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   Chapter 375 Where Is She

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It was already evening when Bill arrived at the Su Mansion. Because James had told the servants that he and Euralia could enter freely, his arrival was not blocked by the security guards.

He went straight to the living room of the Su Mansion. To his surprise, the whole Su Mansion was deathly silent.

"Mr. Bill, Mr. James is on a business trip." Bill sat in the living room for a long time before a servant came to inform him.

"Business trip? Where is he going on a business trip? " Bill squinted his eyes and asked.

"I don't know. Mr. James won't tell us where he is going."

Bill knew that James must be well prepared since he entered the Su Mansion smoothly. If Euralia was really kidnapped by him, he wouldn't have trapped her in the Su Mansion.

Bill had to find another way.

When he passed by the shelter, he stopped the car and walked in. The shelter had been emptied. Even the dead bodies of the animals buried behind the shelter had been burned to ashes by them.

Bill knew that James wanted to destroy the corpse, so that no one could prove that he had made the banned drug.

However, at this time, Euralia and Daria had been taken to their new laboratory by James. This place was so-called isolated from the world. A small laboratory was built in the wilderness.

The boundary of the forest outside couldn't be seen.

They were locked in a small room, and the two of them were blindfolded.

"Help her up. Mr. James is going to take her to do experiments." A familiar voice came.

Euralia listened carefully and tried to recall the man's face.

The man bent down and pulled down the black blindfold from her eyes. Euralia looked up at the man in front of him, lost in thought.

"What? Do you know me? " Ian asked deliberately.

"You are Ian who drugged me in the valley! So you are a lackey of James. " It finally occurred to Euralia.

Ian was a little surprised. That day in the valley, she woke up halfway when he deceived Bill and others to treat Euralia with the ancestral prescription.

But he also used medicine and hypnosis to erase her memory. Logically speaking, she should not remember these. Was there something wrong with the medicine?

"It doesn't matter even if you remember it. Anyway, you are doomed not to escape from this place. You will soon forget what happened here. " Ian said affirmatively.

They took Euralia out to their main laboratory, where James was.

"James, why did you do this to me? I have no enmity with you." Euralia really couldn't figure out why he did that.

"Why should I tell you the reason? Who are you to me? " James walked towards Euralia with a syringe in his hand.

"No, No." Euralia shook her head desperately.

James asked someone to hold her down and injected medicine into her arm.

Being struggling, Euralia bled a lot and passed out immediately after being injected with the medicine.

"Mr. James, is this medicine too strong?" Ian wondered why Euralia fainted.

"Yes, but she will not die." Although James had killed many animals, he didn't intend to kill person.

Under the premise of not killing, even if the drugs he made were discovered, with his current identity, he could still escape crime.

So he didn't worry

Moore knew that Euralia was missing was that Belle called him.

"I'm sorry." Bill blamed himself for not being able to protect his beloved woman.

"It's no use apologizing? Where is Euralia? If anything happens to her, I won't let you go! " Moore trembled with anger.

"Uncle Moore, it's useless to yell at Uncle Bill like this. Shouldn't we look for Mommy together now? " Belle couldn't bear to see that Moore kept blaming Bill, so she stood out and retorted for him.

"You are just a child. Don't interrupt." Moore waved his hand to ask Belle to leave.

"I'm not a child. I've thought a lot to find Mommy today. I have a way to give it a try. " Belle gently touched Ace in her arms.

"What method?" Moore's eyes lit up.

"Didn't you just say that I was a child? I won't tell you. I'll tell Uncle Bill. " Belle snorted and walked up to Bill.

Bill was also curious about what Belle could do.

"Uncle Bill, I think Ace can help us find Mommy. I've brought mommy's clothes to Ace. It has remembered mommy's smell. "

Hearing Belle's words, everyone looked at Ace.

Bill agreed with Belle, because Ace is not an ordinary dog. That day, Ace knew that Euralia had returned to the Su Mansion and took this opportunity to ask them to take it away from James.

In the end, it also took them to find the buried animal corpses. With this alone, Bill was sure that Ace has the ability to do so.

"Belle has really grown up. Come up with this good idea. But Euralia went to the Su Mansion and disappeared, so we have to investigate from that place with Ace. "

Bill was quick to react and immediately spoke out the search plan.

"Then let's go together." Moore also thought it feasible and immediately pulled Ace to go out.

"Wait, you all stay at home. I can take Ace with me. If I don't come back before dawn, you can call the police immediately. I'll ask Ace to come back and inform you. "

Bill had put Euralia in danger. He didn't want her family to take the risk again.

"Bill, she is my sister. It's not the time for you to be a hero alone." Moore retorted immediately.

"I also want to see Mommy." Belle said with a frown.

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