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   Chapter 403 Only The Dead Can Shut Up Forever

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10655

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"Michelle, are you really okay?" Bill felt strange when he learned that she was beaten a few days ago and suddenly called him in the middle of the night to invite him to meet her.

"Nothing. Let's talk about it tomorrow night." Michelle answered calmly.

Bill said goodbye and hung up the phone.

However, Michelle had been nervous the whole night.

The second morning, Kelly got up early and came to Bill's room to wake him up.

In the past few days, she had been with him all the time except sleeping and eating. She was worried that as soon as she left him, Michelle would have the chance to contact him.

Bill knew that Kelly was thinking about him. After knowing that she was sick, he asked her to go to the hospital with him many times but was refused.

He could understand why she followed him closely like this. He didn't know when they would suddenly break up, so they could only try to cherish every day.

He opened the door and held her hand to let her get in the room.

Kelly acted like a good wife and began to help him tidy up the room when he went to brush his teeth.

When she was tidying up the room, she saw his phone. She had been thinking too much last night and didn't sleep well. She had been worried that Michelle would call him or send a message to tell him these secrets.

So when Bill was brushing his teeth, she secretly picked up his phone and looked through it.

When she clicked on the recent call log and saw it was from Michelle, she was frightened.

She was not sure whether Michelle had told him the truth, but she had to get rid of this woman this morning.

Bill suddenly walked out of the bathroom when she was still holding his phone, "Euralia, what are you doing?" Bill had put on his suit and was about to tie his tie.

Kelly put down the phone immediately.

"I'm helping you tidy up the quilt. Bill, let me help you with your tie." She wanted to test his attitude towards her.

If he was still as intimate as before, it meant that Michelle hadn't told him yet.

Bill walked up to her with a sweet smile and looked at her with affection.

"It's better to let you do it. Can you help me tie my tie every day from now on?" He was immersed in happiness.

"Of course." Kelly breathed a sigh of relief.

They went to work after breakfast.

Not long after they sat down in the company, the secretary came in to inform them of an unexpected news.

"Mr. Bill, Miss Michelle died in a car accident on the way to work today."

As she was an employee of the Ou Group, the police informed Bill as soon as they knew the identity of Michelle.

Bill was shocked when he heard the news. Last night, she called him to meet her tonight. But today, such an accident happened unexpectedly.

"Are you sure it's her?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yes, I am." The Secretary replied.

Bill waved his hand to ask the secretary to leave. The secretary just left and Kelly came in.

"Bill, something bad happened." Kelly said anxiously.

"I know. It's my fault. I should have noticed that she was beaten up for no reason." Bill knew that Michelle had always been loyal to him.

But she died in a car accident for no reason. Th

alled him and said that they would go home in the next two days.

Bill didn't like Violet, but he missed Stephanie since they hadn't seen each other for years. After all, she was his half-sister.

Knowing that they were going to come back, Kelly felt more uneasy. She just killed Michelle, and now there were two women.

Kelly knew them well. They were both shrewd. Violet was especially smart. If she knew her identity, she didn't know how she would threaten her.

However, what was supposed to come would still come. Kelly had no choice but to continue to play herself in front of outsiders and pretend to be Euralia in front of Bill.

When Bill and Kelly returned home from work that day, they saw Violet and Stephanie sitting in the living room.

They hadn't changed in the past two years. They came back this time to see Kelly, who looked exactly like Euralia.

On the other hand, since the death of Scott, all the property of the family had been taken back by Bill by all means, including the shares owned by Violet before she went abroad.

In the past two years, they had lived on the charity of Bill, so their real purpose of coming back this time was naturally the property of the family.

"Oh, you look exactly like her. Isn't this Euralia? Did she come back to life?" Seeing this face, Stephanie hated it from the bottom of her heart.

Because she was still unable to surpass Euralia in her career. Although Euralia had passed away, but she was still on the top search online from time to time because of her fans.

As a living person, Stephanie was not as popular as a dead person, so she was naturally unhappy.

"Hello, I'm Kelly." Kelly introduced herself with a smile.

"Kelly? What's wrong with your face?" Stephanie was still as straightforward as before.

Bill couldn't stand it anymore.

"Stephanie, stop it. She is not Euralia. Her name is Kelly, your future sister-in-law."

"Sister-in-law? Bill, are you treating her like that because she looks like Euralia?" With her eyes wide open, Stephanie stared at Kelly.

She wanted to find the difference between her and Euralia.

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