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   Chapter 377 A Psychiatric Patient

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Shirley was a little flustered, but she still pretended to be calm.

"Because he said he would take revenge on me when I broke up with him! I received his message before I knew it. I didn't think too much at that time. But when I knew that something happened to Euralia, I guessed it must be this reason."

Shirley explained. She didn't know if he would accept her explanation. Even if he couldn't accept her, there was nothing she could do. She was so anxious just now and she couldn't take back what she had said.

"Bill, Shirley loves you so much. Have you forgotten that she saved you at the cost of her own life? How could you suspect her like that? Do you know how sad she is?"

Standing beside, Stephanie stood out to speak for her.

"Stephanie, stop it. I'm willing to do this. Don't use that to force him." Lowering her head, Shirley acted reasonable.

"Well, that's enough." Bill didn't think too much. He knew what Shirley had done for him.

He was more concerned about Euralia, who was still in the emergency room. He didn't know how she was doing.

"It's because of you again, Bill. Why is it always you! I've told her not to contact you anymore, but she didn't listen to me." Moore hated him even more.

"I didn't expect things to get so bad. I'm sorry." Bill apologized to him sincerely.

He would never be able to pay back what he owed Euralia in his life. If it weren't for him and her, James wouldn't have targeted her and made her like this.

"It's no use apologizing! I will never let you two be together again after she wakes up." Moore said angrily.

Bill didn't answer, because neither of them knew what would happen to Euralia next.

After nearly ten hours, the light of the emergency room finally went out. Euralia was sent to the intensive care unit and they couldn't get close to her.

They could only look at her through the glass window.

Cynthia went out to tell them in detail about her.

Euralia's condition was very bad, because she hadn't found out all the ingredients of the medicine that was injected into her body.

She only knew that it contained something that could make people hallucinate. In addition, only James knew the other ingredients.

They didn't dare to treat her without analyzing the other components, because they were afraid of the side effects of the medicine.

Therefore, the top priority now was to find James and ask him about the ingredients.

After knowing the situation, Bill immediately went to the police office.

James had been detained by the police for the development of the drug, kidnapping, and intentional homicide. The result waiting for him might be very bad.

In the police station, Eric had come to visit him. But James didn't say a word to him. Only Eric talked to himself.

"James, why are you so silly? Why did you do that?" He was his only son and the only heir of the family in the future.

James glanced at him with disdain.

"Let bygones be bygones. Say something." Now Eric was very worried that his son would be sentenced a heavy sentence.

Now many evidences were against him, because the police had got the surveillance video of him in the lab and the mobile recording of Bill.


hat those pimples were also on her neck. What's more, there were also several pimples on her face.

"I can't explain the cause of the disease clearly now, but I guess it's because of the medicine. James used some stray dogs for experiments. The whole process was lack of sanitation. It's very likely that the medicine contains some bacteria from stray animals."

Said Cynthia.

After hearing this explanation, everyone was stunned.

"Mr. Bill, have you asked him about the medicine?" Cynthia knew that it was not the right time to be sad. She had to hurry up to save Euralia.

"James is a psychiatric patient." Bill answered disappointedly.

The news infuriated everyone.

"What did you say? How could he be a psychopath! How could it be possible?" Moore was also pissed off by the news.

"I also hope it is not true, so I request a second check-up for him." Looking at Euralia, Bill felt that his heart was aching.

"He deserves what he will get. I believe he will pay for it. I have to analyze the medicine now." Cynthia gritted her teeth and went out.

Before she left, Moore grabbed her hand.

"Cynthia, it depends on you this time. You must save her."

"Don't worry. I will try my best." Cynthia knew the situation of Euralia was very dangerous.

But at this time, she did not explain the seriousness of her illness in detail, because that would only increase the burden of her whole family.

Bill immediately called some well-known foreign doctors to help Cynthia find the antidote to save Euralia in the shortest time.

When the visiting time was over, they could only go out and look at Euralia through the glass window.

In a twinkling of an eye, it was already evening. Belle cried so hard that she fell asleep in Moore's arms. Moore also looked very tired. Only Bill had been standing there since the operation.

"Take Belle back to have a rest. I'm here." Bill came over and said to Moore.

Moore didn't answer, nor did he mean to leave.

"Belle is still young and she is growing up. Don't let her suffer the same pain as us." Bill continued.

Then Moore picked up Belle and left listlessly.

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