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   Chapter 398 A Troublesome Child (Part Two)

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When Euralia saw her, Euralia was obviously a little nervous. She suspected that Kelly had done something wrong again. Just like what happened on Tyron last time, maybe she had a bad idea.

"No, the thing I am looking for is not in Bill's room." Euralia was worried that Terri would find Belle under the bed, so she sent Terri away first.

At last, she took Terri to her room. There was only Belle left in Bill's room.

Belle crawled out of the bed. She heard Terri's voice clearly just now. The voice was still so familiar, but she was curious why her mother didn't allow her to meet Terri.

Terri searched in the room of Euralia, but still couldn't find what she was looking for.

Euralia asked her to leave first several times, but Terri didn't want to leave. She had to waste time with Euralia.

It was not a good way to go on like this. If Kelly suddenly came back, she would be in trouble.

"I'm going to work now. I'll look for it when I come back tonight." Euralia had to leave the Ou Mansion by herself.

As for Belle, she would come in later. Now Terri kept pestering her.

Terri didn't feel relieved until she saw Kelly leave the Ou Mansion.

"This woman is obviously having an affair. I must keep an eye on you from now on." Said Terri.

As soon as Euralia left the Ou Mansion, Belle went downstairs.

When Belle appeared in front of Terri, Terri was shocked.

"Am I wrong? Is that Belle? " Terri was overjoyed. She ran up to pick up Belle and kept kissing her little face.

She seemed to see Euralia when she saw Belle. After all, she brought up Euralia.

"Terri, I miss you so much." Belle said.

"I miss you too. Belle, when did you c

adults happy? " Terri was relieved to see that Belle had grown taller.

Although Euralia had passed away, at least her child was still growing healthily.

"Let me help you carry the dishes out. Uncle Bill and others should be back soon, right?" Belle was looking forward to seeing Bill.

"I think they are almost home. It's usually at this time." Terri looked at the clock on the wall and said.

At this time, Bill and Kelly's car had returned to the Ou Mansion. The two walked into the house together.

"Terri, I have something to discuss with you." Belle whispered in Terri's ear.

Terri pointed at Belle with a snicker.

"What a naughty girl!"

As soon as Belle finished her words, she hid behind the curtain of the restaurant, because she wanted to give Bill a big surprise.

After Terri served the dishes, she went to the living room to ask them to have dinner. Bill went to the dining room and held Kelly's hand.

The two came to the restaurant hand in hand. It was not until then that Terri remembered that Kelly looked like Euralia. She had forgotten to inform Belle in advance just now.

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