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   Chapter 399 Annoying Child

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Hiding behind the curtain, Belle was stunned when she saw Kelly and Bill come in.

Because Kelly looked exactly like Euralia, she mistook her for Euralia. Belle was more surprised than astonished.

"Mommy, Uncle Bill, you are back." Belle ran to Kelly from behind the curtain and hugged her tightly.

Kelly was confused. She was unfamiliar with Belle. But when she calmed down, she found that the child was Belle, the child of Euralia.

But didn't she go abroad with Moore after Euralia's death two years ago? Why was she here?

A pang of agitation rose in her heart. She had been fed up with Michelle, and now there was another child.

"Who is this?" Kelly looked at Bill and asked.

"Mommy, don't you remember Belle? You come here to meet Uncle Bill secretly. " Belle didn't let her go.

Bill frowned and his eyes darkened.

It was an undeniable fact that Euralia had passed away. He could understand why Belle mistook Kelly for Euralia.

But if he told Belle that the person in front of her was not Euralia, how sad she would be.

"I'm not your mommy." Kelly said before Bill opened his mouth.

Bill was surprised. Why didn't Kelly recognize her child? Didn't she always say that she wanted to find Belle and Moore?

She just changed her name, while she was still Euralia, Belle's biological mother.

But what Bill saw in front of him was she, who had no feelings for Belle at all. What happened to her? Bill was confused.

"That's impossible. You are my mommy." Belle didn't expect that there would be someone who looked like Euralia in reality.

"Belle, she is really not Euralia. She is just the same looking as your mommy." Bill explained.

Anyway, he had promised Kelly not to expose her identity as Euralia in front of outsiders. So he also helped to explain. As for why she denied it, he would ask her in private.

Belle looked at Terri with her eyes wide open.

"Belle, she is not your mommy. They look the same, but not the same one. " Terri added.

Belle couldn't accept it. She remembered that her mother didn't wear this dress when she came in today. Thinking of her mother's abnormal behavior when she looked at the photo in Uncle Bill's room, she suddenly understood something.

"I see." Belle's joy was gone, and her favorable impression of Bill disappeared in an instant.

Because when he held the woman's hand and came in just now, he knew that the woman was not her mother.

Belle let go of her hands and walked to the other side silently.

"I want to go back."

"Belle, didn't you just say that you wanted to see Mr. Bill? Why are you unhappy now that Mr. Bill is back?" Terri asked curiously.

"He is no longer Uncle Bill who loved Mommy, so I don't like him either." Belle expressed her dissatisfaction with Bill straightforwardly.

Bill couldn't explain to Belle now. The only thing he could do was to ask Belle to have dinner with him.

"Belle, let's have dinner together and Uncle Bill will drive you back, okay?" Bill squatted down and asked.

"Yes, Belle, would you like to have dinner with us?"

be very guilty now. That was exactly what she wanted.

She would make him pay double in the future for what he had done to her in the past.

"I'm very happy that you can come back to accompany me. Don't talk nonsense. Promise me that you won't leave me for even a second. "

Bill had learned from Kelly that she was seriously ill and that time was limited. He had no reservations to Kelly. He decided to spend every day with her wholeheartedly and unconditionally obey her.

"I love you, Bill. I know you love me the most, but unfortunately, I can't accompany you to the end. If I leave one day, you must find someone who loves you and spend the rest of your life with her. "

Kelly kept saying.

Bill felt guilty and hugged her for a long time.

"Well, it's not easy for Belle to come back. Let's go downstairs. I can't have any feelings for her now, so that she won't treat me as her mother. The more indifferent she is to me, the better it will be for her. "

Kelly explained.

Bill nodded. He could understand Kelly's indifference now.

Belle was chatting with Terri downstairs. When she saw them coming down, she stood up immediately.

"Terri, send me home." The reason why Belle was willing to stay here till now was that she wanted to talk more with Terri.

"Belle, Uncle Bill will drive you home." Bill wanted to take Kelly to visit Moore by the way.

Although she just said that she didn't want to reveal her identity to Belle and Moore, he believed that she still wanted to see Moore.

"No, Uncle Bill. You'd better stay with her." Belle glanced at Kelly, feeling aggrieved.

Mommy loves Uncle Bill so much that she wants to come back to reunite with him. But Uncle Bill treated her like this. She felt sorry for her mother.

"Belle, let Aunt Kelly and Uncle Bill drive you home." Kelly walked over and held Belle's hand intimately.

Belle shook off her hand directly.

"Let me go. You are not my mommy. Don't touch me." Belle snorted.

Kelly wanted to slap this arrogant child, who was Euralia's child.

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