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   Chapter 380 Feeling Changed

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Bill knew that Terri must be very curious.

"Her name is Kelly, not Euralia, but they look the same. As for my family, I have told her everything, and she will live here from now on. Just take good care of her."

Bill helped Kelly out of the trouble. She was quite satisfied with his explanation.

"Hello, Miss Kelly." Terri greeted her after a pause.

"You don't have to stand on ceremony. We'll be family from now on." Kelly didn't feel embarrassed at all. What surprised Terri more was that she said she was a family member as soon as she entered the house.

Mr. Bill also said that this woman just looked like Euralia, but after all, she was not her. She claimed to be a member of the family. Did she make love with Mr. Bill?

Terri remembered that he had asked someone to buy flowers today. He must have gone to the cemetery to visit Euralia. It was so weird. Why did he suddenly bring back a woman who looked exactly like her?

Although Terri was full of curiosity, she did not ask more. She was not in a hurry to know all of this since she had a lot of time in the future.

"Okay, I'll prepare lunch for you right now." Then she left.

Bill took Kelly back to Euralia's room.

"I've kept this room for you all the time. It's cleaned every day."

Kelly glanced around and found that the room was spotless. It could be imagined how much he loved Euralia. He had saved her things in such a complete way even though she had passed away.

"What's wrong? It seems that you are not very happy to come back home." He asked curiously.

"I'm not unhappy. I'm just moved by what you have done for me. Two years ago, I was already dead. Why do you still keep these things?"

She frowned and asked.

"Because I love you. I won't marry any woman in my life except you." He couldn't help hugging her from behind.

She dodged subconsciously, and her eyes became extremely cold when she heard this.

Bill didn't understand why she avoided him. They had been apart for two years. Didn't she miss him as much as he did? Why would she avoid him?

"Bill, I'm tired and want to have a rest today." Said Kelly.

"I'm just too anxious. Let's go downstairs to have lunch first." Bill kept staring at her and never looked away.

"Okay, I'll change my clothes first." Kelly nodded, hinting him to go out first.

Bill left first, while she closed the door and stayed alone in the room.

She walked to the dressing table and gently held her face, with a burst of resentment in her eyes.

"I must let you pay the price!" She said angrily.

There was a knock on the door. It was Bill. He had been waiting outside the door. He didn't want to leave her for even a minute.

He was afraid that he would never see her again after they separated. Kelly quickly changed her clothes and followed him to the dining room to have lunch.

During the lunch, Bill kept putting food into her bowl. After taking two or three bites, she put down her chopsticks.

"I'm full. Bill, I'm tired. I'll go upstairs and have a rest." She said.

Bill nodded and looked at the braised spareribs in her bowl. She didn't take a bite at all. This was Euralia's favorite food before.

But Bill didn't think too much.


Half an hour later, the voice of a man and a woman came from the stairs. Michelle recognized that the man was Bill, but she was sure that the woman was not Stephanie.

She suddenly raised her head and saw a woman standing next to Bill. It was Euralia!

Her face changed slightly. Everyone knew that Euralia had died two years ago. Then who was this woman now? Did she come back to life?

When Michelle was confused, Bill and Kelly had come downstairs.

"Michelle, have you brought the documents?" Ignoring her astonishment, Bill went straight to the point.

After all, she was just his assistant. There was no need for him to explain to her.

"All the documents are here." Michelle turned over the documents and explained them clearly one by one.

Her eyes fell on Kelly from time to time. Looking at her eyes, she felt that this woman was not Euralia.

But this face was clearly the same!

"Okay, I'll sign them and let you bring them back right away." Bill looked better with a ruddy face. Of course, all this should be attributed to Kelly.

"Okay." Michelle nodded.

"Hello, Miss Michelle. I'm Kelly Ji. Do you think I look familiar since you keep looking at me?" Kelly introduced herself to her.

She didn't want others to find that she was different from Euralia when they regarded her as Euralia. That was why she asked Bill to declare that she was not Euralia.

Because only in this way, no one would doubt her even if her living habits were different.

As for Bill, he missed Euralia so much. Even if he found it, he would not doubt it!

"I thought you were..." Michelle glanced at Bill and didn't dare to speak out Euralia's name.

After Euralia's death, no one dared to mention her name in the company, especially in front of him. She was afraid that she would piss him off.

"She looks like Euralia, right?" Bill added with a smile.

Michelle nodded.

"She is not Euralia, but she just looks like her very much." Bill looked at Kelly and said.

He even said the name of Euralia with a smile. Obviously, the appearance of Kelly had changed him a lot. Michelle thought in disbelief.

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