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   Chapter 374 A Sheep Enters A Tiger's Mouth

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As soon as Euralia left, Belle and Ace ran in.

"Where is Mommy? I heard mommy was calling me. " Belle looked around but didn't find Euralia.

Terri also came back. She was relieved to see that Belle was safe. As for Euralia, she thought she was just out for something and didn't think too much.

Euralia drove to the gate of the Su Mansion. It was undeniable that she was very nervous at this moment. Because at the thought of the animals they saw being slaughtered, she trembled in her heart.

But when she thought of Belle, she immediately opened the door and got off.

James had been waiting for her in the living room for a long time. He asked her to come here as soon as he knew that his secret might be discovered by Euralia. He wanted to test if she really knew it.

Footsteps came from outside the living room. An evil smile appeared on James's face.

"Finally you are here, Euralia."

James's words sent a chill down Euralia's spine. As long as she associated him with the bloody scene in front of her, she would feel terrified.

"What do you want from me?" Standing at the door of the living room, Euralia didn't dare to step forward anymore.

At the same time, she looked around for Belle, but did not find anything suspicious.

"Come on in? Why are you standing here in a daze? " With a smile on his face, James walked out and grabbed her arm.

Euralia shook off his hand suddenly, with fear in her eyes.

James looked at her and understood something.

It seemed that Euralia and Bill had known that he had killed those animals.

"I'll walk in by myself." Euralia took a heavy step forward.

If Belle wasn't here, she would be in danger today.

"I haven't seen you for only one day. Why are you so scared to see me? Euralia." James didn't think she a woman could stir up any trouble. James asked Euralia directly after he sat down.

"Did Belle come here?" Euralia was so nervous that she asked directly.

"Belle?" A trace of doubt flashed through James's eyes, but soon it turned gloomy.

He had already guessed why Euralia came to the Su Mansion so soon, maybe because of Belle.

"She is here, isn't she?" Euralia couldn't control her emotion. She didn't like James, who was not as good as his in appearance.

"Are you here for Belle? No, that's not what you used to treat me like. " James's tone was no longer gentle.

His face was ferocious and his eyes became unfriendly in an instant.

"Yes, let her go." Euralia loved her daughter very much and didn't want Belle to be trapped in fear.

"Can you tell me what you know?" James didn't continue to pretend, directly revealing his vicious side.

"Let my daughter go, or I'll call the police." Euralia threatened.

James suddenly burst into laughter. When he saw that Euralia walked in alone, he was completely relieved.

Last night, they had just developed a new drug that needed human experiments. He was about to look for Euralia, but he didn't expect her to come here today.

"Call the police? I'm so kind to you and your daughter. Why did you call the police? Euralia. I didn't do anything wrong. " James frowned and approached her step by step.

Euralia also stood up and stepped back to the sofa.

"Bill and I both know that you are a devil who killed so many animals. You even did experiments on my body. James you

, James roared.

What he hated most was betrayal. Daria had worked in the Su Mansion for a long time. But he didn't expect that she would be on the side of an outsider when something happened.

In James's eyes, this woman had betrayed him.

Exasperated, James stood up and slapped Daria two times. Daria fell to the ground.

Euralia interceded for Daria.

"I forced her to do so. Let go of Daria." She didn't want anyone to be involved because of her.

"Do you think I'm a fool? Euralia! If you dare to tell anyone about this, I will not let you off. " James also slapped on the face of Euralia.

Euralia, who was already nervous, felt a headache after being slapped two times, and then caused a ringing in her ears and fainted.

Only Daria's sobs could be heard in the living room.

After the meeting, Bill found the missed call and called back Euralia. He was worried when he found that her phone was powered off.

There must be something important that Euralia called him at this time. Feeling uneasy, Bill rushed back to the Ou Mansion.

When he came back home, he saw Belle playing with Ace in the living room. It seemed that nothing had happened.

"Uncle Bill, you're back. Where's Mommy?" Belle thought that Euralia went to see Bill.

"Isn't she with you?" Bill had a strong feeling that something might have happened to Euralia.

When they brought Ace back yesterday, James might have found something.

"No, mommy has disappeared this morning." Belle replied.

The first person Bill thought of was James. When he left home, he reminded her again and again not to go out alone. How could Euralia go out for no reason?

At this time, Terri also came over and told Bill that they thought Belle was missing this morning. After they looked for Belle at home, Euralia suddenly disappeared.

Bill was more certain that she must have gone to the Su Mansion. He knew well about Euralia. If something happened to her child, she would go to see her regardless of anything.

Today, she might think that James had done something to Belle, so she went out.

The top priority was to find her first! Bill made a phone call and sent people to look for her. He also went to the Su Mansion in person.

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