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   Chapter 393 Escape

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Terri had suspected from the beginning that Kelly was going to do something bad to Tyron, so she kept an eye on her.

"Terri, you are here too." In Euralia's eyes, Terri had always been the person she trusted most. For a moment, she forgot her current identity and was happy to see Terri.

With the help of Terri, she didn't have to worry that she couldn't see Tyron.

Seeing the expression on Euralia's face, Terri thought she was trying to cotton up to her. She still couldn't forget that Kelly had wronged Tyron.

"Miss. Kelly, you can't disturb Terrel's rest. Please go back. " Terri pulled a long face and drove her away.

It was not until then that Euralia realized that the relationship between Terri and Kelly should not be very good, because she had never seen Terri treat anyone like this.

It seemed that it was necessary for her to know Kelly's identity. Otherwise, if it was really Tyron inside, and if Kelly was a threat to Tyron

Euralia stopped thinking about it. The most important thing now was to find out the identity of the Terrel.

"I just want to have a look inside and then leave." Euralia had come here. She must go in and have a look.

"All right. Come in with me and have a look outside. Then you can leave. Terrel is resting now. I hope you can slow down. " Then Terri looked at the foot of Euralia.

To her surprise, Kelly didn't wear high heels today, but a pair of flat shoes.

And there was a big difference between her dressing today and usual, Kelly dressed very coquettishly and sexy as usual. But the woman in front of her was pure and lovely.

Was she deliberately imitating Miss. Euralia? Terri wondered.

The two of them soon came to the lounge of Tyron. Tyron's face was bandaged with white bandage during the recovery, so it was impossible to see his face clearly.

"That's Terrel. He should be asleep." Terri looked inside through the glass window and said.

Euralia stared at the child lying on the bed. She couldn't tell whether the boy with bandage on his face was Tyron or not.

"Why does he cover his face like this?" Euralia asked.

"Plastic surgery. Mr. Bill has invited a famous doctor to perform a cosmetic surgery for Terrel. It was said that the operation was very painful. Terrel is still so young. I'm worried about him. "

Terri frowned and was worried about Tyron.

She knew that Tyron was a strong child. Even if it hurt, he wouldn't say it. But the more sensible a child was, the more pitiful he was.

"When can he restore his appearance?" Asked Euralia.

"It depends on Terrel. I hope the sooner, the better." Terri took a deep breath.

"Can I have a word with him?" Euralia pleaded.

If she couldn't verify Terrel's identity today, it would be difficult to verify it after she left today.

"Miss. Kelly, I've brought you in to visit Terrel as you asked. As for your request, you can't disturb Terrel to talk to him. "

Terri did this for the sake of Tyron. She knew that the pain he was suffering now was not something an ordinary child could afford.

She just hoped that he could eat well and sleep well during his treatment and recover as soon as possible.

As for Kelly, Terri would definitely keep an eye on her during this period and wouldn't give her any chance t

elle was talking about.

"What are you doing?" Euralia asked.

"Thank you for helping me apply for a holiday in front of Mr. Bill, Kelly. Do you think I should thank you?" Michelle didn't take her question seriously and mocked her directly.

After hearing her words, Euralia understood what was going on.

"Miss. Michelle is going on a holiday. I see. I have never said anything to Bill. But if you want to stay, I can apply to Bill right now. "

From Michelle's words, Euralia had guessed that she didn't have a good impression of Kelly. Perhaps she was her rival.

After she returned to Bill as Kelly, she found that Kelly was not a pleasing woman. If Michelle's prejudice against her was because of work.

Since Terri was such a good person, she wouldn't have offended Kelly, so she was sure that this woman was not a good person.

Otherwise, Terri wouldn't have a problem with her.

Therefore, Euralia went against Kelly. Since Michelle hated her so much, Euralia believed that she had always known something about this woman.

"Miss. Kelly, are you kidding? You are the one who asked me to leave, and you are the one who asked me to stay. " Michelle felt a little strange.

Today, Kelly not only dressed differently, but also spoke in a less annoying tone than usual. She even looked gentle, especially when the gloom in her eyes was gone.

"Am I kidding?" Euralia immediately walked towards Bill's office.

Michelle could see from her eyes that she was very serious, but why did she suddenly change? She couldn't figure it out.

She moved the stuff back to her office and began to recall the scene that she met Kelly last night. She recalled the look in Kelly's eyes just now. Her current state was exactly the same as last night.

The way she spoke and acted was completely similar to the previous Euralia.

"Is she really Euralia?" Michelle made a bold guess. She suspected that Kelly was Euralia, so Bill loved her so much.

"No, but both Mr. Bill and Kelly have denied that she is Euralia. If she is really Euralia, there is no need to hide her true identity. "

Michelle murmured to herself. For a moment, she was very curious about Kelly.

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