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   Chapter 382 Exposure Of Her Identity

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10408

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As soon as Kelly put away the documents, Bill walked into the office after the meeting.

"Are you alone here?" As soon as Bill put down the things at hand, he walked to the sofa and hugged Kelly.

She could tell that he was in a good mood.

"No, I'm not. But I'm thinking it's not good for me to always sit aside when you work. How about you arrange a position for me in the company. Then we can go to work together. "

This idea had long been in her mind, but she didn't speak it out.

"Of course you can. I can let you take office at any time you like." In Bill's eyes, Euralia could always be the special one.

Although he was a person who had a clear distinction between public and private interests, he could make an exception for Euralia.

"I just want to find a job that can have an intimate relationship with you, such as being your personal assistant." In fact, Kelly wanted to replace Michelle.

This woman was obviously suspicious when she came in just now. If Michelle continued to stay in the Ou Group, it would be bad for her.

"Okay, you can go to work tomorrow. Besides, you are experienced in this respect. " Bill agreed readily.

"Thank you, Bill." Kelly didn't expect that when she had the identity of Euralia, Bill would agree to almost all her requests.

"There's no need for us to thank each other. I'm already very happy as long as you can be with me. I just want to satisfy you unconditionally to make up for the hurt I did to you in the past. "

Bill hugged her tightly and enjoyed it very much.

Looking at his happy face, Kelly had another idea. Although she couldn't get his heart in the past, she had always wanted his body.

It had been several days since she came back, but Bill didn't touch her, which confused her. She was even a little worried that Bill would be suspicious of her.

So on the way back home with Bill after work, she tentatively asked him a question.

"Bill, do you think we will have another child in the future?" Kelly asked.

"It depends on whether you are willing or not. When you find Belle, you can ask her if she wants to have a brother or sister." Bill missed Belle very much these days.

Perhaps it was because she looked too much like Euralia.

"Of course I do." Kelly answered without hesitation.

Bill suddenly slammed on the brakes. It could be seen that Kelly seemed to be eager for it. She said it without any shyness.

This was also a big difference from the previous Euralia. It seemed that her temperament had changed a lot in the past two years.

"Euralia." Bill stared at her. He was not used to calling her Kelly, because he named her Euralia.

"You can call me Kelly." Kelly didn't know why he suddenly stopped. Did he find out that she was different from Euralia? She was a little flustered.

"I prefer to call you Euralia. I'll call you Euralia in private from now on. I'm really happy to hear that. " Bill kissed her on the forehead.

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Those who love you certainly want to have children for you." Kelly replied indifferently.

Bill then started the car and dr

s busy with his work and she needed to buy some daily necessities.

But she was targeted by a passing fan. Her return had already attracted many fans' curiosity. Out of curiosity, this fan simply followed up to investigate.

Kelly had no idea that she would be targeted when she went out. After all, she was not the real Euralia. She had never been a public figure and would never expect that she had entered the field of vision of fans.

On the way from the shopping mall to the parking lot, the man who had just found her called several people to the parking lot and stopped her.

"Rose, please sign for us."

Facing the arrival of these men in front of her, Kelly's first reaction was very confused. She didn't expect that Euralia used to be a star.

"I'm not Rsoe. Please get out of the way." Kelly walked past them expressionlessly.

However, this video was taken by these fans and uploaded on the Internet.

Soon, the video was clicked and spread by many people.

It was known to all that the woman who was very similar to Euralia in Bill's company was not Rose.

Of course, Moore and Belle, Euralia's family, had seen the video on the Internet, but Belle was a little excited, because she hadn't seen her mother for two years.

"Uncle Moore, isn't this woman really Mommy?" Belle pointed at the video and asked.

"Of course not." Moore replied affirmatively.

"Why are you so sure it's not Mommy? You haven't watched the video yet. " Belle asked in surprise.

"Uncle Moore will tell you the answer later, but I didn't expect that Bill would find another woman who looks exactly like Euralia."

Moore said thoughtfully.

"Answer? What answer? We have left A City for a long time. Will Uncle take me back? " Belle's eyes lit up. She was curious about Kelly, who looked like her mother.

"Maybe I can't make the decision alone." Replied Moore.

"You can't make a decision? Then who could make the decision? Did Aunt Cynthia make the decision? " Belle asked.

"It's not her. You will know it then." But Moore didn't tell Belle the truth.

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