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   Chapter 373 Horrible People Around Her

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Belle went downstairs happily, followed by Ace.

"Mommy, where did you find Ace?" Belle happily picked up Ace, but she couldn't lift it at all because of its large body.

"I found it in Uncle James's house." Replied Euralia.

"Why did you go to his house again? I hate it when you go to his house. " Belle was unhappy to hear that it was James.

"Belle, can you tell mommy why you hate Uncle James so much?" Euralia had an intuition that Belle hated James not only because he had lost Ace.

"Because he is a bad guy. Not only did he lose Ace, but he wasn't what he looked like." Belle got angry at the mention of James.

She hated James from the beginning and thought he was hypocritical. Of course it was because she overheard his call that day.

"How do you know he is a bad guy?" Euralia glanced at Bill and the two nodded tacitly.

They knew that maybe they could get some important clues from Belle.

"Because I once overheard that Uncle James said he wanted to kill something with a ferocious face." Belle tilted her head and recalled the scene.

It was the first time that she had seen James's vicious look.

"Did you really hear it with your own ears?" Euralia was a little excited.

"Yes, so I think he is a bad guy. But Mommy didn't believe what Belle said at that time. I didn't tell you at that time. "

"It seems that what we saw just now must be done by James." Bill, who was very confident in his guess sat on one side and said.

"It's so shocking. How could he do such a thing when he looks so gentle?" Euralia sighed.

"Cats hide their claws. Don't be alone with him in the future." Bill believed that James would do something when he went back home because he saw Ace.

If he had done something to Ace, and now Ace came back alive and was taken back to the Ou Mansion by them. James might have known that they suspected him at this time.

At this time, their personal safety, especially the safety of Euralia, Belle and Ace, must be guaranteed.

"Got it. Belle, don't go out with Ace recently, okay? " Said Euralia.

"I know. Mommy, are you going to catch that bad guy?" Belle's eyes sparkled with expectation.

"We don't have any evidence now, but the evildoers will pay for what they have done." Said Euralia, squinting slightly.

In order to find out the truth, Bill went back to the shelter to look for evidence alone at night. Because he suspected that there must be a secret in this place that others didn't know.

When he went back to the shelter in secret, he was shocked by what he saw.

The staff threw some animals into the car overnight and locked them up in a huge cage.

Bill couldn't guess what they were going to do, so he had to get as close to them as possible to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Why did our boss ask us to move out tempora

examination for Euralia, but because of the results, it took time. So Bill sent Euralia home first.

After driving her home safely, Bill went to work. Before leaving, he repeatedly told Euralia not to go out alone.

Euralia and Belle were at home. Belle was very happy to see Ace. She played with Ace at home and even went to the back garden.

On the other hand, Euralia searched for relevant information about hypnosis on the Internet at home alone.

At the same time, she kept guessing why James had done such an illegal thing. She didn't know if there were any other victims except for the use of these drugs on her.

After half a day, Euralia's mind was in a mess. She still couldn't recall the memories she had lost in the Su Mansion.

"Miss. Euralia, you haven't eaten anything since this morning. Let's eat something first." Terri brought the food into her room.

"I'm not hungry. Terri, help me to see Belle." Euralia was worried that Belle would go out for fun and became very vigilant.

Terri nodded and walked out.

A few minutes later, Euralia also stood up and walked to the balcony. From the balcony, she could see everything in the back garden.

She saw Terri looking for something in the back garden.

"Terri, where is Belle?" Shouted Euralia.

"I haven't found Belle yet. Maybe she is hiding somewhere." Terri replied.

Worried, Euralia went downstairs to look for Belle. When she just walked out of the living room, her phone rang.

She took out her phone and saw the message was from James. In the message, James said that he wanted to meet her and ask her to go to the Su Mansion.

Coincidentally, Euralia received a message from James after Belle disappeared, which reminded Euralia of these two things.

"Did James kidnap Belle?" Euralia murmured to herself.

She didn't stop for a moment and directly drove to the Su Mansion!

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