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   Chapter 387 Isn't It Her

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"No, I can't do everything she wants." Terri said angrily. It was the first time that she had been so angry when she came to this family.

This time, she felt that Kelly had really gone too far. Tyron was just a child. She was so cruel to a child. There was no need to be polite to such a woman.

"I'm in charge of this house now. Lift the cloth on his legs right away. I'll see if he is really disabled."

Kelly didn't take Terri seriously at all. She only knew that there was no one who could stop her from kicking Tyron out.

"I have been in the Ou Mansion for decades. You are just a woman who has just been here for less than a month. Don't touch him."

Terri glared at the servants standing beside Kelly. She was quite important in this family. The servant didn't dare to disobey her in this situation.

But everyone knew that Kelly was loved by Bill. He would listen to her whatever she said. In this case, the servants were in a dilemma and didn't know what to do.

"Why are you still standing there? Go check his legs right now." Seeing that they didn't move, Kelly roared again.

One of the servants obediently walked up to Tyron.

"If you dare to do it, I will tell Mr. Bill." Terri said to the servant in front of her.

"I should be the one who can say that. Hurry up! Otherwise, when Bill comes back, I will let you know what is wrong." Kelly took a glance.

The servant immediately pushed Terri away and came to Tyron.

Tyron looked indifferent. In order to prove his innocence, he didn't mind showing it to her. But he finally saw through her ugly face.

There must be something wrong with this woman approaching Uncle Bill on purpose.

"Really? What's wrong with him?" Bill's voice came from the door.

Hearing his voice, Kelly panicked. She thought he had gone to work, but she didn't expect him to suddenly come back at this time.

"Bill, why are you back?" She immediately walked over and held his arm.

Bill had just seen the whole process of Tyron being wronged outside. He knew that Tyron had no motivation to do that.

But what Kelly did today surprised him. She was so cruel that she could force a disabled child to prove that he was a disabled person.

"Are you surprised that I came back?" He shook off her hand and answered coldly.

"No, I'm going to see you in the company after I deal with this matter." Kelly felt that his attitude towards her had changed.

He must have heard their conversation. After all, Euralia used to be a kind woman. She would never do such a thing today. ...

Kelly was worried that Bill had begun to suspect her. If that was the case, she would be in a very dangerous situation.

"So I want to know how you will deal with this matter. Forcing Tyron to prove that he was disabled?" Although Bill was usually cold, he was kind-hearted by nature.

At least he wouldn't do anything to such a helpless child.

"The servant found the evidence in his room just now. He stole my necklace." Kelly still insisted that it was Tyron who di

ly began to ease a little.

"But you even suspect Terri. You used to have the best relationship with her, didn't you?" He still felt that there was something wrong.

"You have been betrayed by your best friend. You should know that there is no absolute trust in this world. I admit that Terri used to be the most reliable person in my heart. But after the incident between you and James, I have been wary of many people."

She carefully broke free from his hands and leaned against his chest.

"Bill, you have no idea how important you are to me. I can't live without you. When I feel that I can't get through it, I only miss you in my heart. I keep holding on since I look forward to our reunion. But I didn't expect you to still suspect me today."

She sobbed. What she said made his heart ache.

"Euralia, I..." Bill realized that he was too impulsive just now and misunderstood her.

"I know I was wrong just now. I shouldn't have treated a child like this. In fact, I also feel guilty. After I went back to my room, I reflected. As for that child, he is actually very pitiful. We should help him."

In order not to arouse Bill's suspicion, Kelly had to compromise. As for kicking Tyron out, she had plenty of time.

"Sorry, I suspect you again." Bill hugged her tightly, feeling guilty.

Leaning against his chest, Kelly gave a cunning smile.

He was still deceived by her. It made sense that even heroes could be sad for beauties.

This face really made the intelligent man deceived by her lie.

"Bill, don't suspect me anymore, okay? You will make me sad." Kelly seized the opportunity to stop him from suspecting her.

"No, I won't." Bill stroked her long hair gently and felt sorry for her.

Kelly succeeded again, and he let it go in the end. He must have chosen to tolerate the small mistakes his woman had made.

But he felt sorry for what Tyron had suffered, so he treated him better.

Maybe it was not only because he felt sorry, but also because he felt close to Tyron.

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