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   Chapter 381 Nightmares

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"Oh, I see. But they do look like each other. But Miss Kelly's eyes are a little different from Miss Euralia's." Michelle said awkwardly.

Now that Bill said so, Michelle had to tell him the difference between Kelly and Euralia.

Kelly's face changed slightly after hearing this.

"Eyes? Why not?" Bill asked curiously.

Maybe it was because of the kiss last night, Bill also felt that it was a little different from before.

"I'm just saying it casually. After all, she's her, Miss Euralia is Miss Euralia. But I'm relieved to see that Mr. Bill looks happier than before."

Michelle said politely. After Bill signed his name, she left Ou Mansion in a hurry.

However, because of Michelle's words, Kelly began to pay attention to her. Kelly couldn't lose this time.

Therefore, as long as someone saw that there was a difference between her and Euralia, Kelly would pay more attention to take some measures when necessary.

Because of Michelle's words, Kelly began to explain everything she had experienced about all these years to Bill.

"Bill, you must be very curious about what I have experienced in the past two years, right?" Sitting in the living room and leaning against Bill's chest, Kelly suddenly brought up the past.

"If you don't want to tell me, I won't mind. As long as you don't leave me again." Bill didn't force Kelly to give him an explanation.

But Kelly still told Bill what had happened in the past two years.

She explained to Bill that she was lost by the staff on the way to the cremator. Then she was found to be saved and lived abroad.

Bill was going to hold the cremator accountable as soon as he knew the situation. In this case, the cremains they picked up were taken by others.

But Kelly was worried that the matter would be exposed, so she would never agree with Bill to hold the cremator accountable. In this way, her identity would be exposed and things would get worse.

"Bill, I didn't tell you this to seek justice for me. If that's the case, Cynthia is my attending doctor at that time. She announced that my death would implicate her before I died."

Kelly's explanation was so convincing that Bill had no idea that she was actually worried about something else.

"You are still so kind. Fortunately, a good man deserves a good return." Bill felt that he didn't love the wrong person.

Cynthia was her best friend, so it was natural for her to protect her.

"Do you know why I changed my name now? I don't want anyone to be involved in my past." Kelly could finally explain the reason why she changed.

Bill had no doubt about it.

In the evening, when Kelly was about to fall asleep, a voice came from outside. Maybe it was because Kelly lived in Euralia's room that she was often frightened at night.

After all, this was a dead person's room for her. How could it not be terrifying?

Then Bill's voice came from outside. Kelly felt relieved and went to open the door.

"Why haven't you gone to bed yet?" Kelly asked.

"I saw you put away all the photos in the room. I was worried that you would miss me, so I sent this to you." Bill was holding a photo of him and Euralia.

Although Kelly was unhappy, she still put the photo away and put it on the be

"To be honest, Mr. Bill used to love a woman named Euralia. Unfortunately, she had an accident two years ago. She looks like you. Maybe that's why Mr. Bill treats you differently."

Michelle was not sure whether the woman in front of her was the real Euralia, but Michelle had been disgusted with the woman since she talked to her.

So naturally, Michelle said everything that was bad for their relationship.

"I know all these. Bill has told me. Besides, he has always been clear that I am not Euralia. Assistant Michelle, are you a little disappointed?"

Kelly answered proudly. She couldn't show that she lost to Euralia in front of outsiders.

Even if Kelly knew that Bill only loved Euralia!

"How can I be disappointed? I just kindly remind you. After all, I know Mr. Bill better than you just know him."

The reason why Michelle dared to come straight to the point with Kelly was that Michelle thought Bill was just on a whim. When Bill found that there was a huge difference between Kelly and Euralia, he would finally give up.

This was the final result of the substitute.

After all, a substitute was always a substitute that could never replace a real one.

"Thank you for your reminding. I think Bill and I will live happily together." Kelly replied.

What Michelle said to her today made Kelly feel a little uneasy. From the beginning, Kelly knew that Michelle had always liked Bill.

If Michelle put obstacles in her way, Kelly was afraid that her identity would be exposed. So this woman couldn't stay with Bill and must disappear as soon as possible.

"I still say that, bless you happiness. Excuse me, but I must be leaving now, I have something else to do." Michelle went out.

As soon as Michelle left, Kelly put the documents she had read back to Bill's desk. In fact, she peeped at these documents by herself.

Kelly couldn't wait to know something about Ou Group. She just looked through it casually and didn't expect that Bill was so capable.

In the past two years, Bill had led Ou Group to a higher level. Since she couldn't get into Bill's heart, she would take away another precious thing in his life.

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