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   Chapter 372 Feel Out

Interminable Love For You By White Characters: 10704

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"Stephanie, are you hiding something from me?" Bill asked straightforwardly.

"Brother, I don't understand what you are talking about. Well, I don't want to talk nonsense with you. I have something to do." Stephanie found an excuse to leave.

To her surprise, Shirley didn't come back? Shirley must have gone to see her brother.

As soon as Stephanie went upstairs, she called Shirley to check on her. The reason why Stephanie provided her brother's schedule this time was to let Shirley teach Euralia a lesson.

But it seemed that Shirley didn't get involved in their relationship. Stephanie dialed the number, but no one answered. So Stephanie had to wait for Shirley to come back and ask about the details.

After returning home, Euralia and Bill reached an agreement and decided to visit James at James sometime.

Of course, the reason why they went to Su Mansion this time for other purposes.

On the afternoon of the second day, Bill finished his work and went to Su Mansion with Euralia. Bill had already told James this morning.

The two of them came to Su Mansion in the afternoon. Euralia was not unfamiliar with Su Mansion. After all, she had lived here since she came back.

"Do you remember where is the most suspicious place?" Bill whispered to Euralia.

Because when Allen hypnotized her abroad, she had mentioned a mysterious room.

"Let me think." Euralia looked around and finally fixed her eyes on the back garden.

"Is it over there?" Bill followed her gaze and said.

"It seems to be there. I'm not sure."

"Let's go and have a look." Bill held Euralia's hand and was about to walk towards the back garden of Su Mansion.

They had just taken a few steps when they were stopped by James.

"Where are you going? The living room was over there. Euralia, you have lived here for a period of time. Have you forgotten it?" James said jokingly.

"I haven't been here for a long time, so I want to see if the plants in the back garden have withered." Euralia replied tactfully.

"How many plants can be lush in winter? It's cold outside. You'd better go in now." James pointed to the living room.

Euralia and Bill had to go in with James. It seemed that it would be difficult to investigate it today.

After the three of them came to the living room to have a few words, Euralia left the living room on the excuse of going to the bathroom.

Before they came to Su Mansion, they had planned that if the investigation was hindered, they would play it by ear.

In the end, Euralia decided to take risks alone, but she knew Su Mansion better than Bill, which also brought a lot of benefits to her investigation.

After Euralia left, she walked quietly from the back door of the house to the back garden. Because she remembered that she had seen a familiar face in the back garden last time.

Euralia walked to the three small houses outside the back garden. These three small houses were the temporary storage places for stray dogs and stray cats that James usually took in.

She had never been here before when she lived in Su Mansion. Because James had said that the stray animals outside were likely to have bacteria, so she was not allowed to get

Euralia squatted down and gently touched Ace.

Because none of them knew what had happened during the days when Ace disappeared.

"Maybe it is the only survivor. But why did James set up a shelter and kill these stray animals?"

If Bill hadn't seen it with his own eyes today, he wouldn't have thought that James would do such a cruel thing.

In Bill's impression, James was always a kind person who often took part in charity activities.

But Bill didn't expect that a man should not be judged by his appearance!

"What should we do now?" Euralia was a little flustered.

"Let's go back first and investigate why James slaughtered these animals." Bill took Euralia's hand and left quickly.

Not long after their car left, James arrived at the place where they had just arrived.

When James saw the soil that was dug up, he guessed that Bill and others had already suspected him. And it was all because of that dog that he exposed his lie!

The reason why James did this was that Ace had seen something it shouldn't have seen. Besides, it had a good relationship with Belle. It was smart and James worried that things would be exposed, so he also did something to Ace.

But James didn't expect that Ace was still alive!

In the car, Euralia looked at Ace and couldn't help but feel sorry for it. Because there were scar marks on Ace's neck. Euralia could already imagine how helpless Ace would be when it was chopped down.

"Ace, no one dares to hurt you anymore." Euralia picked up Ace and touched its scar with concern.

"Euralia, how was the relationship between Ace and James?"

"They have a good relationship. It was bought by James." Replied Euralia.

"It seems that Ace knows a lot of things, but unfortunately it can't speak." Said Bill.

When they arrived at Ou Mansion, Ace ran upstairs as soon as it smelled the smell of Belle. Then Belle laughed happily.

Belle ran to the corridor happily. Seeing Euralia and Bill sitting downstairs, she shouted at them.

"Mommy, Ace is back. Ace is back."

Ace stood beside Belle, licking Belle's hands to express its longing for the little master.

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