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   Chapter 388 Treat Him As Your Own Son

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On the second day, Bill didn't go to work. He stayed at home and waited for the result of the examination for Tyron. Not only that, he also ordered Terri to make some soups for Tyron every day.

Tyron was so skinny because he had been suffering from illness all year round. He looked so pitiful.

When Terri was about to send the soup to his room, she happened to see Bill walking downstairs.

"Is this for Tyron?" Thinking of what happened yesterday when Kelly set him up on purpose, Bill wanted to make up for her mistake.

"Yes, I'll send it to Tyron when it's hot." Terri replied.

"Let me do it." Bill took the soup from her hand and walked towards Tyron's room.

Seeing that he cared so much about Tyron, Terri was very happy.

Bill came to the door of Tyron's room and heard the sound of typing from the room. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have thought that the child could use a computer.

What's more, the speed of his little hands typing on the keyboard was definitely not slower than his.

"Tyron, are you feeling better?" Bill's icy face showed warmth, and he walked in with a smile.

"Uncle Bill, why are you here?" Tyron's opinion of him had changed a lot.

In Bill's eyes, he was like a stranger, but he could help him cure his legs without hesitation. This was enough to prove that he was a good man.

Today, he even sent soup for him. Tyron was already satisfied.

"Have some soup now. Terri made it for you." Bill put the soup in front of him.

Looking at the steaming soup, Tyron suddenly felt a lump in his throat. He was grateful for his help and warmth.

"Thank you, Uncle Bill." Tyron expressed his gratitude again.

"You should eat more and recover as soon as possible. I believe you can stand up one day." Bill glanced at his laptop.

This computer seemed to have been used for many years. He didn't tell anyone else and immediately sent someone to buy a new laptop for Tyron.

Since he had decided to help the child, he would definitely let him live here as he was in his own home.

As for the thing that Kelly wronged him yesterday, he wanted to make it up in this way.

Tyron's physical examination report finally came out. It turned out that he was growing up. So whether he could stand up or not depended on his personal efforts and the help of the doctor.

Hearing this, Bill was very happy. That night, he came back early from work and asked the servants to prepare a big table of good dishes to celebrate.

It was the first time that he had been so enthusiastic to a person who had nothing to do with him, which surprised Terri.

Terri went upstairs to pick up Tyron for dinner and couldn't help asking him.

"Tyron, what did Mr. Bill say to you? Or did you say something to him?"

"No. what's wrong?" Tyron asked.

"I don't know why he is so kind to you. I've never seen him like this before. After all, he doesn't know you are Miss Euralia's son now."

Recently, Terri always received the personal instructions from Bill to take good care of Tyron, which made her a little curious.

"I didn't tell him anything. But Uncle Bill is a nice person. I have known that since I cooperated with him for the first t

that he spoke his heart to a naive child.

"It's getting late. Go to bed early." Bill said good night to him and left.

After he left, Tyron immediately searched some information about Kelly. Only then did he know that Bill had always known that she was not Euralia.

Knowing that she was not Euralia, he still said to him solemnly that she was his love. This inevitably made Tyron feel sorry for his mother.

Although her mother died two years ago, Uncle Bill loved another woman just because she looked like her mother.

Hearing that, he felt inexplicably sad. How sad his mother would be when she was in heaven now!

After all, James, who had killed his mother, was still locked up in a psychiatric hospital. Tyron was still not reconciled.

Bill moved him a lot, but he still remembered the purpose of coming back this time was to take revenge for his mother. He must find out what had happened that year.

Tyron knew that he could only start with James. As for whether Kelly had anything to do with what had happened in the past, he was not sure now.

But now his body could not support his will for most of the time, so he could only cooperate with the doctor in the house to receive treatment for the time being.

He hoped to stand up as soon as possible, so that it would be more convenient for him to find relevant evidence.

Of course, he missed Belle and Uncle Moore very much. When everything was clear, he could reunite with them in the end after those people who framed his mother received their deserved punishment.

By that time, he believed that he would be complete.

"Belle, Uncle Moore, I will avenge my mommy." Lying on the bed, he looked at the photo of James on his phone and said with his teeth gritted.

Tyron had successfully entered the archives center of the psychiatric hospital with his superb computer technology. He was very clear about the medical conditions of James in the past two years.

However, he saw a flaw. He was not only a computer genius, but also knew about medicine because of his injury these years.

There was a suspicious note about the medicine use of James.

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