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   Chapter 389 One Nation Couldn't Have Two Queens

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Tyron found that there was a suspicious drug in the medical record of James. It was a kind of medicine that shouldn't be used since James was a psychotic patient.

However, Tyron could only temporarily keep the information he got by illegal means confidential. He wouldn't investigate these suspicions himself until his legs recovered.

As for the woman who looked exactly like his mother in the Ou Mansion, he also felt that she had something to do with it, but he hadn't found any evidence yet.

But now he got along well with Bill, which just created favorable conditions for him. At least in the short term, it was impossible for Kelly to drive him away.

All he needed to do was to stay at the Ou Mansion and get treatment.

With the help of the famous doctor invited by Bill, Tyron's face began to recover. As for whether he could recover to his former appearance, it was still unknown.

But the doctor asked Terri to provide the photos of Tyron in the past. This made Terri feel very embarrassed, because if she provided the photos, Bill would know that he was Euralia's son.

So she found Tyron to discuss it after dinner.

Tyron sat at the computer desk and listened to Terri's explanation. He had already expected it. He had already thought about it. Now that his mother had passed away, he only had Belle and Uncle Moore.

Even if he regained his former appearance, it wouldn't change anything. No matter how well he recovered, he was just an incomplete person. He hoped that he could be cured, but at the same time, he was worried that it wouldn't go that well.

So in the end, he decided not to provide his previous photos to the doctor and asked him to repair his burned face according to his instructions.

In this way, if the treatment failed, he could hide his identity forever. He would not drag anyone down and would not let anyone know that he was Tyron.

If he succeeded, he could at least have a healthy body and reunite with his family.

"Terri, don't give him my photos. Just let him do what he wants." Tyron replied.

"But in this way, you will lose your original face. At that time, Belle and your uncle may not know you." Terri couldn't understand what he wanted to do.

She couldn't understand from the beginning. He was just a child and shouldn't think too much. But he always thought for his family, so she could do nothing about it.

"I don't care. My body is already badly damaged. No matter how well I recover, I'm afraid I can't go back to the past." Tyron knew well about himself.

"Well, I'll leave it to the doctor. Tyron, you must try your best to cooperate with the doctor. Maybe you still have a chance to stand up."

Terri encouraged him, hoping that he could stand up as soon as possible.

Otherwise, he was still so young and had a long life. How could he make it through that long road?

"Of course I will. I have a lot of things to do." Tyron replied.

After saying that, Terri left. She told the doctor that there was no photos of Tyron.

The doctor was confused. After all, Tyron was burnt in the wild, not in his house.

Logically speaking, there would always be pictures of children in a family. How

leave if you feel tired." Michelle wouldn't listen to her at all.

"But it seems that you have nothing to do to help him at present. You are the only one who has nothing to do in the company." Kelly was against her directly and became more and more sarcastic.

"You said I'm an idler. It's the first time I've heard someone say that I'm an idler in the company. Are you sure you can do all the work?"

Michelle was pissed off by her words, but she had to put up with it. After all, Kelly had the upper hand now. The reason why Bill was willing to listen to her was that she had the same face as Euralia.

"Of course I can do it. But what's more, I can have Bill's help if I need him. You don't have to worry about me. By the way, I think he will grant your leave."

Kelly didn't care whether Michelle agreed or not, as long as she could persuade him to give her a holiday. At that time, Michelle could not disobey him anyway.

"I won't take a day off." Michelle glared at Kelly.

This woman seemed to be targeting her. She had been deliberately targeting her since she entered the company. This inevitably made Michelle reflect on herself.

After all, she had no grudge against this woman. Logically speaking, she shouldn't have treated her like this. Or was it because she knew the company well before that she started to target her so quickly?

But this woman admitted that she was not Euralia. If she was not her, who else could she be?

She would like to believe that there were two people who looked exactly the same in the world, but she would never believe that it was Kelly who looked the same as Euralia.

She vaguely felt that this woman was deliberately approaching Bill and entering the company. Maybe there was an ulterior conspiracy behind it.

Thinking of this, Michelle was more determined not to leave the company. She must not let this woman succeed.

"Michelle, just wait for the good news. You can't do whatever you want." With a smile on her face, Kelly walked into Bill's office with a glass of water in her hand.

Michelle clenched her fists and had an ominous premonition.

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