold Terri.

"I'm just too excited. Mr. Bill, Tyron's face has recovered on." Terri said happily.

"Who is Tyron?" Puzzled, Stephanie asked Bill.

Bill immediately put down the newspaper, without answering Stephanie's question.

They immediately walked to the back garden.

When they came to the ward and saw Tyron's face, both Violet and Stephanie were shocked.

"Brother, isn't this what you looked like when you were a child? Who is this child?" Asked Stephanie.

"Bill, what's going on?" Violet was also shocked.

Only Kelly looked at Tyron calmly.

"Uncle Bill." Tyron glanced at this group of people and finally called Bill.

"Tyron, how are you?" Bill was also surprised by Tyron's appearance.

Tyron's appearance was very similar to Bill's childhood, including Tyron's eyes.

"Much better. Thank you for giving me a new face." Tyron had a stiff smile because of the plastic surgery.

"You're welcome. Next is your legs. It depends on your own efforts to stand up." Seeing that Tyron didn't need to wear the veil, Bill felt happy for him.

"I will try my best." Tyron said with certainty.

Stephanie and Violet were still in a daze.

"What the hell is going on? Brother, who the hell is he? When did our Ou Mansion become a help station?" Stephanie's words had always been so unpleasant to hear.

"If you keep talking like this, you'll go out right away." Bill became more and more disgusted with Stephanie, so he scolded her.

The misfortunes Tyron had experienced at such a young age were pitiful enough. Unexpectedly, Stephanie didn't sympathize with Tyron at all and said such words.

"That's not true. There are two fake at once!" Stephanie snorted, Bill's scold didn't bother her at all.

Kelly had already taken her brother's attention, and now there's another child here. How could she not be angry!

"Stephanie, come out with me right now." Violet pulled Stephanie out of the room with a black face.

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