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   Chapter 368 Haunting

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Stephanie and Shirley worked together and refused to leave the house. They just didn't allow Euralia and Bill to enjoy their time.

As soon as Bill got off work, they wandered around in the living room. Stephanie would take the opportunity to pester him, asking him many questions in order not to let him get close to Euralia.

Sitting aside and watching TV, Euralia didn't complain.

Sitting next to her, Belle stared at the two women and didn't like them at all.

Bill, who was pestered by Stephanie, totally ignored her. What's more, he took Euralia upstairs in front of the two women.

The two people who failed to stop them from being together finally calmed down. While eating snacks, Belle mocked them.

"There are some things that you can't stop as you want."

Stephanie stared at Belle. She was pissed off by Euralia, and now she was mocked by her daughter. Seeing that Belle was watching a cartoon, she immediately turned off the TV with the remote control.

"Since we can't stop your mother, we won't let you enjoy it." Raising her eyebrows at Belle, Stephanie smiled triumphantly.

"No one can stop me." Belle took out a TV remote control from behind and turned on the TV to watch the cartoon.

Shirley was speechless. It didn't make any sense for Stephanie to be against a child.

Bill and Euralia were chatting inside the room.

"Euralia, I may be on a business trip for a few days. But I don't want you to stay at home alone." Thinking of that Shirley and Stephanie had always been disgusted with her, he worried that she would suffer losses.

"It's okay. I could go with you. But I'm worried about Belle." Replied Euralia.

"Let's talk about it then. Let's all go back to our own rooms when I come back from work from now on." Bill hugged her and couldn't wait to kiss her.

The relationship between Euralia and Bill had gradually stabilized. She had nothing to do at home all day long. So she cooked lunch at home and sent it to his company.

She drove to the building of the Ou Group and looked up at the big words on the top of the building again. She felt a little uncomfortable.

Although they were back together now, she still often thought of the hurt he had done to her in the past.

She didn't know why such a sudden thought suddenly came to her mind.

"Bill, will you be surprised?" Euralia walked in with lunch in her hands.

It was well-known in the company that she had a close relationship with him. Those people greeted her politely when they saw her.

She came to Bill's office. The door was open, but there was no one inside.

She had to wait inside for more than an hour.

Bill went to a temporary meeting. When he returned to his office, he saw her sleeping on the sofa.

He was very touched, because he saw the food on the table and guessed that she had made it herself.

This was his ideal life. He walked to her and kissed her on the forehead.

Euralia woke up from her dream. She opened her eyes and smiled sweetly.

"The food is cold."

"It's delicious, too. Did you cook it yourself?"

Bill opened the lunch box and swallowed. In his heart, everything she cooked was deli

tonight as well."

"Are you kidding? Then where do I sleep?" She blinked and asked.

She had always been smart, but now she was confused and didn't know what he meant.

"I'll sleep in the room you sleep in. Don't you understand what I mean, Euralia?" He stared at her chest with lust.

"But we usually sleep in separate rooms at home." She stammered.

"Then you can come to my room and sleep with me when we get back. Besides, we are a real couple." He said in an ambiguous tone.

"Okay, but I..."

Before she could say anything more, his thin lips were already close to hers.

"There's nothing to talk about. It's settled."

"Bill, I..."

Before she could finish her words, the doorbell rang. Bill turned to look at the door.

"Someone is here. Open the door first." Euralia answered with a sigh of relief.

In fact, she just wanted to say that she was on her period and it was not convenient for her to make love. Fortunately, the doorbell solved the embarrassment.

Bill walked towards the door. When he opened the door, a figure threw herself into his arms.

"Bill, it's really you."

It was Shirley who threw herself into his arms. It took her a lot of effort to know the place where he was on a business trip and the hotel he lived in.

At first, everyone thought he was on a business trip alone, so Shirley took this opportunity to enhance their relationship.

"I'm going to bed. Please go out." Bill refused her coldly and pushed her away.

"I'm not familiar with this place alone. I was followed by a man just now. Can I stay with you tonight?"

Shirley pretended to be pitiful and walked in with her suitcase.

When she saw Euralia sitting on the sofa and staring at her, she felt frustrated.

All of a sudden, there seemed to have a war in the room. The two women looked at each other with great hostility.

'Didn't Bill go on a business trip alone? Why is she here?' Shirley was confused.

Seeing that she was expressionless, Euralia knew why she was here.

"Miss Shirley, what a coincidence! Why do you come all the way here?" Euralia finally said.

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