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   Chapter 384 Eyesore (Part One)

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Terrel kept watching them until they got on the car. Following his eyes, Terri could not help but sigh slightly.

"Terrel, she looks like her very much. But Mr. Bill has said that she is not her. Don't think too much. " Terri knew that the reason why he came to the Ou Mansion was because of Kelly.

"I know." When he turned around, Terri pushed him home.

After he returned to the Ou Mansion, Terri led him to every place that Euralia liked to stay before.

Two years ago, the news of Euralia's death spread. Since then, he had been in a bad mood. Therefore, he became very thin.

"Look, this is the rabbit Miss. Euralia bought. In a twinkling of an eye, so many years have passed. The rabbit is still alive, but she... " Terri's eyes turned red as she spoke.

"No, I believe Mommy is still alive. She must be alive! " Clenching his fists, Tyron stared at the rabbits and swore to himself that he would avenge his mother.

Yes, the boy in the wheelchair was Tyron, who was thought to have died in the sea of fire. He was lucky enough to escape from the fire.

In the end, he found Terri, hoping to heal the wounds on his body and meet with Euralia again. Because he didn't want his mother to be sad for him, he had been hiding from her all these years.

But he didn't expect that such an accident happened to Euralia two years ago, which was the most unacceptable fact for Tyron.

If she really died, he would not let go of James. As far as he knew, James had been sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment in the past two years.

But the intelligent Tyron felt that there must be other reasons. When this woman who looked like his mother came to the

alked over and turned off the TV before answering.

"Who is your aunt? Don't regard everyone as your relative, okay? And Terri didn't tell you that this is not the place you should come, right? "

Kelly looked at Tyron with dissatisfaction.

"Or do you want me to call you grandma?" Tyron retorted immediately.

He wouldn't be polite to people who didn't know how to respect others.

Kelly was pissed off by his words.

"How did your parents teach you? Oh, by the way, since you are adopted by Terri, you should be a wild child without parents' discipline. "

Kelly continued to make fun of Tyron. It would be best if she could take this opportunity to piss him off.

"You are an adult and you can't live with a child. How did your parents teach you?" Tyron retorted Kelly in a grown-up tone.

Kelly flushed with anger. It was the first time that she had seen such a smart child.

"Little boy, do you know that what is living under someone's roof? Bill asked you to live in the Ou Mansion because he felt sorry for you and sympathized with you. Don't think you can live here for a long time. "

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