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   Chapter 364 Only To Stay

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The second morning, when Euralia was still leaning against Bill's chest, Terri's voice came from outside.

"Mr. Bill, something bad happened to Miss. Shirley."

Terri wouldn't have bothered them if it weren't for something urgent.

The scream outside awakened the two.

"Go and have a look." Although Euralia didn't like this rival in love, she didn't want anything to happen to Shirley in the Ou Mansion.

Bill nodded, changed his clothes and went out first.

When he came to Shirley's room, he saw that Shirley, whose face was red, kept calling his name.

"What's going on?" Bill walked over and asked.

"Miss. Shirley must have a fever. She doesn't look well. I asked her to go to the hospital just now, but she insisted that you come here in person. I have no choice but to call you. "

Terri explained.

"Shirley, if you feel uncomfortable, you need to go to the hospital." Bill sat on the bedside and tried to persuade her.

"Bill, I don't want to go to the hospital. I just want you to be with me." Shirley tried her best to grab Bill's arm.

However, Bill remained indifferent. He had already had Euralia, and he didn't want to have anything to do with other women. Especially Shirley.

"Why don't you go to the hospital?" Bill felt helpless.

"Because I'm afraid you'll drive me away. You said we were going to try dating." Shirley always talked about what Bill had said.

She just made him feel guilty and didn't have the heart to refuse her.

"As you know, no one can replace Euralia in my heart. I once wanted to forget her, but later I found that I couldn't forget her at all. "

Bill spoke out his mind. He would never forget the fact that Euralia was his wife.

"Have you forgotten what I have done for you? Have you forgotten how good I am to you? " Shirley cried harder and harder, accompanied by a series of coughs.

"Love is that a person will fall in love with someone just because he treats you well, but a feeling. Shirley, I'm sorry. " Bill apologized sincerely.

He shouldn't have given her hope and made her so desperate now.

"You don't have to say sorry to me. I just want you to be with me." Shirley stood up from the bed and hugged Bill from behind.

Her body was burning and she was coughing non-stop. Bill didn't know how to face her for a moment.

After all, he had really promised her to be with her for a period of time. But now that Euralia appeared, he immediately refused her. It was indeed cruel for Shirley.

"Can you give me a hug? I feel terrible. " Shirley pleaded.

Bill sat there stiffly. He remembered that he had promised Euralia to ask Shirley out three days later. But now it seemed that Shirley was not willing to leave at all.

"Shirley, listen to me. I really don't want to... "

Before Bill finished his words, Shirley suddenly raised her head and kissed him on the lips.

"Stop it. I just know that I love you so much that I won't give up so easily." Tears welled up in Shirley's eyes.

Euralia, who had just arrived, saw this scene. She stood at the door expressionlessly with empty eyes.

Last night, Bill promised her to ask Shirley to leave the Ou Mansion within three days, but now he even kissed her.

In fact, Shirley did it on purpose, because she saw Euralia s

r phone and sent her a message.

Cynthia went abroad to practice medicine a few days ago, but she didn't expect to come back so soon. Generally speaking, she had to practice medicine for more than half a year. She came back earlier this time probably because she missed Moore so much.

During this period of time, Cynthia and Moore had a good relationship, and the two of them were getting sweeter and sweeter.

"Mommy, why don't you ask Uncle Moore to take Aunt Cynthia home tonight. I don't seem to see her either. I miss her so much. " Belle put down her luggage and said.

"Of course." Euralia called Moore immediately.

Today, she quarreled with Bill and was in a bad mood. No one was talking to her. Cynthia came back at the right time. She wanted to have a talk with her.

In the evening, Moore took Cynthia back to the Ji family. Euralia had prepared a hearty dinner to welcome Cynthia back.

In the evening, the four of them had dinner happily.

Looking at the intimate relationship between Cynthia and Moore, Euralia couldn't help but envy them. She thought of Bill. They had gone through life and death together, but they still couldn't trust each other in the end.

Cynthia knew what was on her mind, so she went to Euralia's room to sleep with her at night.

The two of them lay on the same bed and talked about the topics of their best friends.

"Euralia, didn't you go to the Ou Mansion? Why do you come back all of a sudden? " At dinner tonight, Cynthia found that Euralia was in a bad mood and drank a lot.

"Cynthia, Shirley is still living in Bill's house. Besides, I saw them kissing this morning. " Euralia sighed deeply and said disappointedly.

"What? How could he kiss that woman? What does Bill mean? " Cynthia was more emotional than Euralia.

"He said it was Shirley who forced a kiss. He doesn't like her. But she once saved him, so it's not appropriate to drive her away directly. " The more Euralia said, the sadder she felt. She didn't know how to express her feelings at the moment.

"If Shirley really thinks too much of herself, wouldn't you give up your happiness to others if you just give in?" Cynthia calmly analyzed.

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