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   Chapter 396 In Danger

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"Anyway, it's the same as long as it's you." Bill didn't argue anymore and held her in his arms intimately.

"Bill, do you miss me?" Kelly took the opportunity to test his feelings for her.

She had been abroad for a week, but Bill hadn't mentioned a word since she came back. She was a little worried about his emotional change. After all, she was not the real Euralia.

Maybe in some ways, she didn't give him a good feeling as Euralia!

"Of course, I'm thinking about you all the time." Bill looked at her with an ambiguous look.

As the two were too close to each other, Kelly began to panic because of guilty. She didn't dare to look at Bill face to face for fear that he would find out something fishy.

"Well, it's time for me to go back to work. Just focus on your work. We can talk about it when we get home. " Kelly shook off his hand and stood up.

Bill nodded and continued to work after she left.

Kelly came back. The work that Michelle had taken place of her before must be transferred to her.

Reluctantly as Michelle was, she had to send the documents to her office in person after receiving an internal call from her.

"Miss. Kelly, here are the documents for these days. By the way, there is a confidential document about the new client. I haven't shown it to Mr. Bill yet. "

Michelle explained her unfinished work clearly.

"I see. You can go out." Said Kelly arrogantly.

Michelle knew that Kelly was protected by Bill, so she had to swallow insult and humiliation. But it didn't matter. At least, she was still in the company now. Leisurely sometimes wasn't a bad thing.

Michelle had plenty of time to investigate Kelly.

For the past few days, Michelle had been paying attention to every move of Kelly.

One day, she finally found that Kelly didn't get off work with Mr. Bill. She left the company two hours earlier in the afternoon.

Bill happened to have a meeting with a client at this time.

As soon as Michelle saw that Kelly left the company, she followed her in a hurry.

Kelly came to the garage alone and drove away, followed by Michelle.

Michelle found that she didn't go back to the Ou Mansion. She followed her for more than an hour.

At last, she saw that Kelly went around a beauty club, which was not a big one.

But to Michelle's surprise, it was normal for women to take care of their skin. But why did Kelly choose such a small beauty club after going around for a long time?

Moreover, with her current economic ability, she could completely do skin care in a senior beauty salon in A City.

Michelle turned around and left after she didn't see any movement from Kelly.

After Michelle left, Kelly walked out of the beauty club.

Just now, the people in the beauty club noticed Michelle's car and told Kelly. Kelly knew that Michelle had doubts about her.

Seeing her here today, she was not sure if Michelle had already doubted her face.

In case of any emergency, she had to kick Michelle out of the Ou Group as soon as possible and cut off all contact with Bill.

Of course, she had to teach her a lesson before that! She would let Michelle not dare to follow her anymore!

It was already evening when Michelle returned home. When she just walked out of the parking lot,

ause of Kelly.

She came to Terrel's ward brought by Terri last time. To her surprise, Terrel was there.

"Miss. Kelly, why are you here?"

When Euralia was in a good mood, someone suddenly greeted her. It was a nurse who specially changed the dressing for Terrel.

"I'm here to check on Terrel. How is he?" Euralia adjusted her state and slowly turned around.

"He has recovered very well, but his legs have been changed, so the pain still tortured him. Sometimes even we feel sorry for a child who has endured such pain. "

The nurse shook her head.

"Can you open the door and let me in?" Hearing what the nurse said, Euralia couldn't wait to go in and have a look.

Even if he was not Tyron, she still sympathized with the child. As the nurse said, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain silently. Such a sensible child who could endure the pain was even more pitiful.

"He is resting now." The nurse replied.

"I'll just go in and have a look. Look at this poor child." Said Euralia.

"Well, you can go in and have a look before coming out. He needed to rest now, and when he woke up, he might have to endure the pain again. So we try not to disturb him when he is resting. "

Euralia nodded. After the nurse opened the door, she walked in gently.

The ward was so quiet that she could hear Terrel's asleep breath.

Euralia walked to the bedside, with cold sweat on her palms. She had been looking forward to this moment for a long time, but when she was about to poke her head out to see this face, she was so conflicted.

She hoped that the child was Tyron, but she was afraid that he was Tyron.

If he were Tyron, she would be sadder. But if he was not Tyron, what she had to face was the fact that she would never see him again.

"Is that you? Tyron? " Euralia kept asking herself.

"Mommy, Mommy, it hurts." Tyron, who was having a nightmare, suddenly grabbed Euralia's wrist.

His cry of panic pierced Euralia's heart. The voice was indeed like Tyron's. But he didn't turn his face around and couldn't see it clearly.

"Tyron, it's you, right?" Euralia couldn't restrain her excitement.

The child's scream was heartbreaking.

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