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   Chapter 366 Exposure

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Cynthia whispered in Euralia's ear.

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

Euralia nodded. After all, Shirley didn't look like a patient at all when she was sitting in front of the dressing table.

Shirley put down her eyebrow pencil, coughed and looked at Bill, pretending to be weak.

"Bill, who is she?"

"I'm Dr. Cynthia. I'm here to treat your disease." Cynthia strode to Shirley.

"Doctor? Bill, is she really a doctor?" Shirley asked in surprise.

"Dr. Cynthia is a well-known doctor at home and abroad. Not any ordinary person can invite her to come here in person." Bill also knew about the medical industry. Cynthia had high reputation.

Shirley's heart sank. From the moment this woman walked in, she felt that she was always on the side of Euralia.

What a pity! Bill trusted this doctor so much. And with her medical skills, it was impossible for her not to see that she pretended to be sick.

"It's just a minor illness. I don't want to bother you, Dr. Cynthia." Shirley stepped back, not wanting the doctor to get close to her.

Because Cynthia's eyes seemed to be able to see through her lie, which made her very nervous.

"Miss Shirley, you know that you can't just ignore it, even if it's a minor illness." Cynthia grabbed her wrist as she spoke.

She felt Shirley's pulse and knew that she was fine.

Being afraid that the doctor would know she was pretending to be sick, Shirley quickly pulled her hand away.

"I'm so tired that I want to have a rest." Shirley went to bed. She didn't plan to accept Cynthia's treatment at all.

"Tired? Then you should have a check-up first. Let me take your temperature first to see if you have a fever." Cynthia followed her to the bed and took out a thermometer.

When Shirley was about to say something, Cynthia immediately put the thermometer into her mouth.

"Wait for five minutes to see if you have a fever." Cynthia stood up proudly.

Shirley had to lie still on the bed, feeling a little flustered.

Five minutes later, Cynthia took out the thermometer from her mouth. The measured temperature was normal.

To prove that she didn't lie, she deliberately walked up to Bill with the thermometer.

"As you can see, her body temperature is normal. I took her pulse just now, and there was nothing wrong with her body. So I wonder why Miss Shirley said she was sick."

Cynthia implied that she was pretending to be sick.

"I'm really not feeling well. Dr. Cynthia, are you saying that I pretend to be sick?" Shirley was very angry, but she could only show an innocent expression.

"I didn't say that you pretended to be sick. You said it yourself. Are you really pretending to be sick to stay in the Ou Mansion?" Cynthia said with a smile.

"Well, maybe she was not feeling well, but you haven't noticed it." In fact, Euralia didn't have to ask Shirley to leave.

Yesterday, she was angry to see them kissing each other so much, but now she spoke for Shirley out of kindness.

"Euralia, she is just pretending." Cynthia pulled her aside and whispered.

Although her voice was very low, Bill still heard it.

"But it's not appropriate to expose

en more dissatisfied with her.

"I want to come home these days. I miss you very much these days when you are missing." As usual, she acted like a spoiled child.

But this time, Bill still pulled a long face and ignored her. Of course, he did not refuse her request.

"Euralia, you are so unlucky. You have suffered a lot because of Shirley. And this time, Stephanie is here." Cynthia said softly, holding Euralia's hand.

Euralia sighed helplessly.

Belle, who had just finished eating snacks, finally spoke.

"Uncle Bill, there are two more people at home. How are you going to kiss my mommy?" Belle's words made Euralia blush.

"Belle, don't talk nonsense." Said Euralia.

"I'm not talking nonsense. Aunt Shirley is still upstairs." Belle knew a little about the relationship between them.

"Aunt Shirley will move out soon. No matter who lives in, no one can affect me and your mommy. Don't worry."

Bill's words implied that even if Stephanie was dissatisfied with Euralia, he would not distance himself from Euralia because of her sister's dissatisfaction. No one could tear them apart.

Stephanie was so angry that she went upstairs directly. She had plenty of time in the future.

This time, when she came back home, she felt Bill's indifference to her, which made her very unhappy. She had always treated him sincerely. In the past, even if she was dissatisfied with Euralia, he would not treat her like this.

But this time, he really changed a lot. After thinking for a while, she still couldn't figure out the reason.

After sending Cynthia away after lunch, Bill went back to their room for lunch break with Euralia.

"Euralia, I will ask Shirley to leave as soon as possible. As for Stephanie, you know that I can't be too cruel to her." Bill explained.

He was not used to explaining before, but now he was changing for Euralia. If the explanation could make her stop thinking, he was willing to change for her.

"I know, Bill. I trust you." Euralia replied sincerely.

"No one can separate us." Bill held her in his arms and the two fell asleep happily.

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